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Mark BedwellFirmato: 09:13, 26/01/2020
Lesley CollinsFirmato: 08:54, 26/01/2020
"Time for a new paradigm, this one is so totally dysfunctional it doesn't even work for the majority. "
Kirsty MCMENAMINFirmato: 03:38, 24/01/2020
"Outility side the box"
GARY DUNNFirmato: 20:45, 20/01/2020
Kristofer O'DonnellFirmato: 01:30, 14/01/2020
Liam CotterFirmato: 12:45, 29/12/2019
Peter JolliffeFirmato: 10:49, 23/12/2019
martin wilcoxFirmato: 21:59, 20/12/2019
Bradley OakleyFirmato: 19:17, 09/12/2019
Ian Banyard Firmato: 08:56, 01/12/2019
Nicholas BarkerFirmato: 22:09, 26/11/2019
Rav Bhatti itFirmato: 20:43, 26/11/2019
Rav BhattiFirmato: 20:28, 26/11/2019
Brendan VermaakFirmato: 11:05, 15/11/2019
Saf MoeFirmato: 15:40, 06/11/2019
"Hello, I love recycling and if you want to get rid of something I’ll be sure be interested."
Josephine Corden Firmato: 17:35, 27/10/2019
Trevor OwenFirmato: 15:27, 20/10/2019
Erica MasseyFirmato: 01:23, 10/10/2019
Adam CowleyFirmato: 11:38, 09/10/2019
"This is the only way that humanity can survive without destroying our planet as we know it. It is not'us and nature', We are part of the biosphere, nature. A capitalist society worships 'ownership'. We can never truly own anything as our lives are so short. Capitalism relies on the selfish ego that pits us against everyone else and the systems in place reinforce that. Somehow this has to be solved."
Kelly NealeFirmato: 22:00, 08/10/2019
Andrea BrownFirmato: 03:04, 05/10/2019
"Inspired by Greta Thunberg's message which has led me to this website."
Amber MoretonFirmato: 13:00, 28/09/2019
Raimondas LapinskasFirmato: 11:31, 23/09/2019
"A free person. I love the idea of and I am fan of"
Olly TylerFirmato: 10:47, 15/09/2019
mark keatingFirmato: 03:34, 14/09/2019
Alex CarringtonFirmato: 00:38, 14/09/2019
Jill FaradayFirmato: 00:56, 07/09/2019
Josh wFirmato: 11:55, 26/08/2019
Malcolm G AllanFirmato: 19:20, 08/08/2019
"A Universal International Citizen of the World. Been Free with responsibility everything free, no debt, no more monetary slavery, no class system based on wealth we want to be as free as the wind."
Emilian BednarskiFirmato: 19:55, 07/08/2019
Daniele FrauFirmato: 09:50, 06/08/2019
Alison MortonFirmato: 13:07, 22/07/2019
James Slug Firmato: 12:34, 22/07/2019
"Quality only happens when you care enough to do your best!"
Anthony GrayFirmato: 08:27, 13/07/2019
Jaswinder Singh ChaggarFirmato: 18:50, 07/07/2019
Daryl TooleFirmato: 23:25, 02/07/2019
"Capitalism causes death. Poverty. Mental health problems. Just to keep the elite in charge of our earth. Even after America gained there independançe from Britain...did they??? No because money and banking systems truly took over. We can create a technological state, without poverty, hunger, hardship. We can create a paradise on our planet together in unity. "
Anne CooperFirmato: 20:14, 29/06/2019
Liam WilliamsFirmato: 01:14, 28/06/2019
Paweł JagackiFirmato: 00:20, 28/06/2019
"Sounds as it should Sound!!!!"
Paweł JagackiFirmato: 00:17, 28/06/2019
Paul CooperFirmato: 09:42, 27/06/2019
""There is more than enough for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed!" ~ Mahatma Gandhi."
Sarrie McKennzie Firmato: 10:51, 20/06/2019
"Living life to the fullest dudes."
Hollie SharplingFirmato: 13:23, 12/06/2019
Yukari MomotaFirmato: 01:44, 11/06/2019
Andy KirkhamFirmato: 15:42, 31/05/2019
Jane LloydFirmato: 09:05, 28/05/2019
"This is the way forward."
tom nyeFirmato: 09:02, 28/05/2019
Parmjit Nahil Firmato: 09:02, 07/05/2019
"Modern Day Anarchist; Explorer of inner and outer worlds; Dancer in the Game of Life"
sarah gilkinsonFirmato: 19:58, 28/04/2019
"Sunshine smiles and forever laughter "
Naraya NaserianFirmato: 17:14, 24/04/2019

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