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michele papagianakisFirmato: 20:25, 08/01/2020
"thank god; it's about time"
alex papagianakisFirmato: 20:23, 08/01/2020
"thank god; it's about time"
Ilona SzaszFirmato: 12:44, 08/01/2020
"Thnks my friend to know this side. I am happy "
Fredrik WärnFirmato: 08:48, 07/01/2020
James O'NeillFirmato: 17:37, 06/01/2020
Christian HangaardFirmato: 11:54, 06/01/2020
"I´m quite a ordinary swedish man who loves to connect with new and interesting people."
Fredrik WärnFirmato: 08:47, 06/01/2020
Jan-Erik LindblomFirmato: 07:58, 06/01/2020
"Är datakunnig, sitter vid burken 6 timmar om dagen, förutom jobb spelar jag War Thunder :] , Är Anarkistiskt lagd eller vad man nu måste lägga för titel...... Är en baddare på att ta fram fakta och dokumentation..."
Mélissa BansardFirmato: 07:33, 06/01/2020
Pedro BranquinhoFirmato: 02:27, 06/01/2020
"I'm a physics engineering undergraduate on University of São Paulo (USP), on Brazil."
Maria de Fatima Silva Lourenço Firmato: 01:55, 04/01/2020
Jan ČučukFirmato: 21:57, 02/01/2020
Fernando KojinFirmato: 23:00, 31/12/2019
Critical ThinkersFirmato: 22:23, 30/12/2019
"turn your sacrifice into gain"
Alexandre Maes AlbertFirmato: 21:29, 30/12/2019
"J'oeuvre pour qu'une société de l'accès puisse émerger dès ce siècle. J'ouvre une pépinière collaborative en libre accès."
Liam CotterFirmato: 12:45, 29/12/2019
Kai-Philipp SchmidtFirmato: 22:43, 28/12/2019
Diandre BrownFirmato: 07:07, 28/12/2019
Iwona SzumskaFirmato: 07:59, 25/12/2019
Tony Sanford Firmato: 15:42, 24/12/2019
Peter JolliffeFirmato: 10:49, 23/12/2019
Carla CastanhaFirmato: 20:54, 22/12/2019
Adam MeaseFirmato: 12:14, 22/12/2019
martin wilcoxFirmato: 21:59, 20/12/2019
Michael DepuydtFirmato: 16:13, 19/12/2019
Dean ClarksonFirmato: 20:44, 18/12/2019
Charyn WhitakerFirmato: 17:41, 18/12/2019
"I've been pushing a revolution, one where money does not exist and payment is knowing you and your future generations will have everything they need and want. No one would be homeless, hungry, slaved, harmed by chemicals. Technology would be released for everyone. I could go on. I really hope this comes to be, because if it doesn't, my life would be meaningless. Everyone deserves to be free and live without fear of going hungry, their needs not being met, being sick and so on.... We can ensure this ONLY together, in cooperation with one another, and a single goal in mind, to 'take care of mother Earth and all her inhabitants'. I support this change and urge others to be open minded and stop asking the question "I've done something, what will I receive in return?" It's hard for the general public to even imagine a life without money, I've tried explaining it to others, but they just don't grasp the concept, they have been brainwashed by politics and industry. "
Jena WhitneyFirmato: 17:24, 18/12/2019
Justin ReynoldsFirmato: 20:06, 17/12/2019
"I am a lifelong learner excited to discover new data and information while using it to improve myself and those around me in my sphere of influence."
Urke StFirmato: 16:53, 16/12/2019
Dave MandssFirmato: 08:49, 16/12/2019
Claudia ComenaleFirmato: 02:35, 16/12/2019
sherry D.Firmato: 22:09, 15/12/2019
Maria Tereza TetêFirmato: 21:31, 15/12/2019
Jan SuldovskyFirmato: 05:20, 14/12/2019
Rina NemotoFirmato: 20:22, 13/12/2019
Janne HilvonenFirmato: 19:56, 13/12/2019
"Strength of one. Result may vary depending on interpretation."
Patricia LACROIX Firmato: 19:34, 13/12/2019
Cédric ChabrolFirmato: 19:10, 13/12/2019
"Je souhaite un monde juste et équitable et en harmonie . Dans le partage et l'Amour universelle"
Reza AsvadiFirmato: 21:52, 12/12/2019
Janne HilvonenFirmato: 18:00, 12/12/2019
"Strength of one. Will speak Finnish and English."
Janaína Zardo Firmato: 17:33, 12/12/2019
Ellen HertzogFirmato: 17:30, 12/12/2019
Olivier BarotFirmato: 14:28, 12/12/2019
Bradley OakleyFirmato: 19:17, 09/12/2019
andrèa deiinhaFirmato: 14:55, 05/12/2019
Prince Van Ross Jucuzi Firmato: 09:39, 05/12/2019
"Passionate and happy Elect me as President of Australia "
Alexander MüllerFirmato: 06:00, 05/12/2019
Tyler KruegerFirmato: 23:07, 04/12/2019
andrea trombettaFirmato: 21:38, 02/12/2019

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