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Laura BeldinFirmato: 14:20, 27/02/2021
"I love the idea of this way of living I can only hope one day the world will live free an happy together ❤️"
Laquelle BannonFirmato: 07:17, 23/02/2021
Juliet ForshawFirmato: 04:31, 18/02/2021
Jack TalcottFirmato: 17:56, 16/02/2021
"Workers Rights are human Rights. Equality comes with cooperation."
David Wayne JohnsonFirmato: 07:05, 07/02/2021
"Application of these principles is a necessity for survival and thrival."
Jacob EastFirmato: 18:25, 06/02/2021
Christopher BrunoFirmato: 07:23, 06/02/2021
Rena BowmanFirmato: 10:08, 27/01/2021
Kade DranselkaFirmato: 09:45, 27/01/2021
Trevor BrownFirmato: 05:06, 27/01/2021
M GFirmato: 20:54, 21/01/2021
"Love Gaia, Love you!"
Diane StarkFirmato: 07:58, 13/01/2021
"This is the way of the future. We must get there."
(wo) WashakaFirmato: 10:37, 12/01/2021
"Well articulated principles, common to indigenous people globally. The nextr question is how to live by these principles TODAY!"
Alicia WoffordFirmato: 10:47, 08/01/2021
Ruth LedererFirmato: 09:41, 05/01/2021
Jeannie Willets Firmato: 01:40, 04/01/2021
Ellen BuckinghamFirmato: 09:22, 02/01/2021
denise wardFirmato: 13:49, 31/12/2020
"We can create a whole new world together today!"
Kevin McKinneyFirmato: 21:30, 30/12/2020
Michael PhelpsFirmato: 13:42, 29/12/2020
Chris SandovalFirmato: 20:47, 28/12/2020
John Hartley John Hartley McGeeFirmato: 20:17, 28/12/2020
"The Venus Project would be an excellent foundation. "
Christopher BechholdFirmato: 11:09, 28/12/2020
Tasha ChangFirmato: 11:04, 28/12/2020
Mike BruntFirmato: 09:08, 28/12/2020
"Imagine our World if these principles applied now. I would recommend your looking at the Earth Dollar project."
Mary FinneganFirmato: 09:06, 28/12/2020
Dan AtkinsonFirmato: 07:22, 28/12/2020
"All laudable and necessary goals. But to achieve them we must universally apply scientific principles of global resource management, prioritizing public health and ecological sustainability via a Resource Based Economy free of all monetary trade."
Paul BowenFirmato: 06:39, 28/12/2020
Albert KohlerFirmato: 12:31, 21/12/2020
"I am 63 years young and for decades have wanted to see a movement like this. Humanitys survival is dependent on Embracing these principles."
Kate KennedyFirmato: 07:31, 18/12/2020
James LynchFirmato: 13:45, 08/12/2020
"The earth has suffered enormous abuse at the hands of the greedy. The poor, the hungry, and the sick are increasingly silenced and disempowered. The wealthiest are no longer satisfied with the most; their greed requires that they have it all and the rest have none. This is unprecedented in history at current proportions. More human suffering is inevitable. It is time for new priorities. A new way to live in harmony. It is time for the Free World Charter."
Ginger ManginelliFirmato: 18:43, 04/12/2020
Otis TrammellFirmato: 09:05, 03/12/2020
Nick ToombsFirmato: 10:56, 29/11/2020
Jacob DossFirmato: 09:58, 29/11/2020
Lauren SkvarlaFirmato: 19:15, 28/11/2020
Edwin AttawayFirmato: 07:16, 26/11/2020
Josh HensleyFirmato: 19:44, 19/11/2020
Ryan LawrenceFirmato: 08:30, 16/11/2020
Bill MeeFirmato: 00:09, 07/11/2020
Eric WillmanFirmato: 07:27, 05/11/2020
"I hold these truths to be self-evident."
Gabrielle SwanbergFirmato: 11:18, 02/11/2020
"Council of Wise Elders, Quantum Financial System, World Peace, Galactic Peace, now."
Laura Schaefer Firmato: 14:57, 01/11/2020
"This is truly the way everything should be! Wonderful! Thank you!"
Jeffrey Schaefer Firmato: 14:54, 01/11/2020
"Sending much eternal love, joy, peace and bliss to all. "
Marcia EverettFirmato: 11:56, 01/11/2020
"Specific steps are needed. What do I do now?"
Holly TominackFirmato: 07:21, 01/11/2020
sheila mulloolyFirmato: 17:39, 25/10/2020
Randall SteversonFirmato: 12:42, 25/10/2020
Poffo OrtizFirmato: 06:10, 17/10/2020
"Please include veganism in your basic principles, otherwise it will never be ethical or sustainable. Thank you. "
Paul BowenFirmato: 02:49, 16/10/2020

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