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Lo Statuto Del Mondo Libero

"Rendiamo tutto libero e gratuito"

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Belicia SalasFirmato: 02:47, 02/07/2022
Natalie MarbachFirmato: 23:45, 20/06/2022
Gisele HuffFirmato: 21:57, 20/06/2022
John HarnishFirmato: 23:01, 18/06/2022
liad assoulineFirmato: 00:56, 16/06/2022
"i wish to see a world like this"
Bernd HornaffFirmato: 23:22, 14/06/2022
Luiz Santos LFirmato: 14:28, 13/06/2022
Luiz Santos LuizFirmato: 14:25, 13/06/2022
Alejandro MonrealFirmato: 04:34, 13/06/2022
sergio buenoFirmato: 15:17, 08/06/2022
Edward SilvaFirmato: 15:00, 05/06/2022
Monika HöstereyFirmato: 13:17, 05/06/2022
cher austinFirmato: 08:55, 05/06/2022
Keith DanielFirmato: 03:08, 05/06/2022
Jeffrey FreemanFirmato: 20:20, 04/06/2022
Shelly KingFirmato: 03:15, 04/06/2022
Sunny NorthFirmato: 16:58, 03/06/2022
Carolien Geurtsen Firmato: 11:12, 03/06/2022
Lauren SwartFirmato: 08:46, 03/06/2022
"Moving to the UK and would like to work with an organization that works on these principals"
Jörg HellkvistFirmato: 22:48, 02/06/2022
Jodi FarmFirmato: 17:38, 02/06/2022
Timothy GallagherFirmato: 04:37, 02/06/2022
Marius BiroFirmato: 08:29, 01/06/2022
"I think that the time has now come for us as earth citizens to take action."
Rasjid SmithFirmato: 13:35, 31/05/2022
"To wean people away from money will take a long time, as it is ingrained into our beings, by tradition and history. If successful, the result would be very special. "
Robert FishburnFirmato: 10:41, 31/05/2022
"After the last 2 years we don't watch back to normal, we need a complete system turnaround."
K PurcerFirmato: 07:02, 31/05/2022
Atilio BoisseleauFirmato: 04:12, 31/05/2022
"No solo se educa a un hombre diciendo lo que no sabe sitio haciendo del lo que no era estamos signados a seguir y resolver los problemas, claudicar no nos sirve para nada...Afectos. "
Richard CasiliFirmato: 22:57, 30/05/2022
Scott Dunn Scott DunnFirmato: 17:20, 30/05/2022
Iris KohFirmato: 14:49, 30/05/2022
"Hope we have a way out of this corrupt system. "
Hellen HesseFirmato: 17:19, 29/05/2022
John PettyFirmato: 03:28, 25/05/2022
"A much better system than we have now or "The Great Reset"! I'm in!"
Randall WitheeFirmato: 02:10, 23/05/2022
Nilufar SaeidiFirmato: 16:18, 10/05/2022
Kerstin SchreierFirmato: 20:50, 02/05/2022
"Eine Welt ohne Geld, ist der Ursprung. Geld ist zur Versklavung vorgesehen. "
Thomas TowneFirmato: 20:29, 01/05/2022
"This needs to happen yesterday, let's go."
Francisco Luiz MarquesFirmato: 01:42, 01/05/2022
george kaknesFirmato: 02:23, 28/04/2022
David TrabajoFirmato: 19:49, 26/04/2022
Brynte WestlundFirmato: 19:47, 24/04/2022
"Thank you! Human needs held in mutual respect is the foundation of all ethics."
Mekerba AliFirmato: 03:28, 19/04/2022
"I agree with all these principles. I really would like to live in a moneyless world... but what are the consequences? "
TIM SalleyFirmato: 17:51, 16/04/2022
"The return to a healthy life, full of Love for Nature, especially in an “organic way ” is strongly and cruelly attacked by the new world order. We are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a mass return to the permaculture, to the vegetable gardens, to “fields in balconies”, which would give back to the Earth more oxygen, more strength, more support and to Humans also. BACK TO NATURE, LOVE FOR NATURE, PAST IS THE FUTURE #FOOD, #ECOLOGY, #HEALTHOFHUMANITY, #SURVIVALISM, #THEEARTH, #OURBEAUTIFULPLANET"
Marvin Williams Firmato: 15:06, 15/04/2022
Darcy VerevisFirmato: 03:22, 10/04/2022
Christopher KirkmanFirmato: 00:18, 10/04/2022
"I just want to be free of this madness. The madness of Capitalism and Imperialism."
Alexander Thomas McAlpineFirmato: 23:38, 09/04/2022
Filip LhotákFirmato: 17:45, 09/04/2022
Patrik MalýFirmato: 17:15, 09/04/2022
John GentFirmato: 02:05, 09/04/2022
Bradley EverettFirmato: 19:46, 06/04/2022
"What a world this would be, I hope to see it someday."

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