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Anja UkontuliFirmato: 08:03, 11/12/2018
"" I believe in RBE and my dream is to live self-sufficently in lovely ecovillage that respects nature and corrects the mistakes Human Beings have done to this planet in the name of Greed.""
Donald SimonFirmato: 03:58, 11/12/2018
"I have thought this way for a long time,but ive never heard anything about this charter. If greed wasnt so strong in peoples minds we could finally live in peace. Truly our species will parrish if we dont evolve past the hate for one another we have right now."
Stephen DentFirmato: 19:04, 10/12/2018
federico canuFirmato: 18:13, 10/12/2018
Simone HöfsFirmato: 15:49, 10/12/2018
"Es ist ein schöner Gedanke, das in die heutige Welt umzusetzen. Es wird dringendst nötig! Wenn ich mich unterstützend einbringen kann und darf ,bitte bei mir melden! Herzlichst und voller Hoffnung auf ein freies Leben als Mensch! ( nicht Bürger,nicht Person...wenn ich mir die Anmerkung erlauben darf) in Liebe Simone "
Maik HinnerichsFirmato: 14:57, 10/12/2018
Luke GiulianoFirmato: 01:54, 10/12/2018
Meira FindelFirmato: 11:22, 09/12/2018
Isabelle BarthelmeFirmato: 01:01, 09/12/2018
"I wanna become an activist and produce content that enlightens people."
claus gnaedigFirmato: 02:42, 08/12/2018
Lawrence TrowellFirmato: 12:59, 07/12/2018
"I plan to build floating land from plastic waste for housing/farming/clean energy production and desalination as a humanitarian organisation to help the world become self sufficient and free from the artificial scarcity created by money"
John RohmanFirmato: 05:06, 07/12/2018
"Well, I think it would be great to live in an Eco Village and live with no money!"
Brigitte KayserFirmato: 01:21, 07/12/2018
"Hopefully some day we'll be able to meet and have a chat ("
Mouin TayebFirmato: 20:20, 06/12/2018
Lara de Souza Tonin LstoninFirmato: 20:13, 06/12/2018
Marco GarciaFirmato: 17:04, 06/12/2018
Andrea Igbins-MarchelFirmato: 23:36, 04/12/2018
rita wuestFirmato: 11:43, 04/12/2018
Heidi KürzingerFirmato: 11:28, 04/12/2018
Shawnda ClawsonFirmato: 21:06, 03/12/2018
"Onward Through the Fog to the Next Grandest Version of Humanity."
Kim DFirmato: 13:19, 03/12/2018
carlota áurea brito sousaFirmato: 00:13, 02/12/2018
Clark BurroughsFirmato: 00:50, 01/12/2018
"Where do we start? I.e. how to buy food without cash? what are the bridging steps to a money free system?"
Santino CarafelliFirmato: 20:17, 30/11/2018
Florimond JolietFirmato: 09:03, 30/11/2018
Christopher olenderFirmato: 04:50, 30/11/2018
Javier FatjóFirmato: 23:00, 29/11/2018
"Excelente proyecto !!!"
Cindy Moahloli Firmato: 14:35, 29/11/2018
Adam WiseFirmato: 05:04, 29/11/2018
"Life is what u make it!!"
Erez YaronFirmato: 15:03, 28/11/2018
Cristal MotaFirmato: 12:48, 28/11/2018
Dennis HenryFirmato: 08:16, 28/11/2018
"Who does the organising? Will it be tryanny free? "
Tanisha MaceyFirmato: 23:49, 27/11/2018
Jakub KozdrowiczFirmato: 21:23, 26/11/2018
"Contact me when it happens."
Jonathan RichardFirmato: 20:24, 26/11/2018
WENDELL MAKILANFirmato: 20:10, 26/11/2018
WENDELL MAKILANFirmato: 19:46, 26/11/2018
"Yes it's very possible. Everything is FREE!!! but first we must change the way we think.We must breakdown the old we do it? for now I don't know.I am welling to learn.please educate me."
Michael MurphyFirmato: 11:40, 26/11/2018
Cindy EllimanFirmato: 13:29, 25/11/2018
"Sadly your 10 principles are lacking detail and substance. has, in detail, how humanity not only can but WILL move into a free world through the understanding of the plasma fields, and with so many other groups out there that explain more in detail how humanity can lift itself out of our current situation, I'm not sure how freeworld can work. Check out I wish this group well."
Meir HurwitzFirmato: 04:58, 25/11/2018
"There is another similar charter which at my latest check has 1.5 billion signers."
Tina StormFirmato: 01:55, 24/11/2018
Eduard MüllerFirmato: 21:00, 21/11/2018
"Regenerating our future"
Blair MorpethFirmato: 22:49, 18/11/2018
"Bring on a new world"
Wesley MaFirmato: 22:57, 15/11/2018
"Love Life and Love all"
Alex HobbsFirmato: 23:23, 13/11/2018
"Alex 07719490290 I can come and collect anyday before 4pm"
John 'JJ' JenkinsFirmato: 13:05, 11/11/2018
Nhlanziyomlilo Sgubh'samafuFirmato: 22:45, 07/11/2018
Nikki GoomdaFirmato: 16:35, 05/11/2018
Bruce SchumanFirmato: 17:41, 03/11/2018
"Project and author look fascinating. On this theme of "charter" -- cool! I made a project that seems to be related -- Let's talk about "charters" when we get a minute"

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