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Michael WalshFirmato: 02:23, 03/11/2018
"All of the millions of jobs dedicated to managing the money supply, greed, stock markets, debt collectors, cash machines, etc are a wasteful and useless practice in the world described above!"
claudio zalazarFirmato: 01:05, 02/11/2018
"me parece excepcional la propuesta, creo que muy orientada por el proyecto venus al cual apoyo desde hace años"
Thomas SchönfelderFirmato: 08:02, 31/10/2018
Martín RodríguezFirmato: 19:39, 30/10/2018
David CookFirmato: 00:49, 30/10/2018
Josselin LeroyFirmato: 10:29, 29/10/2018
"La réalité est ce qu'on en fait. Rendons la meilleur. "
David HandsFirmato: 08:59, 29/10/2018
"money is a old outdated concept that must be shed is humanity is to take its next leap in evolution and truly become great "
richo wongFirmato: 06:17, 29/10/2018
"I strongly believe that we will one day eliminate monetary system. I have a project that is going on to achieve this. How could i contact you? Just to leave you my contact so you can contact me. Richo +6010-6505757"
muriel BERGERFirmato: 10:58, 28/10/2018
Steve CottrellFirmato: 08:07, 28/10/2018
久美子 宮平Firmato: 01:29, 28/10/2018
Raissa ReisFirmato: 22:17, 27/10/2018
S BFirmato: 17:42, 27/10/2018
"Momeyless iscoming - no point in wasting time"
Andreas WunschFirmato: 00:00, 27/10/2018
"Geld ist die gefärlichste Droge die die Menschheit je heimsuchte"
龍人 長島Firmato: 21:43, 26/10/2018
Dietmar FröhlichFirmato: 19:22, 26/10/2018
Sol DiezFirmato: 19:13, 26/10/2018
Luis CorreaFirmato: 17:52, 26/10/2018
Abel CastilloFirmato: 17:13, 26/10/2018
あゆみ 二瓶Firmato: 16:51, 26/10/2018
Nóra Nic OireachtaighFirmato: 16:36, 26/10/2018
"We have an opportunity for a bloodless revolution. All we have to do is stop consenting to the capitalist con. "
Annabel KohlmeierFirmato: 09:23, 26/10/2018
Jorge GranadosFirmato: 06:39, 26/10/2018
María Ilva Rojas Malagon Firmato: 04:23, 26/10/2018
Jairo José Hernández CubillosFirmato: 02:56, 26/10/2018
Uwe KrauseFirmato: 01:30, 26/10/2018
"Nur die Befreiung vom Geld, wird die Probleme unserer Zeit lösen. Mit meinem Projekt arbeite ich daran und lade jeden ein, mitzugestalten."
Tavorise JonesFirmato: 17:36, 23/10/2018
Simon Michael ReimannFirmato: 16:59, 22/10/2018
Luciano Andrade LucianoFirmato: 16:37, 21/10/2018
"Nosso planeta é nossa terra, nossa casa, nossa vida. Precisamos manter nossa terra fértil, nossa casa limpa e nossa vida saudável. Precisamos salvar nosso planeta. Precisamos nos salvar. "
Donal DavidsonFirmato: 13:37, 21/10/2018
"There is no limit to humanity in a world without currency."
Samantha SheinkerFirmato: 04:45, 21/10/2018
"Money is just a heavy ball chain wrapped around your ankle. "
Aniko FintaFirmato: 16:43, 20/10/2018
"Genug gekriegt jetzt spielen wir mal Frieden Kein Wunsch, kein Traum, Frieden ist einen Entscheidung! Frieden ist meine Entscheidung Hier beginnt Frieden Es ist so leicht Danke für die Möglichkeit zur Menschlichkeit und Danke für eine bessere Welt <3"
JULIANA MORAESFirmato: 14:03, 20/10/2018
Lora WhiteFirmato: 04:56, 20/10/2018
alan gamageFirmato: 00:34, 19/10/2018
"making the world a better place starts from within"
Dyanne GavinFirmato: 18:19, 18/10/2018
jane barlowFirmato: 18:22, 17/10/2018
Stacey NeubertFirmato: 14:21, 16/10/2018
"Let's unite to change our world for the betterment of all, not just a few."
Kevin WilsonFirmato: 22:38, 15/10/2018
"im me, who else shall I be ? I enjoy the outdoors. Anything from hiking & hunting to camping & metal-detecting. But i'm also introverted. So reading books, video games, online research & movies I enjoy. Smile it's contagious!!"
Kirk JonesFirmato: 02:08, 15/10/2018
Kirk JonesFirmato: 01:31, 15/10/2018
Diane HubeschFirmato: 21:59, 14/10/2018
Herbert Borges Fonseca HerbertFirmato: 20:25, 14/10/2018
Marcin BanackiFirmato: 10:00, 14/10/2018
Lucio ZuodarFirmato: 06:56, 14/10/2018
"Les règles pour une gestion des ressources mondiales tout autre, en passant par le respect du vivant et faisant abstraction de notre volonté, vont s’imposer comme nécessité vitale indiscutable."
Laurie CyrFirmato: 13:38, 13/10/2018
"Money is a perversion threatening to destroy us. How we can rid ourselves of it is a mystery. Those in a position to aid in its destruction are also those who have most of the money. They have no incentive to do this! Ideas are needed."
mahiri dyanaFirmato: 13:05, 13/10/2018
April CarmanFirmato: 12:57, 13/10/2018
Langas ReiherFirmato: 17:08, 12/10/2018
"Let's make it happen"
Francisco VeraFirmato: 15:39, 12/10/2018

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