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Pierre CotFirmato: 12:45, 11/03/2019
Adam RoseFirmato: 12:32, 11/03/2019
"We are the medicine to one another."
vanessa dominguesFirmato: 23:33, 10/03/2019
"O mundo inteiro precisa assistir o documentário e ler essa carta."
Urs BolenderFirmato: 09:23, 10/03/2019
Walter DuitsFirmato: 04:10, 10/03/2019
"Let's make our beautiful planet a better place, let's do it quickly ! Freeworlders feel welcome to visit my place in the Ardeche, south of France.( contact per e-mail) "
Helen YorkFirmato: 06:40, 08/03/2019
Helen YorkFirmato: 06:21, 08/03/2019
Luis Vinicius ManchinhaFirmato: 00:17, 08/03/2019
Amanda MalkinFirmato: 12:34, 07/03/2019
Akram ArdFirmato: 10:14, 07/03/2019
""Everything that have been written ,heard, or seen is not Existing" "
Debora BackxFirmato: 20:34, 05/03/2019
Jon Goward Firmato: 00:07, 04/03/2019
med bendiFirmato: 14:38, 03/03/2019
"I always had this idea, My god knowing that you exist make a warmth in my heart. I would love to help in everything I can. I do speak French, Arabic traditional and most of Darija dielectrics. I do speak also Turkish and German but you can consider it under B1 Level. I can help with my knowledge if these languages. I can also help in visuals, I do 2 animation, and 3D. If you need modifications in photos with Photoshop, I can help as well. I Do writing as a hobby. I was in turkey, I visited also china, and now I live currently in Morocco. if anybody of you are visiting Morocco, you are so welcome. I am trying to study architecture, for now I can't afford it but anyway. I really think I can help you in this beautiful project, I have so many ideas to share. Love you all! PEACE."
Ronald Barbosa da Silva RoniFirmato: 13:17, 03/03/2019
"O mundo precisa deixar o egoísmo de lado. Viver sem competição e no coletivo, com isso milhões de possibilidades benéficas surgiram."
João Alberto Montano JJMontFirmato: 12:50, 03/03/2019
Doyle AshcraftFirmato: 18:17, 02/03/2019
Thiago SantsFirmato: 16:21, 02/03/2019
Nigel FilerFirmato: 15:16, 02/03/2019
Christine LubonisFirmato: 13:26, 01/03/2019
Deirdre StantaFirmato: 03:35, 01/03/2019
Kraig MottarFirmato: 01:01, 27/02/2019
"Where are the communities where this can most likely be achieved? "
Jimmy SellersFirmato: 15:47, 26/02/2019
Jonason MonteiroFirmato: 00:49, 26/02/2019
"Meus parabéns, acho que nada pode definir a admiração que ganhei após conhecer vocês."
Michael ChristopherFirmato: 19:52, 25/02/2019
Bopanna KotramadaFirmato: 17:41, 25/02/2019
"Capitalism has gotten out of hand. Those who can get money by hook or crook are considered to be successful and powerful, on the other hand, those who are emphatic and loving are considered weak and taken granted for- How worse could it get!! Being happy is a hypothetical situation with regards to how much one makes money.In the process of making money a lot of genuinely good people loose their originality and surrender to this Chaos.I really do not want to be one of them, that too even after knowing this. I know there are a very few with this perception of changing the world. Let join hands,Please anything can be done. Love and peace."
Marcela Fernandes Alves CelaFirmato: 06:47, 25/02/2019
Manfred MarthFirmato: 06:19, 25/02/2019
Zaid SiddiquiFirmato: 02:45, 25/02/2019
Ksomething WsomethingFirmato: 00:53, 25/02/2019
Tracy DursoFirmato: 00:13, 25/02/2019
"Thank you for this Free World Charter. "
Roberto ArrudaFirmato: 22:28, 24/02/2019
Veronica Axelsson Firmato: 20:37, 24/02/2019
Mecide CansuFirmato: 20:00, 24/02/2019
meg watsonFirmato: 19:26, 24/02/2019
MARIA SkogquistFirmato: 17:27, 24/02/2019
"Vad jag har längtat efter detta😇"
Kopinjol BaishyaFirmato: 09:03, 24/02/2019
"The Idea is relevant and actually may be even our only option. It's logical, humane and created out of love for all species. We don't have the right to destroy others living in this planet. We have to live with them. Eradicating money is clever. For it takes care of all economics pf the planet."
Marie SophiaFirmato: 05:48, 24/02/2019
Garrett D’AngeloFirmato: 18:26, 23/02/2019
"Man on the land of the New Jersey republic, without the US, an American national and sovereign man without political affiliations with the US corporate entity; a free man. "
Ronald Emerson Firmato: 16:13, 23/02/2019
"I agree with the 10 initial points. However in the explanation there is a conflict in points 5&6. That being holding out hope in proper technology to help but then calling a vocational education destructive. Maybe you need to change that to be a focus on beneficial vocational education."
Stuart Stevens Firmato: 09:27, 23/02/2019
Alicia WoffordFirmato: 05:45, 23/02/2019
Remi CousynFirmato: 23:59, 22/02/2019
Aubrey BryantFirmato: 23:29, 22/02/2019
"I have been advocating the NLRBE since Zeitgeist: Addendum was released. It's nice to see that the idea is growing. Let's do this!"
Faye NaidooFirmato: 20:58, 22/02/2019
Jeanie AndersonFirmato: 18:39, 22/02/2019
"Mother Earth is our life support system. Let us take care of her as she has cared for all of us... including all plants and animals. "
dean benFirmato: 16:26, 22/02/2019
David GourlayFirmato: 13:55, 22/02/2019
Ammon ZookFirmato: 02:57, 22/02/2019
N. N.Firmato: 01:40, 22/02/2019
"Very true that our current system births greed, violence, and suffering. We need more caring and compassion, and less caring about keeping up with the Jones' and owning stuff of only superficial value. As a millenial, I hope my generation will act now toward positive, sustainable change as outlined in this Charter."

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