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Stefanie KietzFirmato: 06:04, 17/12/2020
Michael MaeßFirmato: 23:22, 16/12/2020
Bianca JanossyFirmato: 15:26, 16/12/2020
"The flood of barium and lithium planned through the EV industry is threatening to the uneducated opportunistic minors in the Congo if not regulated responsibly, as well as all life if not recycled responsibly from the beginning!"
Rosalba RibeiroFirmato: 22:48, 15/12/2020
"Sim, eu quero assinar a carta, assisti o filme é me apaixonei!!!"
Michał KowalskiFirmato: 15:42, 15/12/2020
marie christine fontaineFirmato: 11:53, 15/12/2020
Lodney NazaréFirmato: 09:21, 15/12/2020
Deepak GuniaFirmato: 16:38, 13/12/2020
Tamara Gruber- KaiblingerFirmato: 13:26, 11/12/2020
"I believe in what you doing and made of. Thanks"
Elizabeth Faye ZornFirmato: 23:21, 09/12/2020
"My heart's desire is to virtually see the END to human trafficking & all it's forms. Enough of the endless suffering from greed. #AskMeHowIno? #HaffaFukkinCentury. End of #HerStory."
Flávio Pereira Firmato: 16:47, 09/12/2020
chay godfreeFirmato: 12:04, 09/12/2020
James LynchFirmato: 13:45, 08/12/2020
"The earth has suffered enormous abuse at the hands of the greedy. The poor, the hungry, and the sick are increasingly silenced and disempowered. The wealthiest are no longer satisfied with the most; their greed requires that they have it all and the rest have none. This is unprecedented in history at current proportions. More human suffering is inevitable. It is time for new priorities. A new way to live in harmony. It is time for the Free World Charter."
Tony SalvFirmato: 09:00, 07/12/2020
paolo terziFirmato: 08:00, 06/12/2020
Eberharad LichtFirmato: 05:23, 06/12/2020
"We don’t need the law of market anymore! Adam Smith’s time is long gone. We now live in the era of space travel, global communication and abundance. Now we can decide for ourselves what is good for us. We just have to remove the money to turn off the market. "
Jagmohan SinghFirmato: 15:22, 05/12/2020
Carole OneillFirmato: 05:34, 05/12/2020
Annette BarsbyFirmato: 04:59, 05/12/2020
"I totally agree with every word"
Raelian YueFirmato: 22:12, 04/12/2020
Ginger ManginelliFirmato: 18:43, 04/12/2020
Helen BishopFirmato: 15:05, 03/12/2020
"I have always had a strong sense from a child thay money was wrong, I don't like the way it dictates our way of life."
Otis TrammellFirmato: 09:05, 03/12/2020
Alan Frost Firmato: 08:56, 02/12/2020
Shirin GolshenasFirmato: 00:14, 02/12/2020
"I agree with a free earth full of joy, happiness, love and prosperity for all creatures on the planet. Towards a free, conscious and loving world.❤️??"
Roberto Coricciati Firmato: 08:00, 01/12/2020
"Unterstütze ich mit Freuden und visualisiere die Manifestation dieser wundervollen Vision."
celeste mc crannFirmato: 04:41, 01/12/2020
Nick ToombsFirmato: 10:56, 29/11/2020
Jacob DossFirmato: 09:58, 29/11/2020
Nathanael santiagoFirmato: 05:24, 29/11/2020
Lauren SkvarlaFirmato: 19:15, 28/11/2020
Alexandre BritoFirmato: 18:46, 27/11/2020
"Justo e Perfeito..."
Maria AzevedoFirmato: 06:54, 27/11/2020
Kolczyk MaxFirmato: 04:22, 27/11/2020
"Eine Welt ohne Zwang sondern, aus eigenem antrieb, aus der liebe zu dem Leben auf der welt. Ist nicht die freude der andren nicht der schönste "Lohn" auf Erden? "
Maisa D EliaFirmato: 14:41, 26/11/2020
Edwin AttawayFirmato: 07:16, 26/11/2020
Ismael luiz LuizFirmato: 02:54, 26/11/2020
Yogi NamuhFirmato: 00:20, 26/11/2020
"u8untu ich bin weil wir sind bereit zu dem würdevollem bedinungsfreien mut <1853"
Abraão ParisiFirmato: 13:04, 25/11/2020
Dan OrdowerFirmato: 06:13, 24/11/2020
Nadja KrummFirmato: 23:59, 22/11/2020
Telmo Leonardo M.Delgado Firmato: 19:38, 22/11/2020
Frantisek NemergutFirmato: 10:14, 22/11/2020
Reg ThomasFirmato: 09:56, 22/11/2020
André Luiz DonatelloFirmato: 09:33, 22/11/2020
Iam FrantisekFirmato: 09:15, 22/11/2020
"Love and Light...?"
Frantisek NemergutFirmato: 08:58, 22/11/2020
Josh HensleyFirmato: 19:44, 19/11/2020

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