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Visualizzazione 357 firmatari da Greece

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Adamantios SotiropoulosFirmato: 13:48, 21/02/2021
ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΣ ΖΑΝΑΚΗΣFirmato: 06:05, 31/01/2021
"Είμαι μαζί σας!!!!!"
ΡΗΓΙΝΑ ΣΔΟΥΓΚΟΥFirmato: 06:04, 31/01/2021
Katerina DecavallaFirmato: 11:52, 19/01/2021
Αστέρης ΤζήκαςFirmato: 15:37, 14/10/2020
Egle SIMENAITEFirmato: 07:34, 10/07/2020
"Great ideas, i wish it will come true as soon as possible "
anastasia philonFirmato: 13:58, 09/07/2020
Efstathios KaravasilisFirmato: 17:46, 08/07/2020
Evangelos VlachakisFirmato: 01:08, 01/07/2020
LORENC GJIKAFirmato: 17:10, 13/04/2020
"United we can achieve any thing divided we fail, and more so because we have great Vulnerability we have intruders in our home planet , alien intervention that is trying to take advantage of our weakness for more info please visit"
Graham StewartFirmato: 03:30, 11/02/2020
"Play with the Power of Presence"
Yora MitsakosFirmato: 17:16, 01/02/2020
Xristiana SophiaFirmato: 17:01, 01/02/2020
"Authentic; against all odds."
Stavroula GiannopoulouFirmato: 06:02, 31/01/2020
Theodore GalariotisFirmato: 02:29, 15/04/2019
"We urgently need a change in Paradigm!"
Elias PapFirmato: 13:58, 07/04/2019
GEORGIOS MELETISFirmato: 12:44, 24/09/2018
Panagiotis FavgisFirmato: 15:47, 15/03/2018
Ηλέκτρα ΒαληξόγλουFirmato: 13:39, 19/01/2018
'Anna BychevaFirmato: 22:02, 11/01/2018
Mayel DeFirmato: 17:47, 04/12/2017
Aki ArgirosFirmato: 19:18, 30/05/2017
"The problem doesn't matter which way you look at it. It all ways comes down to the EGO. "
NIKOS KONSTANTOPOULOSFirmato: 11:01, 07/04/2017
" no matter how bad things get music will stil be wonderful unknown "
fanis falideasFirmato: 10:47, 11/02/2017
Γεωργιος ΜπεγετηςFirmato: 01:35, 14/01/2017
SOFIA KOLOTOUROUFirmato: 15:40, 21/11/2016
ΜΑΡΙΑ ΜΗΛΙΩΚΑFirmato: 08:23, 21/11/2016
GREPTSIOS KONSTANTINOSFirmato: 20:53, 20/11/2016
ΣΚΛΑΒΟΠΟΥΛΟς ΜΑΚΗς Firmato: 17:03, 20/11/2016
Maria PapadopoulouFirmato: 08:22, 06/10/2016
"Hi, So whats next? I agree with the above but any further supportive action on my side? Thanks Best Regards, Maria"
Egle SimenaiteFirmato: 14:56, 04/09/2016
"Time to end this wrong system and start new much more modern and which fits for all of us and make us happy :)"
zografakis gregFirmato: 05:09, 06/07/2016
Savvas KopidisFirmato: 05:09, 05/07/2016
Doukas SoulakisFirmato: 18:10, 07/06/2016
TINA STAMATAKISFirmato: 20:15, 04/05/2016
Kamenidis ChristodoulosFirmato: 12:45, 11/04/2016
marina coriolano-lykourezosFirmato: 20:43, 19/03/2016
"we don't need to like each other but approach one another with love and respect... so that these principles can stand and we can move onto a world free of money and of its inumerable ills. thank you... and count me in "
Vasileios Paris KigkasFirmato: 18:47, 19/03/2016
Stefanos SkodrasFirmato: 13:10, 13/02/2016
ria psaltiFirmato: 05:24, 08/01/2016
George MouchosFirmato: 10:42, 04/01/2016
"It's time for a revolution!"
christina biliouriFirmato: 11:03, 13/11/2015
Lorenc GjenkaFirmato: 23:43, 08/11/2015
"This idea is my dream te creat a fair world for all "
Evagelos ZempeltzisFirmato: 20:35, 19/10/2015
"I hope the Free World and the Resource Based Economy will become one day reality. I do my best to share those ideas in real life and in facebook too."
stelios tsakisFirmato: 13:24, 26/09/2015
Maria VamvakidouFirmato: 08:01, 25/09/2015
ΑΛΕΞΙΟΣ ΧΡΗΣΤΑΚΗΣFirmato: 17:33, 01/08/2015
"Για έναν κόσμο χωρίς πνευματικές και θρησκευτικές παρωπίδες, με αλληλοσεβασμό στη διαφορετικότητα και προτεραιότητα στα παιδιά και τους ηλικιωμένους "

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