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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Lynn JohnsonPodepsáno: 08:17, 21/02/2016
Jackie WyattPodepsáno: 05:40, 16/02/2016
Susan MerrimanPodepsáno: 23:18, 15/02/2016
James Richard Anthony WoodwrightPodepsáno: 22:40, 11/02/2016
"Don't we need world peace for this? "
Andrew RobinsonPodepsáno: 20:17, 11/02/2016
"There is more that binds us than divides us. we must evolve beyond money it's or best hope for survival"
Bobby MarnoPodepsáno: 09:27, 10/02/2016
Jacqueline JonesPodepsáno: 16:10, 09/02/2016
Sarbjit SandhuPodepsáno: 09:55, 09/02/2016
Bradley McClintonPodepsáno: 02:32, 08/02/2016
"I can only hope to see this happen in my lifetime but I very much doubt it will,,,,,keep up the good work"
Brigitte VerdierePodepsáno: 09:49, 31/01/2016
Angelique RetiefPodepsáno: 12:56, 28/01/2016
Amber Galliers Podepsáno: 15:32, 27/01/2016
Seanna RockPodepsáno: 15:11, 27/01/2016
"Just imagine everyone sharing everything that they have. What a beautiful world that will be. I'm very proud to be at the start of making that future a reality."
Loren ManciniPodepsáno: 15:01, 27/01/2016
Niki NewbiggingPodepsáno: 23:07, 21/01/2016
Clem WigleyPodepsáno: 16:55, 21/01/2016
keith marshallPodepsáno: 19:49, 18/01/2016
Zoe TaylorPodepsáno: 14:49, 18/01/2016
Ivone Pereira Podepsáno: 19:35, 15/01/2016
Deron JamesPodepsáno: 09:04, 14/01/2016
Alison HanlonPodepsáno: 23:21, 12/01/2016
Maria Mseleku MaricarPodepsáno: 20:35, 10/01/2016
"I think this is amazing I hope my virtual signature is a step towards a change in the dynamics of the world we live in in"
Samuel JonesPodepsáno: 16:54, 06/01/2016
Matt TurnbullPodepsáno: 13:51, 05/01/2016
Trish MaleyPodepsáno: 08:41, 05/01/2016
"To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. "
Ross HamiltonPodepsáno: 09:14, 04/01/2016
dan martinPodepsáno: 19:36, 03/01/2016
K'Ro LightPodepsáno: 16:03, 03/01/2016
"What do we propose to do with/for/about the inherent greed & power-craving on the part of the psychopathic oppressor types in the world? "
Edward LennonPodepsáno: 14:33, 03/01/2016
David BAINESPodepsáno: 20:29, 02/01/2016
"The sooner the better for this beauitful earth. David "
Andy AnonPodepsáno: 13:05, 29/12/2015
Jessica BondPodepsáno: 18:41, 27/12/2015
Timothy NicholasPodepsáno: 04:16, 17/12/2015
Daniel FaircloughPodepsáno: 09:56, 14/12/2015
"A world of community and responsibility is a healthy one."
Marie BrightPodepsáno: 23:49, 13/12/2015
Priti SingerPodepsáno: 16:17, 12/12/2015
Kenneth UnderwoodPodepsáno: 10:28, 12/12/2015
"Money and money-thinking must go if the spirit of Humanity is to survive.x"
Mark HaywardPodepsáno: 14:59, 07/12/2015
Frances ConlonPodepsáno: 22:18, 06/12/2015
stewart parkerPodepsáno: 23:28, 05/12/2015
Billy HPodepsáno: 17:52, 02/12/2015
Jonas CabanasPodepsáno: 17:17, 02/12/2015
"Lovely idea, but sadly there is more chance of pigs flying with these so called ruling elites in power the world over."
Lisa RavenPodepsáno: 15:53, 02/12/2015
Nathan KnightPodepsáno: 15:42, 30/11/2015
Giancarlo FabbriPodepsáno: 08:39, 30/11/2015
"You can't eat money"
Aaron BridgePodepsáno: 23:30, 29/11/2015
Sean BediakoPodepsáno: 12:09, 29/11/2015
"For me this type of campaign needs to be propaganda and force feed to as many humans as possible. Capitalism is dead welcome to the free world!"
Jake GillanPodepsáno: 21:16, 28/11/2015
"How could you disagree with the obvious."
Fiona LenniePodepsáno: 10:14, 28/11/2015
"Every one of us should first take full responsibility for our selves then for each other with honesty and compassion"

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