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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Giancarlo FabbriPodepsáno: 08:39, 30/11/2015
"You can't eat money"
Aaron BridgePodepsáno: 23:30, 29/11/2015
Sean BediakoPodepsáno: 12:09, 29/11/2015
"For me this type of campaign needs to be propaganda and force feed to as many humans as possible. Capitalism is dead welcome to the free world!"
Jake GillanPodepsáno: 21:16, 28/11/2015
"How could you disagree with the obvious."
Fiona LenniePodepsáno: 10:14, 28/11/2015
"Every one of us should first take full responsibility for our selves then for each other with honesty and compassion"
Dipak ChowdhuryPodepsáno: 20:35, 27/11/2015
James James LedgerPodepsáno: 17:56, 25/11/2015
CHRIS KILLENPodepsáno: 14:34, 25/11/2015
Anna GillespiePodepsáno: 22:21, 24/11/2015
Iseult Teran Podepsáno: 21:27, 20/11/2015
Jake ChanPodepsáno: 22:56, 18/11/2015
James SandersPodepsáno: 08:34, 17/11/2015
John MclarenPodepsáno: 08:05, 15/11/2015
Catherine BarlemoorPodepsáno: 12:58, 14/11/2015
"We have the power to make changes, all we have to do is work together with our people. Cut out the middle man which is the bankers and govt. Trade and barter, grow food, share, work with comminity not the government that enslaves us and our future generations!"
Melissa MacGowan Podepsáno: 12:35, 14/11/2015
Aileen McKinnon Podepsáno: 11:21, 14/11/2015
"The way nature intended!"
Bianca Madison-VuletaPodepsáno: 10:47, 14/11/2015
Viktoria UnikPodepsáno: 07:32, 14/11/2015
"Too sad and too bad that only disasters make people feel other people pain... "
Neharika GuptaPodepsáno: 23:46, 13/11/2015
mark evansPodepsáno: 22:45, 13/11/2015
Claire CoomberPodepsáno: 21:08, 13/11/2015
Duncan EdwardsPodepsáno: 14:49, 13/11/2015
"Is it possible to double agree on point 7? Thank you for the Charter. Duncan"
Claire MillsPodepsáno: 13:27, 13/11/2015
Charya Hilton Podepsáno: 10:17, 13/11/2015
Diane WebsterPodepsáno: 09:50, 13/11/2015
Michael WestacottPodepsáno: 09:11, 13/11/2015
"I wish to thank all those who have made this charter. it is time for this and I see it as a duty for me to help in anyway to bring this about. I begin by the signing and now to distribute the charter at every possible opportunity."
Lindsay De BoerPodepsáno: 17:45, 12/11/2015
Salman AdamPodepsáno: 16:21, 28/10/2015
paul paganuzziPodepsáno: 10:42, 23/10/2015
David WestwoodPodepsáno: 07:45, 23/10/2015
"It is our Divine right to compassionate too all people and treat people as you expect people to treat you. It's time to change the Ego with all it's greed with the Sale comes first the the human comes second. IT"S TIME TO CHANGE."
Roberto Dalle DonnePodepsáno: 13:32, 16/10/2015
"Let's do it. All together. The time has come."
Bryon HughesPodepsáno: 17:08, 13/10/2015
"I also wish to abolish the concept of money. People should contribute not for personal reward but for the common good."
Avigail AbarbanelPodepsáno: 07:58, 12/10/2015
Ian Barnes Podepsáno: 01:08, 12/10/2015
Donnie TemplePodepsáno: 21:40, 11/10/2015
Jon ArloPodepsáno: 21:04, 06/10/2015
Robert ChristopherPodepsáno: 10:35, 06/10/2015
"The global economic system is clearly unsustainable and is the cause of much of our problems. An acknowledgement that we are all in this together and that we are the source of our own solutions, based on a new paradigm is essential for our future prosperity as a species. "
nathan parsonsPodepsáno: 07:26, 06/10/2015
wayne kisbyPodepsáno: 01:11, 05/10/2015
"I could say so much lets pray this works, good luck, you should get more traffic to this page.. its awesome.. "
Adam GreenPodepsáno: 12:58, 04/10/2015
"This speaks to me so deeply it brings tears to my eyes"
Rick MillingtonPodepsáno: 19:40, 03/10/2015
Melanie DavisonPodepsáno: 06:59, 03/10/2015
"Perfect. This should be in schools.msave the world save the ppl .. Equality"
Mitchell SimmonsPodepsáno: 21:00, 02/10/2015
preetam kusumaPodepsáno: 17:56, 28/09/2015
"Let us together give it a shot and try to genuinely contribute to the world for free "
Justyna SzymanskaPodepsáno: 16:33, 27/09/2015
Aidan CavendishPodepsáno: 22:13, 26/09/2015
"Happy to asist in the distribution of information leaflets e.t.c to raise awareness in the affluent area of marbella, Malaga, Spain."
Claire Roberts Podepsáno: 20:57, 23/09/2015
Ciaran BowersPodepsáno: 16:17, 21/09/2015
Josh GrahamPodepsáno: 22:15, 20/09/2015
Robert HolmesPodepsáno: 17:01, 18/09/2015
"There is far too much needless suffering in the world, this New World Order needs to be recognised for its benefits to all humanity and needs to be promoted in all walks of life."

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