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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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georgina mironPodepsáno: 01:14, 10/03/2016
Kit FrieryPodepsáno: 15:04, 09/03/2016
Kevin CamargoPodepsáno: 09:49, 09/03/2016
Rebecca GoldsmithPodepsáno: 02:21, 09/03/2016
"What I have been dreaming of. This way is the only way that's ever made sense to my soul."
Hannah WatsonPodepsáno: 11:55, 08/03/2016
Alex O'ConnorPodepsáno: 11:28, 08/03/2016
"Finally someone has thought about taking a step to creating a planet where everything is how it should be"
Elliot WilliamsPodepsáno: 11:02, 08/03/2016
"fuck the system?"
Adam VaughanPodepsáno: 19:36, 01/03/2016
"A 3 year Ecology degree learning about environmental destruction, the anthropocene and humanity causing the 6th mass extinction, mixed in with stumbling across the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist movement during my studies has led me to this way of thinking. Only a drastic overhauling of our current socioeconomic model will work to fix the mess we are causing. "
Graham SagePodepsáno: 04:54, 29/02/2016
peter archikovPodepsáno: 00:19, 29/02/2016
Teresa BeddoePodepsáno: 21:46, 26/02/2016
Elliott WilsonPodepsáno: 19:48, 26/02/2016
"Could be a potential AI project to manage Earth's resources."
Phil SmartPodepsáno: 19:50, 25/02/2016
"Please learn about how a RBE can change lives on the planet."
Linda RobinsonPodepsáno: 16:58, 25/02/2016
"Easy going sovereign being. Happy to volunteer around the world last 10yrs. Now in London until Oct 2018"
Joe DayPodepsáno: 07:57, 25/02/2016
Monique RyanPodepsáno: 16:43, 23/02/2016
Bekki HoffmanPodepsáno: 22:41, 21/02/2016
"In full agreement!"
Mark BetsonPodepsáno: 20:37, 21/02/2016
Anthony YoungPodepsáno: 11:20, 21/02/2016
"An ecological world wide shared resources economy would truly define the meanig of humanity. "
Lynn JohnsonPodepsáno: 08:17, 21/02/2016
Jackie WyattPodepsáno: 05:40, 16/02/2016
Susan MerrimanPodepsáno: 23:18, 15/02/2016
James Richard Anthony WoodwrightPodepsáno: 22:40, 11/02/2016
"Don't we need world peace for this? "
Andrew RobinsonPodepsáno: 20:17, 11/02/2016
"There is more that binds us than divides us. we must evolve beyond money it's or best hope for survival"
Bobby MarnoPodepsáno: 09:27, 10/02/2016
Jacqueline JonesPodepsáno: 16:10, 09/02/2016
Sarbjit SandhuPodepsáno: 09:55, 09/02/2016
Bradley McClintonPodepsáno: 02:32, 08/02/2016
"I can only hope to see this happen in my lifetime but I very much doubt it will,,,,,keep up the good work"
Brigitte VerdierePodepsáno: 09:49, 31/01/2016
Angelique RetiefPodepsáno: 12:56, 28/01/2016
Amber Galliers Podepsáno: 15:32, 27/01/2016
Seanna RockPodepsáno: 15:11, 27/01/2016
"Just imagine everyone sharing everything that they have. What a beautiful world that will be. I'm very proud to be at the start of making that future a reality."
Loren ManciniPodepsáno: 15:01, 27/01/2016
Niki NewbiggingPodepsáno: 23:07, 21/01/2016
Clem WigleyPodepsáno: 16:55, 21/01/2016
keith marshallPodepsáno: 19:49, 18/01/2016
Zoe TaylorPodepsáno: 14:49, 18/01/2016
Ivone Pereira Podepsáno: 19:35, 15/01/2016
Deron JamesPodepsáno: 09:04, 14/01/2016
Alison HanlonPodepsáno: 23:21, 12/01/2016
Maria Mseleku MaricarPodepsáno: 20:35, 10/01/2016
"I think this is amazing I hope my virtual signature is a step towards a change in the dynamics of the world we live in in"
Samuel JonesPodepsáno: 16:54, 06/01/2016
Matt TurnbullPodepsáno: 13:51, 05/01/2016
Trish MaleyPodepsáno: 08:41, 05/01/2016
"To laugh often and much; To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. "
Ross HamiltonPodepsáno: 09:14, 04/01/2016
dan martinPodepsáno: 19:36, 03/01/2016
K'Ro LightPodepsáno: 16:03, 03/01/2016
"What do we propose to do with/for/about the inherent greed & power-craving on the part of the psychopathic oppressor types in the world? "
Edward LennonPodepsáno: 14:33, 03/01/2016
David BAINESPodepsáno: 20:29, 02/01/2016
"The sooner the better for this beauitful earth. David "

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