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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Raimondas LapinskasPodepsáno: 12:13, 24/05/2020
Andrew WillanPodepsáno: 14:13, 20/05/2020
Layla TurnerPodepsáno: 09:47, 16/05/2020
jo joycePodepsáno: 09:59, 14/05/2020
David WinterPodepsáno: 01:04, 14/05/2020
Martin AthertonPodepsáno: 16:41, 13/05/2020
"The sooner the better "
Robert De Souza WoWPodepsáno: 16:47, 12/05/2020
"Looking forward to learning more about the WoW Factor to Ascend people's 5D Life ?"
Ravinder BhattiPodepsáno: 10:52, 25/04/2020
"Our future we are now moneyless economy, let's all live together and innovate without barriers. Everyone express themselves"
Marianne OrwinPodepsáno: 02:41, 23/04/2020
Jan BernetPodepsáno: 22:48, 18/04/2020
Ravinder BhattiPodepsáno: 14:03, 09/04/2020
Ravinder BhattiPodepsáno: 11:20, 08/04/2020
Linda GambellPodepsáno: 11:36, 07/04/2020
Ravinder BhattiPodepsáno: 19:25, 04/04/2020
Nicola RuanePodepsáno: 12:52, 26/03/2020
Harry SkusePodepsáno: 21:40, 24/03/2020
"Dear Colin, I think you have a fantastic Charter. I have discovered and developed a New World Order, a new social Magna Carta, a Charter, a Revolution. The System provides Housing, Training & Work enrolments In 1 package for all ages 16+ Not going to College or University? - Enrol into The System and receive the whole package in 1. OurWorld:UK ?? Is the United Kingdom structure of The System. OurWorld:USA ?? OurWorld:China ?? etc. PLEASE SEE http://www.TheSystem.me Please let me know if you are interested and I hope to cross paths. All the very best, Harry Skuse Founder The System New World Order"
Jaimie SinfieldPodepsáno: 17:25, 23/03/2020
"Some will always be more 'equal' than other's, but surly Human Equality is something to strive for.."
Finn WickensPodepsáno: 13:06, 16/03/2020
"I am a huge believer in the concept of the Free World Charter. Just peace out, lay back and smoke a doobie #legalisetheting #freethegang"
Caz CrellinPodepsáno: 09:12, 08/03/2020
James liggettPodepsáno: 23:54, 07/03/2020
Jo RobertsonPodepsáno: 22:27, 07/03/2020
Michelle PalmerPodepsáno: 22:02, 07/03/2020
Andrew DLPodepsáno: 17:28, 07/03/2020
Helen GithiomiPodepsáno: 13:09, 02/03/2020
Elizabeth Smith Podepsáno: 20:58, 18/02/2020
Ravi BhattiPodepsáno: 19:13, 17/02/2020
Ravinder BhattiPodepsáno: 20:02, 14/02/2020
Michael ClarkPodepsáno: 21:49, 27/01/2020
"The common good has long been overlooked by those minority groups that seek to control using money and power as their 'modus operandi'. Our monetary system was designed and developed over millennia as a method to enslave and keep under control the majority planetary population. The destruction of our animal life is another indicator of the lengths commerce and industry will go to in pursuit of monetary wealth. It is time to remove this antiquated money system in favour of a just alternative."
Graham ListerPodepsáno: 07:05, 27/01/2020
Mark BedwellPodepsáno: 09:13, 26/01/2020
Lesley CollinsPodepsáno: 08:54, 26/01/2020
"Time for a new paradigm, this one is so totally dysfunctional it doesn't even work for the majority. "
Kirsty MCMENAMINPodepsáno: 03:38, 24/01/2020
"Outility side the box"
GARY DUNNPodepsáno: 20:45, 20/01/2020
Kristofer O'DonnellPodepsáno: 01:30, 14/01/2020
Liam CotterPodepsáno: 12:45, 29/12/2019
Peter JolliffePodepsáno: 10:49, 23/12/2019
martin wilcoxPodepsáno: 21:59, 20/12/2019
Bradley OakleyPodepsáno: 19:17, 09/12/2019
Ian Banyard Podepsáno: 08:56, 01/12/2019
Nicholas BarkerPodepsáno: 22:09, 26/11/2019
Rav Bhatti itPodepsáno: 20:43, 26/11/2019
Rav BhattiPodepsáno: 20:28, 26/11/2019
Brendan VermaakPodepsáno: 11:05, 15/11/2019
Saf MoePodepsáno: 15:40, 06/11/2019
"Hello, I love recycling and if you want to get rid of something I’ll be sure be interested."
Josephine Corden Podepsáno: 17:35, 27/10/2019
Trevor OwenPodepsáno: 15:27, 20/10/2019
Erica MasseyPodepsáno: 01:23, 10/10/2019
Adam CowleyPodepsáno: 11:38, 09/10/2019
"This is the only way that humanity can survive without destroying our planet as we know it. It is not'us and nature', We are part of the biosphere, nature. A capitalist society worships 'ownership'. We can never truly own anything as our lives are so short. Capitalism relies on the selfish ego that pits us against everyone else and the systems in place reinforce that. Somehow this has to be solved."
Kelly NealePodepsáno: 22:00, 08/10/2019
Andrea BrownPodepsáno: 03:04, 05/10/2019
"Inspired by Greta Thunberg's message which has led me to this website."

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