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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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colin preecePodepsáno: 22:04, 20/02/2019
"I have been talking to my friends about the resource based economy for 8 years. This is the 1st time I have heard of the free world charter."
Charles OtusajoPodepsáno: 15:59, 19/02/2019
ryzard loloPodepsáno: 19:22, 16/02/2019
"I wish the world could be free with out any consequences"
Kelly PopePodepsáno: 19:33, 10/02/2019
Casey Johnson Podepsáno: 20:09, 08/02/2019
"Need help in business marketing I am here :) +Anything UBUNTU let me know "
Keith Heaven Podepsáno: 19:40, 06/02/2019
Laura RichardsonPodepsáno: 19:21, 06/02/2019
Giuseppe CappelliPodepsáno: 23:50, 05/02/2019
"Great idea! Thank you"
Antony McGrathPodepsáno: 19:04, 29/01/2019
"I want what's possible, not what's affordable. Today's era is modern day slavery."
Jonathan DaviesPodepsáno: 20:36, 26/01/2019
Solal AnkaouaPodepsáno: 15:20, 16/01/2019
oldogg flavaPodepsáno: 15:53, 08/01/2019
andy shadePodepsáno: 17:11, 07/01/2019
Elaine ShadePodepsáno: 17:00, 07/01/2019
"No comments apart from, it cannot happen soon enough. The Earth needs saving and mankind needs to stop 'playing God', and go back to being natural beings. "
Nigel BurkittPodepsáno: 13:10, 05/01/2019
Michal RozowPodepsáno: 14:06, 04/01/2019
Nick LawsPodepsáno: 07:40, 02/01/2019
Osian WintersPodepsáno: 08:45, 12/12/2018
"Curious. Are there any real communities or societys out there that live and practice this today? If so where abouts"
Stephen DentPodepsáno: 19:04, 10/12/2018
Lawrence TrowellPodepsáno: 12:59, 07/12/2018
"I plan to build floating land from plastic waste for housing/farming/clean energy production and desalination as a humanitarian organisation to help the world become self sufficient and free from the artificial scarcity created by money"
Tanisha MaceyPodepsáno: 23:49, 27/11/2018
Michael MurphyPodepsáno: 11:40, 26/11/2018
Alex HobbsPodepsáno: 23:23, 13/11/2018
"Alex 07719490290 I can come and collect anyday before 4pm"
David HandsPodepsáno: 08:59, 29/10/2018
"money is a old outdated concept that must be shed is humanity is to take its next leap in evolution and truly become great "
S BPodepsáno: 17:42, 27/10/2018
"Momeyless iscoming - no point in wasting time"
jane barlowPodepsáno: 18:22, 17/10/2018
Duncan HamiltonPodepsáno: 10:28, 30/09/2018
"Let's Dream a new dream of healing and abundance: For Gaia & all Earthlings."
Patrick AgostaroPodepsáno: 13:03, 27/09/2018
Mike EdwardsPodepsáno: 10:51, 27/09/2018
John HallPodepsáno: 22:13, 19/09/2018
Dermot MurrayPodepsáno: 12:33, 18/09/2018
mark smithPodepsáno: 12:36, 16/09/2018
Kyle ForrestPodepsáno: 07:34, 08/09/2018
"Absolutely astonishing. "
Hozan DaraPodepsáno: 07:32, 08/09/2018
Karolina KazlauskaitePodepsáno: 14:32, 29/08/2018
Hugo WarrenPodepsáno: 07:35, 26/08/2018
"Best regards to everybody!"
Berni CullinanePodepsáno: 09:44, 25/08/2018
Harry HarveyPodepsáno: 21:54, 22/08/2018
Linda JoslinPodepsáno: 11:41, 16/07/2018
elena tsonouPodepsáno: 19:42, 15/07/2018
Glen SalterPodepsáno: 10:15, 13/07/2018
"Our capitalist society fosters greed and is fuelled my exploitation, It suppresses our creativity, freedom, and fulfilment. I want, not to feel like a resource for a corrupt system, but instead be a member and contributor to a better world "
Mark RileyPodepsáno: 11:54, 24/06/2018
Crawford gilliesPodepsáno: 18:11, 20/06/2018
Liz DaviesPodepsáno: 20:14, 18/06/2018
James LawlessPodepsáno: 14:51, 16/06/2018
"The deeper mind of the earth is recognition that the land and sea are complex ecosystems of which is a part of our emotions and experiences and is inseparable from our own psychic emotional make up. There fore it is fundamentally impractical to impose through the current monetary system scarcity when the good earth can provide sustainability with appropriate allocation of resources for every soul born upon our planet"
michael smithPodepsáno: 22:24, 12/06/2018
Anthony TrillPodepsáno: 18:49, 11/06/2018
Davy KingPodepsáno: 19:41, 01/06/2018
Jeff HylandPodepsáno: 23:25, 29/05/2018
"Ethical earth loving organic whole-foods plant-based socialist vegan chef at Moon on the Water, Clee North Prom. love to cook fantastically tasty healthy food, dance like crazy and be social...:)"
Martin RaeburnPodepsáno: 23:14, 29/05/2018
"The future of the world and humanity is built on compassion and love for one another and equality in all things "

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