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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Amber MoretonPodepsáno: 13:00, 28/09/2019
Raimondas LapinskasPodepsáno: 11:31, 23/09/2019
"A free person. I love the idea of http://www.trade-free.org and I am fan of http://www.tromsite.com"
Olly TylerPodepsáno: 10:47, 15/09/2019
mark keatingPodepsáno: 03:34, 14/09/2019
Alex CarringtonPodepsáno: 00:38, 14/09/2019
Jill FaradayPodepsáno: 00:56, 07/09/2019
Josh wPodepsáno: 11:55, 26/08/2019
Malcolm G AllanPodepsáno: 19:20, 08/08/2019
"A Universal International Citizen of the World. Been Free with responsibility everything free, no debt, no more monetary slavery, no class system based on wealth we want to be as free as the wind."
Emilian BednarskiPodepsáno: 19:55, 07/08/2019
Daniele FrauPodepsáno: 09:50, 06/08/2019
Alison MortonPodepsáno: 13:07, 22/07/2019
James Slug Podepsáno: 12:34, 22/07/2019
"Quality only happens when you care enough to do your best!"
Anthony GrayPodepsáno: 08:27, 13/07/2019
Jaswinder Singh ChaggarPodepsáno: 18:50, 07/07/2019
"Be a kind person."
Daryl ToolePodepsáno: 23:25, 02/07/2019
"Capitalism causes death. Poverty. Mental health problems. Just to keep the elite in charge of our earth. Even after America gained there independançe from Britain...did they??? No because money and banking systems truly took over. We can create a technological state, without poverty, hunger, hardship. We can create a paradise on our planet together in unity. "
Anne CooperPodepsáno: 20:14, 29/06/2019
Liam WilliamsPodepsáno: 01:14, 28/06/2019
Paweł JagackiPodepsáno: 00:20, 28/06/2019
"Sounds as it should Sound!!!!"
Paweł JagackiPodepsáno: 00:17, 28/06/2019
Paul CooperPodepsáno: 09:42, 27/06/2019
""There is more than enough for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed!" ~ Mahatma Gandhi."
Sarrie McKennzie Podepsáno: 10:51, 20/06/2019
"Living life to the fullest dudes."
Hollie SharplingPodepsáno: 13:23, 12/06/2019
Yukari MomotaPodepsáno: 01:44, 11/06/2019
Andy KirkhamPodepsáno: 15:42, 31/05/2019
Jane LloydPodepsáno: 09:05, 28/05/2019
"This is the way forward."
tom nyePodepsáno: 09:02, 28/05/2019
Parmjit Nahil Podepsáno: 09:02, 07/05/2019
"Modern Day Anarchist; Explorer of inner and outer worlds; Dancer in the Game of Life"
sarah gilkinsonPodepsáno: 19:58, 28/04/2019
"Sunshine smiles and forever laughter "
Naraya NaserianPodepsáno: 17:14, 24/04/2019
Thomas CarterPodepsáno: 00:40, 24/04/2019
"Looking forward to where we can take humanity, perhaps not everyone will be demoralised by jobs that they hate as they can live their dreams and live in a dreamworld of our own design. Though we must not expect anything from a gift especially life."
Sarah Pritchard Podepsáno: 09:40, 20/04/2019
Deborah ShortPodepsáno: 18:18, 19/04/2019
Andre FaganPodepsáno: 15:37, 16/04/2019
Michelle DavisPodepsáno: 12:22, 14/04/2019
"I believe in a resource based economy."
Nicola RuanePodepsáno: 13:19, 10/04/2019
D YoungPodepsáno: 19:24, 07/04/2019
Mervyn HartwigPodepsáno: 14:14, 07/04/2019
Julian DouglasPodepsáno: 20:44, 31/03/2019
Ayesha Robinson Podepsáno: 15:33, 31/03/2019
Rachael WarnePodepsáno: 11:12, 25/03/2019
Rinaldas MitkusPodepsáno: 14:01, 19/03/2019
"I want better world for my daughter"
vincent marattyPodepsáno: 18:04, 18/03/2019
"This is the only way to end capitalism"
Ian HartleyPodepsáno: 10:12, 18/03/2019
Jan PonsfordPodepsáno: 09:55, 18/03/2019
Terry PackPodepsáno: 09:29, 18/03/2019
Pete WhitehurstPodepsáno: 21:01, 17/03/2019
"I was literally talking about the worlds money problems a few hours ago and it gave me inspiration to write my thoughts and try to come up with some solutions The phone was obviously listening and a link to this appeared in my newsfeed, the first time this capability has ever proven useful! And the charter covers all of areas and more that were discussed. It’s good to know there are already people working to make this a reality although I fear the major stake holders involved and benefitting from the monetary system will not let it go without a brutal fight"
Glenn StanleyPodepsáno: 08:34, 13/03/2019
"Is this being trialled anywhere in the world at the moment? UBI is another idea being proposed in Norway. A basic income wether you work or not no strings attached but I believe it should be attached to good social behaviour. I would love it if we woke up and thought, great im going out to help someone today without the pressing thought of needing to get paid for it.I agree with the concept completely but we need a volunteer small country to take this idea and trial it for the rest of the world to see how it develops. Love peace and kindness towards each other Amen "
Jon Goward Podepsáno: 00:07, 04/03/2019
Nigel FilerPodepsáno: 15:16, 02/03/2019
meg watsonPodepsáno: 19:26, 24/02/2019

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