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Julian kinsleyPodepsáno: 12:02, 08/01/2017
Thomas HowPodepsáno: 20:27, 07/01/2017
"Can you tell me how many people in Wales (my country), the UK and the world have signed please? Thank you. "
maria wind talkerPodepsáno: 12:31, 30/12/2016
Richard BaylissPodepsáno: 13:26, 29/12/2016
"Agree with this money I'd the route of all evil."
Angela ScottPodepsáno: 22:38, 28/12/2016
Neil DobbiePodepsáno: 22:28, 28/12/2016
John QuinnPodepsáno: 22:20, 28/12/2016
Chelsea HorsleyPodepsáno: 23:37, 27/12/2016
Jade NewmanPodepsáno: 15:38, 22/12/2016
Allan BradshawPodepsáno: 22:01, 16/12/2016
Thomas LovePodepsáno: 16:20, 12/12/2016
"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few 🖖"
Gillie ShawPodepsáno: 07:27, 11/12/2016
paul barnardPodepsáno: 13:24, 10/12/2016
"i agree with everything I've heard so far regarding the FWC. it's like someone has put my thoughts and observations, ideas and moral beliefs, into words and a workable way out of this dreadful inhuman mess. amazing. and beautiful."
Lai-Si LassallePodepsáno: 09:45, 07/12/2016
"I am looking forward to a free and equal world for all. Sustainable and kind,where we take care of each other and contribute our talents and time to our communities."
Yordan MarkovPodepsáno: 17:28, 05/12/2016
Caroline BushPodepsáno: 10:48, 03/12/2016
rose dohenyPodepsáno: 22:56, 01/12/2016
Petro HawczakPodepsáno: 08:27, 01/12/2016
Alice RowlandsPodepsáno: 09:37, 26/11/2016
Reece ThomasPodepsáno: 22:39, 25/11/2016
brian WalshPodepsáno: 15:35, 22/11/2016
"Long live the free world!"
Sam SytsmaPodepsáno: 12:28, 21/11/2016
Patrick O'HarePodepsáno: 20:30, 19/11/2016
"Every day I get up and go to work, and every day I feel thoroughly frustrated and disappointed, because while I recognise that society as it functions now requires me to generate income, I believe the world could be a much better place. A world without money could remove the need to constantly think about oneself and start focusing on Humanity as a whole, giving rise to more compassion. Progress, now unhindered by any financial obstacle could advance at an incredibly fast rate. Ever since I was young, watching "Star Trek" I remember one episode where Jean-Luc picard states that Earth no longer uses money, and that society is built upon the common good of humanity. In that futuristic world, Humanity encompasses half of the galaxy, people have more time to focus on what they want to do, rather than what they are ordered to do, and there is a sense of peace and harmony. That should be our goal as the human race."
Dawn FarrierPodepsáno: 13:46, 18/11/2016
Kaaron FullwoodPodepsáno: 16:07, 17/11/2016
"This is what 99% of people on Earth want, to live in freedom, NOT bondage."
Taniya McIverPodepsáno: 19:31, 13/11/2016
Michael ParrisPodepsáno: 10:02, 12/11/2016
BARBARA ROBINSONPodepsáno: 13:37, 09/11/2016
Antony Di PintoPodepsáno: 06:52, 02/11/2016
"When we realise what is possible it means we suffer to live in such an unequal, self serving, greedy society."
Anna BoylePodepsáno: 13:28, 30/10/2016
Helen ChristiePodepsáno: 01:02, 26/10/2016
Mike GilesPodepsáno: 10:55, 22/10/2016
Robert MawsonPodepsáno: 19:16, 21/10/2016
"I hope its achievable. Something needs to be done soon. However I don't see those with all the wealth and power relinquishing it easily."
Mark MawsonPodepsáno: 23:39, 20/10/2016
Krzysztof CiupaPodepsáno: 12:38, 19/10/2016
Lyn SeddonPodepsáno: 09:36, 15/10/2016
Špela OberstarPodepsáno: 12:18, 12/10/2016
Robert SmithPodepsáno: 18:37, 11/10/2016
Jeanine AbbottPodepsáno: 10:16, 11/10/2016
Robert BakerPodepsáno: 22:19, 09/10/2016
Jodie Griffiths Podepsáno: 13:37, 09/10/2016
Jean DaviesPodepsáno: 13:27, 09/10/2016
"Sending unbounded love to all I share this beautiful planet with. "
Sarah TvedtPodepsáno: 09:11, 06/10/2016
Adrian ShepherdPodepsáno: 21:52, 05/10/2016
"There must be no victim in my decisions and actions."
anthony mayPodepsáno: 19:34, 05/10/2016
Christopher ConnollyPodepsáno: 17:30, 05/10/2016
Doron ZilkhaPodepsáno: 06:12, 04/10/2016
"We have lost our connection with our true purpose. Money, greed and power is what has caused this. Manipulation for the benefit of a very small and ignorant minority. Money is the root of the problem, a system which should be phased out over the coming decades to allow us to reach the road to ultimate human potential. "
Eleanor BeatsonPodepsáno: 21:16, 29/09/2016
Calum BoalPodepsáno: 18:33, 27/09/2016
Trevor BanerjeePodepsáno: 16:10, 23/09/2016
"Is there some way for me to know that this website and form is going towards a positive initiative and not just another marketing strategy?"

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