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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Wee PalPodepsáno: 17:53, 21/12/2017
"Do not publish this. Contact me by email. It is encrypted."
George HattersleyPodepsáno: 21:10, 14/12/2017
Jules BurtonPodepsáno: 14:18, 14/12/2017
marcos leePodepsáno: 10:18, 13/12/2017
Jacek PoleszakPodepsáno: 13:57, 12/12/2017
Paul CheminaisPodepsáno: 07:55, 11/12/2017
Jon Pope Podepsáno: 00:11, 03/12/2017
Kathryn NeweyPodepsáno: 22:02, 02/12/2017
Mark SilverthornePodepsáno: 20:19, 02/12/2017
Percy WolfgangPodepsáno: 18:16, 02/12/2017
Chris GriffithsPodepsáno: 17:22, 02/12/2017
Malley CatPodepsáno: 12:50, 01/12/2017
Aaron MalleyPodepsáno: 12:47, 01/12/2017
Adam BakerPodepsáno: 12:16, 29/11/2017
Alistair ReedPodepsáno: 18:25, 28/11/2017
"A free world would be so beneficial for those with learning disabilities, mental health issues such as myself. "
Simon ElderPodepsáno: 21:27, 26/11/2017
Denise SilvaPodepsáno: 16:01, 26/11/2017
"We are now creating a Light Team of High-Consciousness volunteers please get in touch."
Louise Simpson Podepsáno: 11:07, 26/11/2017
"It will be ok in the end. If it's not ok then it's not the end xxx"
Danielle BentleyPodepsáno: 09:12, 25/11/2017
Alero AgindotanPodepsáno: 11:55, 24/11/2017
"I agree with the charter. All positive achievable methods must be explored to bring about lasting well-being and evolution of all species. Roll on the day we create a world where all are free!"
Hazelle Campbell Podepsáno: 16:52, 23/11/2017
Špela OberstarPodepsáno: 16:41, 22/11/2017
Frederic ComPodepsáno: 07:57, 22/11/2017
John MarsdenPodepsáno: 20:51, 15/11/2017
cynthia garbuttPodepsáno: 12:14, 09/11/2017
"Born in New Orleans, Louisiana USA. I'm currently located in NW London. My parents were mestizo/parda, from British Honduras and the Republic of Honduras in Central America. They moved to the US before my brothers and I were born. My parents were children during the Great Depression (that negatively impacted the world's economy, but not the holdings of those who caused it) From them I was taught to do my best, in whatever - nothing half ass.  Writing and telling stories for entertainment, with an underlying narrative based on values to build perception, compassion and enlightenment for a better global community. We currently live in a system of imbalance, polarity and duplicity. Where acceptance and conformity are key to a banal existence in this paradigm, radical action is key to our transcendence back to our "true" selves.  I earned a degree in applied science and worked in commercial and residential interior design, for many years with mostly architectural studios."
Shaan LalvaniPodepsáno: 17:11, 07/11/2017
"You realise this is communism, right?"
ANNE CAMERONPodepsáno: 16:18, 06/11/2017
Alex BorowskiPodepsáno: 15:57, 06/11/2017
Adam JonesPodepsáno: 12:52, 02/11/2017
"We have the technology and resources to provide for every human need and desire, yet our current socioeconomic paradigm prevents us from doing this. Transitioning into a society and economy that is efficient, sustainable both ecologically and socially, and beneficial to public health is imperative for human progress."
Amelia MercerPodepsáno: 11:45, 02/11/2017
Fiona KirkwoodPodepsáno: 23:35, 31/10/2017
Ella GalePodepsáno: 19:46, 31/10/2017
John MarshallPodepsáno: 11:03, 31/10/2017
Henry PeacockPodepsáno: 11:58, 30/10/2017
Stacey DarrellPodepsáno: 09:10, 30/10/2017
"Thank You for the work you have put in to create this. blessings on you all.xx"
Toby WilsonPodepsáno: 15:30, 27/10/2017
raymond cheungPodepsáno: 01:41, 27/10/2017
Ken PetersenPodepsáno: 14:25, 26/10/2017
Julie ShortPodepsáno: 00:31, 26/10/2017
Patricia PenningtonPodepsáno: 23:47, 25/10/2017
"Love will make the World go round"
Nile NugnezPodepsáno: 21:52, 25/10/2017
Taniya McIverPodepsáno: 20:40, 25/10/2017
cyd parkPodepsáno: 19:46, 25/10/2017
Genevieve FlightPodepsáno: 00:08, 23/10/2017
"Genevieve Flight is the Priestess of Lunar Logos & Ancient Healing Initiator @ Shambhallah Healing Center.. "
Frank BowmanPodepsáno: 07:28, 20/10/2017
"RBE Off Grid Farm Renewables Durables infrastructure Co-operative held for Transition to Moneyless Culture."
Susan CunninghamPodepsáno: 00:03, 20/10/2017
Laurence SlavinPodepsáno: 13:54, 18/10/2017
Lynda MurrayPodepsáno: 14:49, 07/10/2017
Nicola WallacePodepsáno: 15:35, 05/10/2017
Josh EasthamPodepsáno: 14:00, 25/09/2017

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