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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Robert SmithPodepsáno: 18:37, 11/10/2016
Jeanine AbbottPodepsáno: 10:16, 11/10/2016
Robert BakerPodepsáno: 22:19, 09/10/2016
Jodie Griffiths Podepsáno: 13:37, 09/10/2016
Jean DaviesPodepsáno: 13:27, 09/10/2016
"Sending unbounded love to all I share this beautiful planet with. "
Sarah TvedtPodepsáno: 09:11, 06/10/2016
Adrian ShepherdPodepsáno: 21:52, 05/10/2016
"There must be no victim in my decisions and actions."
anthony mayPodepsáno: 19:34, 05/10/2016
Christopher ConnollyPodepsáno: 17:30, 05/10/2016
Doron ZilkhaPodepsáno: 06:12, 04/10/2016
"We have lost our connection with our true purpose. Money, greed and power is what has caused this. Manipulation for the benefit of a very small and ignorant minority. Money is the root of the problem, a system which should be phased out over the coming decades to allow us to reach the road to ultimate human potential. "
Eleanor BeatsonPodepsáno: 21:16, 29/09/2016
Calum BoalPodepsáno: 18:33, 27/09/2016
Trevor BanerjeePodepsáno: 16:10, 23/09/2016
"Is there some way for me to know that this website and form is going towards a positive initiative and not just another marketing strategy?"
Tabi LampePodepsáno: 21:32, 22/09/2016
Daniel ThomasPodepsáno: 23:26, 21/09/2016
Nikki BevanPodepsáno: 23:11, 21/09/2016
Elliot ParnhamPodepsáno: 22:19, 20/09/2016
"I strongly believe in this. Everyone I have spoken to regarding the subject agrees to a certain extent that this would be the ideal world. But after living behind this wall of money for so long, there is still strong opposition to the reality of it. I personally have suffered mentally like I am sure many others have, due to the society we live in. Things need to change, and they need to change FAST. We are raised to be fair and kind to one another, but there is nothing fair about the monetary system. The children of today have the brains to invent the future, let's encourage them."
John WardhaughPodepsáno: 21:59, 20/09/2016
Fraz SmithPodepsáno: 12:22, 18/09/2016
Diana DalePodepsáno: 18:51, 17/09/2016
Michael MousleyPodepsáno: 11:25, 17/09/2016
Philip MousleyPodepsáno: 11:16, 17/09/2016
Dane EdwardsPodepsáno: 09:29, 16/09/2016
Alexander JonesPodepsáno: 14:22, 15/09/2016
"One day humanity will free its self form slavery. But not in my life time. "
lynne learmonthPodepsáno: 07:42, 15/09/2016
"I would love to see a free world where nature is respected and humanity is treated fairly and equally. I don't however wish to give up all I have worked for already and I think this will get in the way for many people. "
keith bennettPodepsáno: 12:00, 14/09/2016
"From each according to his ability,to each according to his need. "
Dave GarryPodepsáno: 18:23, 12/09/2016
Philip ReesPodepsáno: 22:26, 11/09/2016
Mark Newton-CarterPodepsáno: 10:10, 11/09/2016
carlo imperatoPodepsáno: 08:29, 10/09/2016
Rajeet LoiblPodepsáno: 13:09, 03/09/2016
Alberto UrrutiaPodepsáno: 22:36, 24/08/2016
Billy RichardsPodepsáno: 12:56, 24/08/2016
"How do we get the ball rolling?"
Garry ChantPodepsáno: 18:19, 22/08/2016
Richard LathamPodepsáno: 23:37, 20/08/2016
mike westacottPodepsáno: 16:25, 20/08/2016
"Change needs to happen and it will, but human nature being what it is will not adhere permantly to the charter and there will be those who will do their utmost to gain power in order to set their own goalsabove those of the community. This being the case, what is anticipated to prevent this?"
Stuart BrightPodepsáno: 11:41, 20/08/2016
Marie BrightPodepsáno: 11:29, 20/08/2016
"I truly want this. Please let's make this happen...for my husband and me, and especially for my beloved children."
mark AckroydPodepsáno: 20:54, 17/08/2016
royston bennettPodepsáno: 03:22, 13/08/2016
"in some respects this idea that living with out money sounds great the pressure to build up lots of it taints us wears us down better cars houses clothes nice exotic holidays etc many many years ago we never had the pressure like we do now but i cant see how the academics of this world and the self driven will accept it they have studied for years to become better and higher in society then the working class i can not see it working but i wish it would i hate the greed the religious wars the killing and abuse of animals and humans and the devastation of nature would this idea stop this hell on earth we hope it would i am fed up of paying high council tax and other taxes to feed corrupt mps etc we need a complete shake up of our way we live. "
Viggy ScampPodepsáno: 13:04, 10/08/2016
"Country??... Not sure I agree with that question, as there are no "Countries" per se, just named blocks of land"
Matthew RobertsPodepsáno: 16:41, 09/08/2016
Mark Austin Podepsáno: 09:03, 09/08/2016
Alessio CarnevalePodepsáno: 00:43, 05/08/2016
"I believe that we either step up in the evolution chain and become a new, smarter and self-aware form of live... or we'll face extinction."
Deborah HolmesPodepsáno: 16:34, 28/07/2016
Ray CarrPodepsáno: 18:12, 27/07/2016
"I, like many, are looking for alternatives to the mess the world seems to be in today. The principles here seem to be a starting point at least."
Paul ShepherdPodepsáno: 20:23, 24/07/2016
Jill RowanPodepsáno: 17:59, 24/07/2016
"Thank you Tom McCabe."
Edward DarnellPodepsáno: 17:01, 18/07/2016
tomasz maliszewskiPodepsáno: 23:30, 16/07/2016

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