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Pissed OffPodepsáno: 08:47, 23/02/2018
"With regard to this I would use the phrase "forward to recovery". I don't live in Scotland!!"
Iain ClarkPodepsáno: 07:20, 23/02/2018
Aled Gwyn JobPodepsáno: 12:28, 16/02/2018
Matthew MisiakPodepsáno: 10:00, 16/02/2018
David FisherPodepsáno: 09:47, 10/02/2018
Patrick AndrewPodepsáno: 12:51, 09/02/2018
"Fantastic reading but Mmmmmm"
Joe BetroPodepsáno: 19:40, 02/02/2018
"I am commited to this! ☀️ "
Michael FitzpatrickPodepsáno: 13:15, 02/02/2018
"A brilliant idea for a planet of people who choose to become enlightened and visualise who we truly are, beings of light on a human journey so let’s change the world to make our human experience on this planet one which values all human beings as one. "
Rebecca BartonPodepsáno: 14:01, 01/02/2018
"I truly hope that one day the people see that the existing model is outdated. With this new approach the world could be beautiful again"
neil molesworthPodepsáno: 01:42, 30/01/2018
"no positive change in this system,we have to change the whole system."
Lyra Sevencats Podepsáno: 07:02, 29/01/2018
Terri Lee-ShieldPodepsáno: 22:30, 28/01/2018
Henryk DelongPodepsáno: 11:20, 28/01/2018
Lianna MckenziePodepsáno: 18:14, 26/01/2018
Emeka KanuPodepsáno: 15:51, 19/01/2018
Josa PepperPodepsáno: 20:54, 14/01/2018
simon jeanpierrePodepsáno: 18:37, 10/01/2018
Martin FryPodepsáno: 15:27, 06/01/2018
Andrew MiddletonPodepsáno: 19:31, 28/12/2017
Monica BrooksPodepsáno: 16:58, 28/12/2017
". . . this too shall pass"
Ayesha RobinsonPodepsáno: 10:34, 22/12/2017
"As intelligent, capable beings we have a responsibility, not only to the continuation of the future of our species but to all other species and the home we all live on. A clean planet so we can continue to evolve, grow and thrive is critical. A form of governance which is transparent, free of corruption and focuses less on personal greed but promotes, protects and nurtures every human, plant and animal without destruction is key. Education and personal responsibility in my opinion is key to making this dream a reality."
Wee PalPodepsáno: 17:53, 21/12/2017
"Do not publish this. Contact me by email. It is encrypted."
George HattersleyPodepsáno: 21:10, 14/12/2017
Jules BurtonPodepsáno: 14:18, 14/12/2017
marcos leePodepsáno: 10:18, 13/12/2017
Jacek PoleszakPodepsáno: 13:57, 12/12/2017
Paul CheminaisPodepsáno: 07:55, 11/12/2017
Jon Pope Podepsáno: 00:11, 03/12/2017
Kathryn NeweyPodepsáno: 22:02, 02/12/2017
Mark SilverthornePodepsáno: 20:19, 02/12/2017
Percy WolfgangPodepsáno: 18:16, 02/12/2017
Chris GriffithsPodepsáno: 17:22, 02/12/2017
Malley CatPodepsáno: 12:50, 01/12/2017
Aaron MalleyPodepsáno: 12:47, 01/12/2017
Adam BakerPodepsáno: 12:16, 29/11/2017
Alistair ReedPodepsáno: 18:25, 28/11/2017
"A free world would be so beneficial for those with learning disabilities, mental health issues such as myself. "
Simon ElderPodepsáno: 21:27, 26/11/2017
Denise SilvaPodepsáno: 16:01, 26/11/2017
"We are now creating a Light Team of High-Consciousness volunteers please get in touch."
Louise Simpson Podepsáno: 11:07, 26/11/2017
"It will be ok in the end. If it's not ok then it's not the end xxx"
Danielle BentleyPodepsáno: 09:12, 25/11/2017
Alero AgindotanPodepsáno: 11:55, 24/11/2017
"I agree with the charter. All positive achievable methods must be explored to bring about lasting well-being and evolution of all species. Roll on the day we create a world where all are free!"
Hazelle Campbell Podepsáno: 16:52, 23/11/2017
Špela OberstarPodepsáno: 16:41, 22/11/2017
Frederic ComPodepsáno: 07:57, 22/11/2017
John MarsdenPodepsáno: 20:51, 15/11/2017
cynthia garbuttPodepsáno: 12:14, 09/11/2017
"Born in New Orleans, Louisiana USA. I'm currently located in NW London. My parents were mestizo/parda, from British Honduras and the Republic of Honduras in Central America. They moved to the US before my brothers and I were born. My parents were children during the Great Depression (that negatively impacted the world's economy, but not the holdings of those who caused it) From them I was taught to do my best, in whatever - nothing half ass.  Writing and telling stories for entertainment, with an underlying narrative based on values to build perception, compassion and enlightenment for a better global community. We currently live in a system of imbalance, polarity and duplicity. Where acceptance and conformity are key to a banal existence in this paradigm, radical action is key to our transcendence back to our "true" selves.  I earned a degree in applied science and worked in commercial and residential interior design, for many years with mostly architectural studios."
Shaan LalvaniPodepsáno: 17:11, 07/11/2017
"You realise this is communism, right?"
ANNE CAMERONPodepsáno: 16:18, 06/11/2017
Alex BorowskiPodepsáno: 15:57, 06/11/2017
Adam JonesPodepsáno: 12:52, 02/11/2017
"We have the technology and resources to provide for every human need and desire, yet our current socioeconomic paradigm prevents us from doing this. Transitioning into a society and economy that is efficient, sustainable both ecologically and socially, and beneficial to public health is imperative for human progress."

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