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Charta Svobodného Světa

"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

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Lee CarsonPodepsáno: 16:19, 04/07/2016
"Money has held humans back from the day of its first existence, how do you unbrainwash billions of people to make them realise there's a different way of living were everyone is equal and we all have everything we wish for, this charter is a start but there needs to be a world wide plan where everyone who can work, works a set amount of hours a week and everything is free, as long as you do your set job in society, has anyone actually ever tried to draw up a plan so people can see it and understand ther is another way."
David SteelePodepsáno: 13:36, 01/07/2016
"I'd like to know more about the proposed structure of this world society and how it will be organised and by whom."
Joel PattersonPodepsáno: 13:15, 01/07/2016
"I'm signing because I feel the charter is a constructive, progressive idea, and one that appeals to my soul and my spirituality as a being of Earth. I have hope, and I personally feel that I (and that we all idealistically) need to work NOW... Towards saving our species, and this Planet from the extinction of intelligent life (and all or any life). I will never give up on humanity. <3 "
Louise KingPodepsáno: 20:34, 30/06/2016
Pol LechickiPodepsáno: 19:52, 27/06/2016
"Thank you! Ps this butterfly (Monarch ) is unfortunate...This is symbol of Project Monarch. Love Peace and Open Source Dome ;)"
brenda wilsonPodepsáno: 13:45, 27/06/2016
"Time to level the playing field!!! Opportunity is not a God given right & only to the rich!!!"
Frank SquiresPodepsáno: 13:04, 27/06/2016
Eve DaviesPodepsáno: 11:23, 26/06/2016
Sarah HatherlyPodepsáno: 16:37, 24/06/2016
Fiona RevellPodepsáno: 13:12, 24/06/2016
freya griffithsPodepsáno: 21:31, 22/06/2016
Jack WalkerPodepsáno: 02:18, 21/06/2016
Steve MoyesPodepsáno: 06:30, 19/06/2016
Samuel Joseph Wilson-LassallePodepsáno: 11:36, 18/06/2016
Cristiane Petter MendesPodepsáno: 19:15, 17/06/2016
"I believe in a better world Peace,Love,Humanity "
Beata TworekPodepsáno: 10:01, 16/06/2016
Eleanor TinsleyPodepsáno: 17:33, 14/06/2016
Dee KynePodepsáno: 12:30, 14/06/2016
"The explanation to 8 is not from a point of abundance but scarcity - If we are working to the other 9 we will not be in the same situation looking for solutions - maybe we will use biomimicary to inform us . I feel this one could be crafted more clearly - happy to help"
Lorna KellyPodepsáno: 11:01, 14/06/2016
Keith CollinsPodepsáno: 08:48, 14/06/2016
Keith ReidPodepsáno: 22:44, 13/06/2016
Stephanie Corker Podepsáno: 08:21, 10/06/2016
Alexander MartinPodepsáno: 14:19, 07/06/2016
Roy AgnewPodepsáno: 10:37, 07/06/2016
"Ten simple, beautiful principles which all of mankind should aspire to live by."
Andrew RobinsonPodepsáno: 13:26, 06/06/2016
"We are all born as slaves because of money & debt "
Jaswinder Singh ChaggarPodepsáno: 11:54, 05/06/2016
"Free to practice any and all beliefs."
Isabelle Llewellyn Podepsáno: 08:18, 05/06/2016
Levi Bassett Williamson Podepsáno: 01:55, 05/06/2016
Daniel EllisPodepsáno: 01:35, 05/06/2016
michelle davisPodepsáno: 01:33, 05/06/2016
"the sooner the better. we can't go on living in a corrupt free market capitalist economy with the gross inequality it creates."
colin campbellPodepsáno: 18:33, 04/06/2016
Paul Grimwood Podepsáno: 14:51, 04/06/2016
Stevern BowersPodepsáno: 10:07, 02/06/2016
tony jacksonPodepsáno: 12:54, 01/06/2016
Arjun ThandiPodepsáno: 09:19, 01/06/2016
Scott WardPodepsáno: 00:35, 01/06/2016
Dave BeechPodepsáno: 17:32, 31/05/2016
"I sign this in direct response to the attempt to impose a new world order by the Illuminati."
kaylee nicholasPodepsáno: 10:31, 31/05/2016
Julie WaitPodepsáno: 20:54, 28/05/2016
Andrew MoorePodepsáno: 17:25, 28/05/2016
Daniel LegassickPodepsáno: 07:45, 27/05/2016
Nikolas ConleyPodepsáno: 13:49, 25/05/2016
Catherine Heckford-DickinsonPodepsáno: 13:09, 25/05/2016
"I fear that at the present time, the only thing standing between humanity, our non human brethren, and a free world is greed."
William ReidPodepsáno: 09:35, 25/05/2016
Abigail ReevesPodepsáno: 19:50, 24/05/2016
Dylan MattenPodepsáno: 19:47, 24/05/2016
Francis JonesPodepsáno: 22:49, 22/05/2016
Isabella StokoePodepsáno: 09:45, 21/05/2016
"I very much support this but I would like more information on solutions. "
sky dillonPodepsáno: 12:30, 20/05/2016
Amanda BondPodepsáno: 08:56, 20/05/2016

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