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"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

Guy SpendelovePodepsáno: 16:53, 06/01/2012
"It's a wonderful idea, but beyond ideas the reality of creating such a system seem an overwhelming task. The people who control the world and those within it are generally those who have the most money, or the most money to make. Do you really think they will give up their position and power over everyone else so easily? Not likely. But there is one inherent flaw in such a system, overpopulation. As terrible as it sounds our wars, famine, diseases, natural and accidental deaths among other things kind of keeps us in check, as do similar effects with other living organisms. Sure, 6 Billion might not be much and could easily be supported with technology, but what happens when we reach say, Trillions? When tens of Billions more are born into the world everyday. Then what happens at Quadrillion, or even Quintillion, as the more people we have the faster our growth. How can you possibly prepare and provide for such massive increases in population? At some point, I'm not sure you can. "

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