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Alan HalversonSigned: 23:38, 19/09/2017
"This is the premise by which we can all learn by and live by for a better life, a better world and a sustainable future for us all."
Jaclyn JudySigned: 02:33, 19/09/2017
karen LeonhardtSigned: 15:36, 18/09/2017
Noah SpargoSigned: 02:09, 18/09/2017
Ashlee LamonsSigned: 21:23, 17/09/2017
"We need to help our fellow citizans"
Christopher TenEyckSigned: 07:47, 17/09/2017
"I wish the world would do this before the end of my lifetime, i want a better more enjoyable life for my family. The fact that we live in an enslaved world sickens me to the point im miserable with daily life. Money is just a way to have power over others, its surely not what keeps people motivated. The only thing that will change this world is us humans, unfortunately us being humans its impossible for everyone to see eye to eye even tho everyone is so miserable in our antmound lifestyle. "
Brittany FordingSigned: 16:22, 16/09/2017
"If FREEDOM has a price FREEDOM isn't FREE"
mike dornSigned: 23:34, 15/09/2017
"I don't know if the rich will go for it, but there is plenty of scriptures that forbids being wealthy. Luke 16, where rich men get a one way ticket to hell, all them are lovers of money anyway. That is the only time they get what they deserve."
Ricky WarnerSigned: 19:39, 14/09/2017
"Hey guys, I'm on the internet!"
Andrea DobbinsSigned: 18:33, 14/09/2017
Courtney SandhoffSigned: 15:06, 14/09/2017
Sarah KnutsonSigned: 04:27, 13/09/2017
"8. Heart and empathy are possibly just as important to me as a basis for decision as logic and knowledge which can be socially constructed to advance some interest groups over others."
Yasemin ReySigned: 16:50, 07/09/2017
Wendy McGlothlinSigned: 20:00, 06/09/2017
Monica ParkSigned: 22:12, 05/09/2017
Andrew DavidsonSigned: 15:29, 04/09/2017
"The world I dream of living in"
Sharon NovellSigned: 17:35, 02/09/2017
"Namaste: The 10 Principles of this group are in alignment of with my personal philosophy of everyday living. I am glad to have discovered, "The Free World Charter." Been waiting for quite some time. Thanks for showing up at this time. I agree to all 10 Principles, even when no one is looking. How can I become more active as a signatory of, "Free World Charter"?"
Jaden OasisSigned: 07:11, 02/09/2017
Thomas ManzittiSigned: 21:00, 31/08/2017
"Sounds good on "paper"...So did Communism @ one point...haha"
Susan MasonSigned: 21:30, 30/08/2017
Jennifer LindmarSigned: 11:44, 30/08/2017
Jay SpencerSigned: 20:54, 29/08/2017
Dwayne ButlerSigned: 03:36, 29/08/2017
"I am tired of our obsession with the idea that we need an economy based on money to function. All my life people have preached to me about the evils of communism while I see all around me the evils of capitalism. Both of these ideas have and will always fail us, yet we are made to choose one or the other. There has to be a better way. I don't think this charter is the best way either, as I can see how easily some of these ideals could be used in a perverse manner. It is just human nature for individuals to find ways to "get ahead" in any system. But I do think this charter is an amazing beginning to abolishing money and greed and giving us a new foothold to evolve as a society."
Jay SpencerSigned: 03:24, 29/08/2017
bill woodSigned: 01:31, 29/08/2017
Seth RobinsonSigned: 09:17, 27/08/2017
JOSE DasilvaSigned: 02:56, 26/08/2017
Athbhreith AthbheochanSigned: 20:26, 25/08/2017
Sam ReppertSigned: 17:54, 25/08/2017
John BerkheimerSigned: 20:58, 24/08/2017
Zenaida MohsenineSigned: 19:46, 24/08/2017
"Kabbalist, nurse, beach, movies, studying"
Marla LusterSigned: 00:34, 24/08/2017
Mrudula ChakravarthySigned: 20:16, 23/08/2017
Kevin DyerSigned: 09:04, 23/08/2017
"Apocaloptimist, radical solutionary, contrarian polemicist, aspiring autodidact. #wannabewordsmith"
Dannilee McNeelSigned: 03:29, 23/08/2017
"Finally some common sense answers to the greed and waste that flourishes in today's world. We can't live without clean air, water & sustainable food. We have the power to unite for change that will improve all lives, not just the wealthy. I hope I live to see the day when we can all come together as a world and cherish the beautiful planet we have entrusted to us. Our future generations depend on it."
Mat BryanSigned: 02:22, 23/08/2017
Love SpiritSigned: 04:10, 22/08/2017
"Locate Free Housing, Free Food, Free Education, Free Healthcare, and off the grid cash jobs. I also need volunteers to help me house the homeless. Visit: |"
Mark DannemillerSigned: 01:53, 22/08/2017
"This is a good action to the groups I have learned about such as The Venus Project, The Transition & People Do Everything. "
Queen PhoenixSigned: 15:25, 21/08/2017
Kimon TsinterisSigned: 06:55, 21/08/2017
Maha BrownSigned: 03:37, 21/08/2017
Laurie BakerSigned: 21:03, 20/08/2017
"Build connections, build community, build a peaceful world. "
Boston BBSigned: 04:03, 20/08/2017
Joseph HuertaSigned: 18:16, 19/08/2017
Zach HoonSigned: 13:46, 19/08/2017
Mary VuSigned: 03:41, 18/08/2017
Barbara Stuart Signed: 13:18, 17/08/2017
Cheryl WrangleSigned: 01:20, 17/08/2017
Don BassSigned: 23:42, 16/08/2017
John SmereskySigned: 19:51, 16/08/2017
"Everything is Love or a request for love. We are all creating our own reality. We are the only one who can change the world. "

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