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Philip AlbinSigned: 20:43, 20/02/2018
Michael JervisSigned: 03:28, 19/02/2018
Eric ParkerSigned: 11:49, 18/02/2018
"There's always been a sense of injustice within me concerning the world I've grown up in. Univerisal love, respect and well-being should be a birthright and universally applied."
Mike BowmanSigned: 02:11, 18/02/2018
"Acquiring wealth is not the driving force in my life. I work to better myself & humanity."
Eddie MartinSigned: 20:43, 17/02/2018
Melissa GuccioneSigned: 18:33, 16/02/2018
"Although, I can't wrap my head around these ideas completely, yet, I fell in love with them. My heart sings to be a part of educating myself and my community. And I look forward to how I will contribute. Because ACTION is exciting! Keep up the important work. Melissa Guccione"
Michael JohnsonSigned: 01:18, 16/02/2018
"I've signed previously. I'm so glad that the Free world charter is back. I received the email just now, and would love to reinvest my time and skills to the community. Thank you once again for reinvigorating my hope. Mike"
Richard SchultzSigned: 13:31, 15/02/2018
Richard SchultzSigned: 00:28, 15/02/2018
Margaret NyburgSigned: 21:53, 13/02/2018
"Waste not, want not. "
Nicole JoySigned: 05:56, 13/02/2018
Norman DomenechSigned: 18:25, 11/02/2018
"In order to comply with these ten principles, it is necessary to eliminate capitalism from Earth. How can it be done?"
Daniel GreenSigned: 09:11, 10/02/2018
"all for one one for all"
Al RodriguezSigned: 21:34, 09/02/2018
Robbey WeasSigned: 01:17, 09/02/2018
Robert C JacksonSigned: 21:23, 08/02/2018
Robert DobbinsSigned: 09:38, 07/02/2018
"All power to the people!"
Bilal Yasin El-AminSigned: 01:08, 07/02/2018
"The principles stated herein are very closely reasoned arguments that probably cannot be successfully disputed. "
Shannon RomanSigned: 00:16, 07/02/2018
"I am a single mom with lots of interests, and struggling to provide a free-learning environment for my kid with the demands of work and school for myself, and the ever-increasing cost of living. I am fluent in American Sign Language, currently working toward becoming an interpreter. I also work with young children up to the age of 3 that have physical or intellectual delays or disabilities, and use play-based approaches to help them reach their milestones. I am also an eco-friendly jewelry maker, and currently have my pieces displayed on my facebook page: . I love art that supports equality, advocacy, and raising awareness on issues that are important to me. I would love to connect with any artists that are looking for models for these types of projects! I've worked in over 15 different industries, and am a quick learner. I even worked as a raw food chef. I would be happy to trade services in any way possible, and see if this community can support full"
Sherlon SmithSigned: 22:49, 06/02/2018
Richard Facer Signed: 15:37, 06/02/2018
Kelsaw Potawski Signed: 14:33, 06/02/2018
"Money didn't exist before man."
Trane DePriestSigned: 14:09, 06/02/2018
"I am in full agreement with these principles, and I advocate for similar ideas expressed in The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement, and The Green Party. I believe transitional efforts are underway through governance incubators like the Seasteading Institute project in French Polynesia and others."
Taylor JohnstonSigned: 13:34, 06/02/2018
"I have felt passionately about this for many years. People need to stop fearing the idea that this can and has to work and that helping each other thrive is not such a bad thing."
Danielle CamererSigned: 03:06, 06/02/2018
Coriander womackSigned: 21:39, 04/02/2018
Jonathan MarbleSigned: 07:12, 04/02/2018
Christian VanwinkleSigned: 21:13, 03/02/2018
William ROSESigned: 10:00, 01/02/2018
"If only this could happen in my lifetime."
alison mcgandySigned: 23:54, 29/01/2018
Will HillSigned: 14:28, 29/01/2018
Christopher GallegosSigned: 17:13, 28/01/2018
Ruth VazquezSigned: 01:25, 28/01/2018
Sue Marrapodi Moreland Rolling Hills LodgeSigned: 17:19, 26/01/2018
"Let's get rid of the LIE that was sowed into the society of humanity! We the world will be FREE and nothing will stop our advancements. Love can only be our master and peace and joy will fill our days. Free Expression & Love to all!"
Ben CollverSigned: 23:12, 25/01/2018
Troy Hawkins-PropesSigned: 18:40, 23/01/2018
"In a world of illusions, we find truth in oneness and preservation of the gift of life."
Cane KostovskiSigned: 05:16, 22/01/2018
"The RBE is the best solution to replacing the millennia old system of money. The Venus Project will provide you with all sorts of information about the RBE and what life can be like under the RBE. You can also find out what RBE stands for."
Bob O'ConnerSigned: 21:16, 20/01/2018
James HershiserSigned: 16:26, 18/01/2018
Steven HycheSigned: 22:48, 17/01/2018
"Those who refuse to learn the past are doomed to repeat it."
Pete HraberSigned: 05:59, 17/01/2018
"Pay attention. This is a Magna Carta. Try and see what you may disagree with and work with those issues to make this something we can all use."
Benazir GutierrezSigned: 09:24, 15/01/2018
"Freedom for all, and no big organization ever needs to sponsor us!! "
judith EvansSigned: 19:41, 14/01/2018
John HesterSigned: 16:21, 14/01/2018
Fred AsburySigned: 03:43, 14/01/2018
"Fred Asbury, note my birthdate is 7/3/1045 the system would not let me edit."
TVP theVenusProjectSigned: 23:52, 13/01/2018
PHILIP ASHBURNSigned: 21:14, 13/01/2018
Peter ChaydezSigned: 08:37, 13/01/2018
caleb HeierSigned: 21:19, 12/01/2018
Michael VasquezSigned: 18:21, 12/01/2018
"Be in the World, but not of it...."

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