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Mike DeVriesSigned: 22:23, 23/04/2018
"These are the principles of the M&M Foundation. "
James BighamSigned: 05:44, 20/04/2018
Tiffany MorrisSigned: 01:26, 20/04/2018
Matthew SearsSigned: 13:39, 16/04/2018
paul welshonsSigned: 20:25, 15/04/2018
Anthony DunlapSigned: 09:17, 15/04/2018
Melissa PuckettSigned: 14:02, 14/04/2018
"WE MUST DO SOMETHING NOW!!!! Start uniting and speaking of one day, at the best place we can all unite."
John CalvinSigned: 23:32, 13/04/2018
Dyanne GavinSigned: 08:00, 12/04/2018
Julie BillingsleySigned: 04:06, 12/04/2018
Maria HorvathSigned: 05:12, 11/04/2018
Lisa McKay Signed: 12:37, 10/04/2018
Michaela CollinsSigned: 11:52, 10/04/2018
Jeanette GarciaSigned: 09:44, 10/04/2018
Daniel LeimerSigned: 06:39, 10/04/2018
Lisa St.OngeSigned: 20:58, 06/04/2018
"I am in 100% agreement with all the principles of the Free World Charter. Thank you for articulating these universal, fundamental precepts. Our world is in dire need of a course correction. "
Stephanie JoanneSigned: 04:19, 06/04/2018
" #unityincommunity"
Nik GilbertsonSigned: 14:42, 05/04/2018
"Looking to connect with likeminded beings who are passionate about taking action to create the kind of world we want to live in."
Kraig LuthrSigned: 23:39, 04/04/2018
Celine KayserSigned: 23:15, 04/04/2018
"“It was apparent that materialism was in complete control of the economic structure, the final objective of which was for the individual to become part of a system providing an economic security at the expense of the human soul, mind, and body.” ― Manly P. Hall"
Debbie FleetwoodSigned: 21:16, 04/04/2018
Beau BartonSigned: 13:54, 02/04/2018
Shannon SmithSigned: 04:09, 23/03/2018
Vincent BuzziSigned: 19:22, 21/03/2018
Darion Burgess Signed: 03:41, 18/03/2018
Sandra HumphreySigned: 03:03, 16/03/2018
Tammy AskewSigned: 07:40, 15/03/2018
Marquis Lancaster Signed: 16:24, 14/03/2018
Roxanne Rhoden Signed: 23:58, 13/03/2018
Melissa MasonSigned: 16:18, 13/03/2018
Roger ONeilSigned: 18:33, 12/03/2018
Jason NelsonSigned: 23:44, 10/03/2018
" "
Krista RolandSigned: 03:56, 10/03/2018
Michael IrwinSigned: 07:41, 08/03/2018
John AmrenSigned: 16:14, 07/03/2018
Abigail RytherSigned: 03:01, 07/03/2018
Aaron FrostSigned: 23:47, 06/03/2018
"I am one thinker of meat and mind, learning to tinker the conscience I find."
Miles KendziorskiSigned: 10:03, 05/03/2018
"Who knows how much scientific potential to better our world we have already lost because of all the life that we've lost to poverty"
Arron CraftSigned: 22:32, 04/03/2018
Arron CraftSigned: 18:31, 04/03/2018
M Marie McVeySigned: 17:13, 03/03/2018
"All we need is a database/server and an app for personal feedback as "currency" while we slip into this new reality, and it will be a seamless change from the monetary system we have right now, making it easier for people to understand and be at ease with. It might be a hard transition for some due to social programming...."
Gabriel FrithSigned: 07:47, 02/03/2018
Lori McAllisterSigned: 01:04, 01/03/2018
Rick HillSigned: 19:43, 28/02/2018
"I also support Global Country of World Peace."
Jamie EdwardsSigned: 16:21, 28/02/2018
"This is the world I have always wanted to live in. We can all have paradise on earth. Everthing on this planet started out free to everyone. To be able to help each other without a piece of paper (fiat money) controlling our every move. When you're able to truley help someone, not feeling like you are forced or that it's just your job. Mental illnesses would decrease because the society we live in causes a lot of them. It's not how life was ment to be. Crime rates would drop dramatically and nobody would starve to death. So many people believe in the monetary system because that's just how it's always been, but this planet could be so much better for all humanity!"
Heather WingfieldSigned: 14:27, 27/02/2018
Sree OgguSigned: 07:50, 27/02/2018
"You are on the dot with your observations and articulations of the same"
Trish Harris Signed: 14:45, 26/02/2018
Edgar MejiaSigned: 00:55, 26/02/2018
"I love what your website states and I am fully in to the change in how we all live . The time for change has comes."
EVA NOVARSigned: 18:43, 24/02/2018
"ALL for ONE and ONE for ALL! "

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