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Daniel SegarraSigned: 04:03, 07/11/2016
"We are not the owners of this world. Humans are temporary residents who will flourish if we develop a symbiotic relationship with the only home We have ever known. Simply put we need to be more mature than we were in kindergarten and stop making a mess of our home with our toys. Happiness cannot be achieved through collecting stuff."
Tony BeldinSigned: 15:18, 06/11/2016
"Additionally, I contend that we are all essentially just "Ghosts in meat suits cruising through the universe at about 22,000 mph". There is definitely a need for a polar shift to our current societal structure. Unfortunately, history shows that "revolution" precedes change and that typically means violence and bloodshed."
Anna CaudronSigned: 19:03, 05/11/2016
"I have been desperate to figure out a way to break free from this money-based lifestyle I was born into. I had a mid-life epiphany and realized after raising a family and working in the current system how very unhappy and unfulfilling my life was with regards to how I spent the majority of my time toiling for someone else to make money to give someone else in order to maintain my unhappy lifestyle. Almost everything I do is unnatural and for the purpose of obtaining more money. Very little of my time is even available for relationships, nature or improving my own well-being, etc. I do not subscribe to this way of life and am hopeful to find like-minded folks to join and rally on a new life journey without monetary value but real life value. Thank you!"
LaTisha DehartSigned: 21:37, 04/11/2016
Monika PompetzkiSigned: 14:57, 03/11/2016
"The heart always recognizes truth. Sincere thanks and appreciation for your leadership in this initiative. "
AMy Loescher Signed: 23:02, 30/10/2016
Anne Arto-KibbeSigned: 02:12, 30/10/2016
Emily HendersonSigned: 02:41, 29/10/2016
sami geberemeskeleSigned: 08:12, 23/10/2016
"i love this only if this could happen. there would be no such thing as poor. people wouldn't be jealous life would truly be beautiful. no pressure on what i have to do with my education, because i would be seeking knowledge not a piece of paper that lets me make money. "
Riselle BonnerSigned: 18:15, 22/10/2016
"Love the concept"
Miriam MartonSigned: 15:00, 22/10/2016
Ron HomSigned: 19:49, 20/10/2016
"What can we all do to make this happen besides the Venus Project? Are there local chapters to join whereby donations are made to purchase resources to build a self-sustaining community? For example, the construction of a vertical farm?"
Chris SittonSigned: 16:05, 20/10/2016
Matthew JamesSigned: 07:51, 20/10/2016
"I want a free better world.go to college focus on goals .Anything you need to survive or live life that's blessed. (no one word leadership what happened be trades that peace)"
Anthony M Dronchi JrSigned: 12:40, 19/10/2016
Reynaldo BallaSigned: 23:06, 18/10/2016
KAREN MOORESigned: 22:50, 14/10/2016
robert salinasSigned: 19:55, 14/10/2016
brittny durleySigned: 15:33, 14/10/2016
Ryan FooSigned: 02:16, 14/10/2016
Janet KingsleySigned: 22:12, 13/10/2016
CHELSEA WILLAIMSSigned: 16:29, 13/10/2016
Anna BushSigned: 16:02, 13/10/2016
"There needs to be changes promoted that are not ego-driven and that only serve one or a few. Money has been appointed worth and power and it drives a mentality that serves no one. Living from our hearts and the better good of all will indeed destroy the notion and need of currency and replace it with helping one for the sake of love and concern...instead of material gain. But our society has allowed money to dictate our social status, worth, and placement in life. Money has created judgment, superiority, poverty, and even more importantly, addictions. If we , as a global occupant would re-evaluate our relationship with money, we would see not only how it governs our everyday life, but also just how much it is not needed. We can slowly change the concept of money to where it is not needed at all; and replace it with something of greater worth...coexisting in love and not competitiveness or comparison! "
Stephen SilvaSigned: 02:20, 12/10/2016
"Every human has a right to all the land of Earth. Not one person is better or lesser than each other."
Gisela SpencerSigned: 18:33, 11/10/2016
PAMELA RICHARDSONSigned: 17:02, 11/10/2016
Freddy MoralesSigned: 10:41, 11/10/2016
Margaret ArnettSigned: 06:39, 11/10/2016
Philip KamradtSigned: 14:40, 10/10/2016
Susan VivyanSigned: 12:53, 10/10/2016
chance JenkinsSigned: 09:12, 10/10/2016
"Im a lightworker just doing work for the common good.lets move earth into 5th dimension."
Stan StanfieldSigned: 09:04, 10/10/2016
"Make crystal clear that the system is based on Love. Not Force. Service to Others. Not Service to Self. Power With. Not Power Over."
Susan CardSigned: 03:25, 10/10/2016
Susan RuizSigned: 02:35, 10/10/2016
Rhonda BerrySigned: 23:04, 09/10/2016
Brian McNaughtonSigned: 22:29, 09/10/2016
"I'm in full agreement with the principles stated, and urge passage of them asap."
Mary BerrySigned: 22:26, 09/10/2016
Ann MurphySigned: 21:52, 09/10/2016
Julio MorelSigned: 21:11, 09/10/2016
Bud JacksonSigned: 18:58, 09/10/2016
Amelia PerezSigned: 18:34, 09/10/2016
Lara NSigned: 18:17, 09/10/2016
""No matter where you go - there you are." - B. Banzai"
Thomas LegasSigned: 18:01, 09/10/2016
"Total agree, have read the book by Michael Tellinger on Ubuntu which is very informative and a fantastic method for moving forward. "
Cheri Schedlbauer Signed: 17:50, 09/10/2016
louis SmithSigned: 17:43, 09/10/2016
"Time to free the world❤️?."
Joseph Mathis SrSigned: 17:37, 09/10/2016
Sandra WolfgangSigned: 17:27, 09/10/2016
john daviesSigned: 17:00, 09/10/2016
Samme StarkSigned: 16:34, 09/10/2016
Curtis JensenSigned: 16:17, 09/10/2016

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