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Wenda FriesnerSigned: 15:24, 09/10/2016
Alice SmithSigned: 15:19, 09/10/2016
"We are all One in divine expression."
Loann BaySigned: 15:19, 09/10/2016
Lyra GapperSigned: 15:13, 09/10/2016
Justin NixonSigned: 13:54, 09/10/2016
"This needs to be shared on all social media outlets!"
April ScarlottSigned: 13:24, 09/10/2016
"I Am Ubuntu. We Are Ubuntu. Together We Are Unstoppable!"
Donna RempalaSigned: 12:20, 09/10/2016
Russell RobinsonSigned: 11:34, 09/10/2016
A ASigned: 20:18, 08/10/2016
"Account inactive."
Sebastian KutnikSigned: 18:09, 08/10/2016
"the thought of working 9 to 5 for money just doesn't sit right in my stomach. for a while i have said id rather do physical labor like farming and work for myself than for someone else to gain. the whole concept of money doesn't sit right with me i don't get why sometimes 10 is a lot and sometimes its tiny. this whole world of greed and fighting to be better off than someone else just makes me sick. i hope this works out and we can make our haven to live and progress mast this phase of our civilization."
Daniel JohnsonSigned: 08:51, 08/10/2016
"This would advance humanity as a whole further into the future than ever seen before. The potential is limitless."
Sue CarlsonSigned: 20:24, 07/10/2016
challis coulstonSigned: 16:18, 07/10/2016
Kathy SchottSigned: 12:58, 06/10/2016
Sarah TaubmanSigned: 01:36, 06/10/2016
Timothy BellSigned: 00:19, 06/10/2016
Orville CooperSigned: 20:36, 05/10/2016
Bradley JohnstonSigned: 11:28, 05/10/2016
"Hope this goes into action.. I would also be interested in joining a community like this some day :) "
Alp ErerenSigned: 05:58, 05/10/2016
Kelli HackettSigned: 00:43, 05/10/2016
Liz AlmazanSigned: 23:20, 03/10/2016
Evelyn JoyceSigned: 16:20, 03/10/2016
Grayson PeddieSigned: 21:01, 02/10/2016
"Although a money-free society may not happen overnight, I plan to get a job after I get certified in Desktop Support Technician (; yes, I am visually impaired), live in a monolithic dome ( sometime in the future, and go completely off-grid since the energy cost is lower. Plus, I plan to create abundance in my life by building a garden and grow food. When the transition does happen during my lifetime, I'll be all ready for it."
Briana FussellSigned: 19:32, 01/10/2016
Trevor AtkinsSigned: 02:27, 01/10/2016
Jay ThomasSigned: 22:20, 28/09/2016
Anthony BeckerSigned: 18:46, 28/09/2016
Dylan SchumacherSigned: 21:32, 27/09/2016
Donald WessonSigned: 21:30, 27/09/2016
"The global corporate oligarchy controlling the slavery monetary system is a complete farce, it needs to end and a multiplanetary species would have a much more holistic approach. Thank you! :)"
Davin DeBordSigned: 14:44, 27/09/2016
"This will bring abundance for all the children of mother Earth - it is time,..."
Shane JohnsonSigned: 20:39, 26/09/2016
""Competition is natural to the ignorant, cooperation is natural to the wise" Manly P Hall. Life is ubiquitous no matter how small or how vast the space in between. We are all inextricably connected in the web of life. The vibrations (love or fear) of our actions affect every living thing in some place, at some time, either physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Living for the future as apposed to fighting to the end can only be accomplished without competition. Money has become a tool of fear used by those who have it to decieve and manipulate those who dont creating the competition for it. Some interesting past on money; some 5,000 years ago the ancient Sumerians wrote on cuneiform "The orphan shall not fall prey to the wealthy, the widow shall not fall prey to the powerful, the man of one shekel shall not fall prey to a man of 60 shekels" and more interesting is the Mayan civilization, whom hold the record of now war for 500 years. They attribute this to having no monetary system. "
Marilyn CluteSigned: 15:11, 25/09/2016
Sarah GomesSigned: 15:03, 25/09/2016
Zach GastelumSigned: 22:03, 24/09/2016
Gerene SchendelSigned: 17:56, 24/09/2016
Kurt AndersonSigned: 18:37, 23/09/2016
"If there is anything I can do to make this transition happen, email me."
Robert CookSigned: 18:01, 23/09/2016
PAUL MENDOZASigned: 02:54, 22/09/2016
"The solution was given to humanity before the crucifixion. The interference then came from gangs, rebellious warriors and the established religious rich; only our technology has progressed."
Joel WestSigned: 21:52, 16/09/2016
Evan Tabbi Signed: 03:06, 16/09/2016
"Please take me out of this dreadful place we call society! "
Ken RankinSigned: 04:30, 15/09/2016
Scott BairdSigned: 14:07, 14/09/2016
John SheldonSigned: 00:17, 14/09/2016
"I have thought about something like this for a while. To me the largest obstacle is not a technical one - so I agree there - I believe it is the initiation into standard practice, and protecting its initial developments, that are the challenges that ultimately prove elusive enough to perpetuate the insanity within which we persist and suffer. It may begin with making money itself free, which would be seductive and appealing to most, until such time as people catch on that their greed instincts are pointless, after which money is abolished as a logical next step. Or a sharp and newsworthy increase in thriving donation-based companies who charge no standard price. Each an entre. I would be concerned most with individuals and groups wanting to corrupt a free-world movement or economy for their own ends. While I agree that once underway, a free-world economy would naturally discourage plunder and deceit, however it is the critical change-over period that is so extremely vulnerable. "
christine TaylorSigned: 22:15, 12/09/2016
Mary Ann Sullivan Signed: 22:18, 11/09/2016
Timothy SchramSigned: 16:02, 11/09/2016
William EddySigned: 13:06, 11/09/2016
Ryan BakerSigned: 05:11, 11/09/2016
Karen FischbachSigned: 05:56, 10/09/2016
Lana ManoSigned: 05:46, 10/09/2016

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