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Patricia JohnsonSigned: 17:13, 02/06/2017
"Love the vision of free mother earth.people caring for each other and planet earth."
melissa jenneweinSigned: 12:40, 28/05/2017
""It is when you leave all that is familiar and venture into the unfamiliar. This is when you find your truth""
Jamie FranksSigned: 17:19, 27/05/2017
Alfa DuarteSigned: 06:51, 27/05/2017
"Invest in yourself. Meditate, read, eat healthy,drink water, move your body, spend time in nature, rest, you are worthy. tinybuddha "
Ernest TogniettiSigned: 05:05, 26/05/2017
"Let's make the world great!"
Kyle Twitch BowlesSigned: 07:41, 23/05/2017
Joshua HaleSigned: 04:22, 23/05/2017
"Our goal is to regenerate community through skill building workshops, mutual aid groups, and local volunteer opportunities."
Tori HoffmannSigned: 04:17, 23/05/2017
"More and more people are taking action to live in harmony with the planet and free themselves from the money system. Permaculture is a beautiful expression of these values in the form of regenerative gardening/farming. My life is peaceful and joyful as I align my actions with my values."
Benjamin MillironSigned: 20:26, 20/05/2017
"Pay your debt, Sell your stuff, and contribute to change our world."
Aida SorensonSigned: 02:41, 14/05/2017
"I think that eventually we will. be able to produce our own natural resources through the zero-point field with an unlimited supply. We will then need to change some if these charter principles."
Jon-Luc McDonoughSigned: 03:54, 13/05/2017
"This concept deserves as much publicity as possible! If only people worldwide implemented these principles, we could create something close to a utopian Paradise!"
Tyekwon NealSigned: 18:39, 10/05/2017
"This is what the world needs. I can't live in a world like this anymore. So much injustice and inequality."
Maria HorvathSigned: 04:45, 08/05/2017
"My heart chooses what and my brain how."
George GuevaraSigned: 10:41, 05/05/2017
Matthew JonesSigned: 23:08, 04/05/2017
Alexandra GalloSigned: 03:31, 02/05/2017
Julia AndersonSigned: 02:31, 02/05/2017
Alina Petrik Signed: 01:58, 02/05/2017
Patrick SniffSigned: 22:39, 01/05/2017
Eugene MillerSigned: 22:28, 01/05/2017
Steel ThomasSigned: 22:20, 01/05/2017
"This has always been a thought of mine. It always seems when I bring this topic up people usually cant seem to live without government."
Saul ZimmermanSigned: 22:19, 01/05/2017
Nikki BrunoSigned: 22:09, 01/05/2017
Ben WolfleySigned: 22:07, 01/05/2017
Benedict DonofrioSigned: 21:40, 01/05/2017
Dakotah QuainterSigned: 21:18, 01/05/2017
Jeanmarie PolvinoSigned: 16:00, 01/05/2017
llll sssSigned: 16:22, 30/04/2017
Michael Smith Signed: 08:46, 30/04/2017
Olivia FranzenSigned: 08:18, 30/04/2017
Joseph GrimaldiSigned: 06:21, 30/04/2017
Brandon McNairSigned: 02:00, 30/04/2017
Nourish FreiSigned: 00:28, 30/04/2017
Amanda McNeilSigned: 20:16, 29/04/2017
EMILY OTSTOTTSigned: 17:49, 29/04/2017
Jimmy RobinsonSigned: 05:06, 29/04/2017
"I am as free as free can be, and hope to see the world right along with Me. :)"
Trevor MorseSigned: 15:44, 28/04/2017
"Hoping to meet like-minded individuals during my trips to new places."
Steven BaileySigned: 23:01, 25/04/2017
"Would like info on how to start a chapter in Daytona beach Fl. Usa."
Shannon Hopson Signed: 16:09, 25/04/2017
Darryle Lloyd Signed: 15:57, 24/04/2017
Joy SwineySigned: 06:11, 23/04/2017
Noah McKee Signed: 06:37, 22/04/2017
"I believe that we can achieve more on a free society as money is our only restraint of curing disease, creating a healthier world, ending the need for war. The coming of money brings a need for war and makes humans think and do things that they normally wouldn't really do if money didn't existed. If money didn't exist, do you think that America would poison their citizens with fluoride or put bromide in their medications, for what? The answer is money, a child could be so selfish. It wasn't till money was created, homeless people existed, crime flourished, madness broke. Madness is the outcome of money as fear is the left over aftermath. The note of a dollar makes people do things that are immoral and unacceptable as it puts the illusion of being is the meaning of life and that we need money to be successful. They would kill off this world, for what? They would kill off this world to make a fortune and rot inside of this world, for a couple billion dollars. We are one, and not two. "
Samuel ReppertSigned: 13:51, 18/04/2017
"Would this society initially be separate from other countries and nationalities, or would we try to change a government somehow? "
Hope Golden Signed: 00:32, 18/04/2017
Dennis McLaughlinSigned: 18:00, 17/04/2017
Shiny IndigoSigned: 16:09, 17/04/2017
"May we all be better able to understand our commonalities, and better able to celebrate our differences. May we pour out Love and Light to all, so that all may live in peace. May we all be surrounded and embraced by kindness, respect and love, and may we actively express that everyday to those around us."
Nancy SwansonSigned: 18:47, 16/04/2017
"Have been thinking for a while about my ideal world. The Free World Charter comes very close. We should NOT have to enslave ourselves to exist!!"
john morrisseySigned: 19:44, 15/04/2017
"We are all one love"
William Laughlin Signed: 19:21, 15/04/2017
"I've wondered, if the goal of the so called "elite"is to reduce population in such a significant and cruel way. Is there a list somewhere? If you believe your in that club, how can you be so sure?"
MARVIN HECKERTSigned: 13:44, 15/04/2017
"LOVE AND LIGHT TO ALL BEINGS !!! CoCreator at HT3 site located in Suwannee County Florida, USA"

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