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Jerry CooperSigned: 15:51, 19/12/2016
Raul GarciaSigned: 15:33, 19/12/2016
Erin Tarango Signed: 18:22, 17/12/2016
Sara RobertsSigned: 19:25, 16/12/2016
michael stanleySigned: 05:27, 16/12/2016
Skye RiosSigned: 00:07, 16/12/2016
Doug StarrattSigned: 20:38, 15/12/2016
Megan AbernathySigned: 16:22, 15/12/2016
Paul BrinegarSigned: 14:33, 14/12/2016
matthias josephSigned: 20:02, 13/12/2016
"Love shall be the currency."
Matthew MollenkopfSigned: 03:13, 12/12/2016
Heather McCary Jon Alexander Zaremba Signed: 06:33, 09/12/2016
"Freedom will be beautiful"
Jomarie PulidoSigned: 16:43, 08/12/2016
Linda dSigned: 02:41, 08/12/2016
Lisa BrennanSigned: 22:10, 05/12/2016
Samuel KarasicSigned: 01:25, 05/12/2016
Douglas FreemanSigned: 17:19, 04/12/2016
"A soulfelt YES to all aspects of the charter. I'm beyond pleased to align my energy and intent to this possibility becoming reality. And so it is."
Heather HebertSigned: 16:51, 04/12/2016
"Poverty=Slavery. Let's abolish it once and for all!"
Elizabeth WaddellSigned: 18:13, 03/12/2016
Matthew ElijahSigned: 12:30, 03/12/2016
"I like it! However it might be a bit too simplified. At the very least an explanatory piece should be added to exemplify how these principles would alltogether create the highest form of Civilization possible. Thanks and keep working to the most noble cause!"
Ursula Armstrong-NeisiusSigned: 22:19, 02/12/2016
"Could not agree with it more."
Rami DingdongSigned: 19:20, 02/12/2016
"Pretty sure this is anarchy-communism. But fine."
Amanda BrightonSigned: 17:40, 02/12/2016
Aslam AziziSigned: 00:46, 01/12/2016
"This is how we should live with peace and love "
Ross FischerSigned: 02:11, 27/11/2016
Lyle EhrkeSigned: 21:36, 24/11/2016
Dustin BrownSigned: 14:36, 24/11/2016
Paola PaniaguaSigned: 04:37, 23/11/2016
Maria VillaniSigned: 01:24, 23/11/2016
Arthur LinscottSigned: 22:20, 21/11/2016
Tanya MitchellSigned: 18:49, 21/11/2016
Cynthia CynfulSigned: 18:22, 21/11/2016
Howard SeachordSigned: 18:13, 21/11/2016
"Where is this place I want to go there today???? Seriously is this for real or am I being played for a fool? ?"
Tonya HowellSigned: 17:57, 21/11/2016
Lynda KierzkowskiSigned: 00:05, 21/11/2016
alisha ostranderSigned: 17:50, 20/11/2016
robert werkheiserSigned: 17:43, 20/11/2016
Gregory HallSigned: 10:36, 20/11/2016
"Every goal is attainable. We only need to change our minds."
Nathaniel PorterSigned: 20:54, 19/11/2016
Robert StevensSigned: 01:01, 19/11/2016
Ricky CopelandSigned: 21:07, 17/11/2016
"For the survival and prosperity of the Human Race, I give you my support. I have said many times that "The only way for the Human species to be free is to remove the shackles of Capitalism....." "
Bernadine KohrsSigned: 02:26, 17/11/2016
Jeri Khajeh-NooriSigned: 00:47, 17/11/2016
Izaiaz BarreraSigned: 17:23, 16/11/2016
Lisa HanselSigned: 21:21, 15/11/2016
Kim YepezSigned: 17:41, 15/11/2016
Cody Sessions Signed: 17:06, 15/11/2016
Timothy Orsak Signed: 01:26, 15/11/2016
"I believe that togather we can change the world for us and future generations. This seems like common sense to me. We are all on this togather and I sincerely hope people wake and see the lies that are being spoon fed to us. Peace, love, cooperation "
Jack SandsSigned: 09:23, 14/11/2016
"Finally! Let's make this happen. "
Aaron GreenspanSigned: 19:08, 07/11/2016
"I have been advocating for, speaking about and actively searching for exactly this organization. Thank you so much for your effort to compile the information, gather willing participants and begin this most noble task of transitioning to a free world! Love you all!!!"

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