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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Meagan TettletonSigned: 06:48, 13/04/2020
"I'm so grateful for the things I have and the words here are inspirational and give me hope for a positive future."
CAMIS MILAMSigned: 16:38, 08/04/2020
Eliza NappiSigned: 13:47, 08/04/2020
Jason PaleySigned: 01:38, 05/04/2020
Sean HagstromSigned: 22:36, 31/03/2020
Rebecca SaltmanSigned: 15:37, 28/03/2020
steve smithSigned: 00:15, 27/03/2020
"Yes, yes and yes!"
Stephanie SoressiSigned: 04:41, 26/03/2020
Linda Alexander Signed: 23:27, 23/03/2020
Corbin KeeganSigned: 21:46, 23/03/2020
"One free energy is hemp another is bitcoin for luxuries. transport Evacuated tube transport ET3 meritocracy for governance. love light and peace profound so mote it be ????"
Nikolav TorresSigned: 04:54, 23/03/2020
"We should all work meaningfully jobs that better ourselfs and society "
Maryssa FloresSigned: 20:38, 20/03/2020
Miranda ClendeningSigned: 16:34, 20/03/2020
Aliza AlbornozSigned: 18:29, 18/03/2020
"Wonderful, a Charter that upholds the sacredness of Life"
jane broomeSigned: 15:36, 17/03/2020
"A way of helping reach our potential..and we do have [potential"
yvonne kucherSigned: 12:52, 17/03/2020
Nai`a NEWLIGHTSigned: 09:01, 17/03/2020
Diane StarkSigned: 23:22, 16/03/2020
"A new mindset is emerging. This is it's instrument."
Joshua GeorgeSigned: 13:47, 16/03/2020
Josie FairSigned: 12:15, 16/03/2020
"It's so important that we live more simply. Co-exist more equally. And, stop supporting the Corporate Greed that drives our current World."
Wendy DeckerSigned: 11:15, 16/03/2020
I AM Shane LivickSigned: 04:08, 15/03/2020
"**"Logic as the vehicle of progress" sounds well & good, in theory. In practice, this is not always true. I agree to the terms with this disclaimer/ Declaration/ Warning: SHOULD my heart, mind, intuition & soul disagree with ANY actions set forth by any, OR all other signatories of this charter, We CAN and certainly WILL take actions that We KNOW to be in alignment with what is righteous. Unilaterally, if need be; FIRMLY and deftly, MOST definitely... No hesitation. My distrust of even "well meaning men", shall remain until I AM certain it's need & usefulness has expired. LOVE trumps logic ?Aloha Ke Akua? ~S.M.L March 14th, 2020"
Jonny LopezSigned: 23:16, 13/03/2020
Nick SauraSigned: 05:22, 11/03/2020
Jocelyn JonesSigned: 14:42, 01/03/2020
" "
Maricela MendozaSigned: 20:44, 28/02/2020
"be the solution that we are looking for"
Lor PierceSigned: 00:19, 24/02/2020
Eduardo RodriguesSigned: 22:26, 23/02/2020
Josiah HaltomSigned: 04:12, 22/02/2020
"May the true need for humankind to correct his egoistic nature be magnified. We need a new social contract, and the Free World Charter could be just that. We must, for the life of us, reform our costly systems of competition for profits into more free and cooperative systems of mutuality. Make it happen!"
Jordan MolotskySigned: 23:57, 19/02/2020
"Please let me know how I can start participating. Thanks!"
Lukas EllsessorSigned: 06:53, 16/02/2020
Todd AmbroseSigned: 12:06, 11/02/2020
Liliane BushmanSigned: 21:24, 03/02/2020
Kevin WhiteSigned: 21:45, 02/02/2020
Kira KemmerSigned: 04:18, 01/02/2020
"I am love, YOU are love, WE are love✨??‍♂️? blessings ? "
Chaim Luis Javier HernandezSigned: 19:49, 30/01/2020
Yvonne NgoySigned: 02:11, 28/01/2020
"I want to help. I want to learn. I believe in this future. "
Joshua EwenSigned: 23:53, 27/01/2020
"We are here. We are one. Let us save our world together. Love will over power greed!"
Kelly MacInnisSigned: 18:02, 27/01/2020
"Capitalism is killing us. We need some new tricks. "
Sally KyleSigned: 07:37, 27/01/2020
Jim TedderSigned: 01:51, 27/01/2020
"I desire personal freedom with my fellow humans and other species on this planet and commit to playing my part. "
Joan MaddenSigned: 19:39, 26/01/2020
Thom MaddenSigned: 19:23, 26/01/2020
Mary FinneganSigned: 18:52, 26/01/2020
"I have long advocated these values as the only sanity left to us in an insane society. "
Jane BryanSigned: 18:44, 26/01/2020
Darrell AndrewsSigned: 17:12, 26/01/2020
"The current System is broken and totally corrupted. Money is the primary method of control and enslavement to this System. It's time for the old System to end and a new way of life for Everyone to begin!"
Raymond BaranakSigned: 17:09, 26/01/2020
Darryl Kaplan Signed: 17:00, 26/01/2020
"Let's create the new, as we create from Love. "
Savannah HawkinsSigned: 16:37, 26/01/2020

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