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a ClarkSigned: 05:44, 03/05/2018
"www.TalkingTrees.Love "
Davetta HayesSigned: 21:34, 02/05/2018
Gabrielle SylvesterSigned: 13:48, 02/05/2018
"I want to make the world a free place, without money, and peaceful for all."
PATRICK HAMILTONSigned: 00:38, 02/05/2018
Gerard O ReillySigned: 22:23, 01/05/2018
Sandro VicenteSigned: 20:44, 01/05/2018
Robert KoelbelSigned: 20:23, 01/05/2018
Rose marie DuesterwaldSigned: 06:08, 01/05/2018
"At first glance,yes it seem utopian. However there maybe enough people who are ready for a world of sharing and mutual respect. "
Javier FatjóSigned: 21:09, 30/04/2018
Heather VicarsSigned: 18:19, 30/04/2018
"I love sharing my gifts and talents to build a better community."
Nuno TavaresSigned: 14:09, 30/04/2018
Agostinho TavaresSigned: 13:58, 30/04/2018
Wagner FerreiraSigned: 19:45, 29/04/2018
"Vamos trabalhar por um mundo melhor!"
Veronica MarrSigned: 16:56, 29/04/2018
Danijela PanjakSigned: 23:52, 28/04/2018
Karin Jörbrand Signed: 10:48, 28/04/2018
Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen ⓋSigned: 18:08, 27/04/2018
"Humans are animals; a primate mammal species. The word ‘animal’ relates to the Latin word ‘anima’ meaning ‘soul’. “The soul is the same in all living creatures although the body of each is different.” ~ Hippocrates Both human animals and non-human animals are people. All beings with the ability of population are people and peoples. But many dictionaries are wrong in not recognizing this, the language being manipulated by human supremacists. Therefore, I do not agree with how the terms “people, animals and plants” are used in this charter. Ravel Śāśwata Petershagen Ⓥ Graφical Devine & Vegan Embassy for Animal Rights and Justice (Dharma) by Earthlings and ET of cosmic cultures Ⓥ Stamus Contra Malo (Stand Against Evil) ? The meek shall inherit the Earth."
Nancy WorthingtonSigned: 17:24, 27/04/2018
Carol BuckoSigned: 09:15, 27/04/2018
"Finally found philosophy I agree with."
Leonel MoraesSigned: 02:59, 27/04/2018
Hailee HudsonSigned: 19:42, 26/04/2018
Eliott LavierSigned: 18:55, 26/04/2018
Braeden StevensSigned: 17:29, 26/04/2018
John JonesSigned: 02:24, 26/04/2018
"Capitalism, if it could ever be beneficial to all, would have to follow many of the rules above. Unconscious capitalism (today's reality) knows no compassion, and therefore cannot even understand these rules."
Ken BehrendtSigned: 13:29, 25/04/2018
Dragan Milojević Signed: 06:12, 25/04/2018
Frank BartelsSigned: 03:07, 25/04/2018
Taissa Felisberto Signed: 19:32, 24/04/2018
Veronica MichaelsenSigned: 16:14, 24/04/2018
Mike DeVriesSigned: 22:23, 23/04/2018
"These are the principles of the M&M Foundation. "
Luke HoggSigned: 19:37, 23/04/2018
Philipp MedertSigned: 21:35, 22/04/2018
Marek PalSigned: 19:56, 22/04/2018
Farhiya Dirir Signed: 13:20, 22/04/2018
"We can do this! Let our goodness have a voice. And love to everyone that signed this!"
Leon ArntsSigned: 12:35, 22/04/2018
John TaxSigned: 10:15, 22/04/2018
"Time to end the superstition that money has value. It is only our own labor producing goods and services that has value. The rest are just leaches!"
Goran SeletkovicSigned: 03:29, 22/04/2018
Vinicius Ramos de Oliveira ViniSigned: 21:19, 21/04/2018
"O mundo é bem mais do que o hiperbólico consumismo.Existe vida humana,aqui. Há diversidade natural que precisa ser preservada!"
Rowena BernardoSigned: 15:46, 21/04/2018
Alexandra BRENNERSigned: 18:03, 20/04/2018
Jeannine SchulzSigned: 17:57, 20/04/2018
Pedro MarquesSigned: 06:59, 20/04/2018
James BighamSigned: 05:44, 20/04/2018
Tiffany MorrisSigned: 01:26, 20/04/2018
Diana ArenaSigned: 20:35, 19/04/2018
Jani LampinenSigned: 19:14, 19/04/2018
"Kysyvä ei tieltä eksy."
Marcel PartapSigned: 13:35, 19/04/2018
"For a world in peace, prosperity, friendship and cooperation. We will make it happen! : )"
John JarvisSigned: 11:11, 19/04/2018
Shrinidhi basavarajSigned: 07:59, 18/04/2018
Karnika PopliSigned: 06:46, 18/04/2018

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