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Todd ThompsonSigned: 04:27, 04/06/2018
"The first obstacle to overcome is to believe it CAN be done!"
Christopher MosesSigned: 03:34, 04/06/2018
"Everything should be free and we should all be able to live forever I had a dream that everything was free and everyone was able to live forever someone made an invention that connected all the stars with metal and everyone had a free home in space "
gregory StewartSigned: 01:40, 04/06/2018
Anderson Alex Durante AndySigned: 16:28, 03/06/2018
Jordan Michel-MunizSigned: 04:15, 03/06/2018
"Um mundo comum, sem a ganância da propriedade ilimitada e desigual, é o caminho para a igualdade e liberdade de todas as pessoas, e para um futuro melhor e mais justo para todas as formas de vida."
sCoia ceworSigned: 11:40, 02/06/2018
Leah HendersonSigned: 01:27, 02/06/2018
"Looking forward to a better world!"
Ziad J.khanSigned: 20:47, 01/06/2018
Davy KingSigned: 19:41, 01/06/2018
Markus FrostSigned: 15:59, 01/06/2018
pat kattiSigned: 06:42, 01/06/2018
Shaun MacDougallSigned: 05:45, 01/06/2018
Sonia EonSigned: 19:52, 31/05/2018
"En accord avec de nombreux points. Je ne rejoins pas le point sur l'éducation. Je sens bien dans la charte l'idée de ne pas obliger les plus jeunes à... Ni même qui que ce soit. Cependant, je sens encore une attention porter sur eux de les amener à un objectif précis. Peu importe la nature de cet objectif.Pas besoin de vouloir les amener à apprendre telle ou telle valeur ou tel ou tel principe. Si ces belles choses sont présentes dans leur environnement il y a toutes les chances pour qu'elles soient apprises d'autant mieux si elles leur sont bénéfiques. Si nous incarnons ses valeurs pas d'inquiétudes à avoir. Si au contraire nous incarnons encore une posture éducative, celle-ci sera probablement apprise et entravera l'auto-nomie et favorisera l'hétéronomie comme elle le fait déjà à très grande échelle. Je propose un texte et un site pour celleux qui le souhaitent : et Au plaisir de"
Daniel LellSigned: 12:04, 31/05/2018
"Der nächste Schritt in unserer Evolution."
Roberto Gonzales del ValleSigned: 04:28, 31/05/2018
Douglas HarmonSigned: 04:09, 31/05/2018
paul freundshuberSigned: 13:50, 30/05/2018
Daniel JimenezSigned: 08:06, 30/05/2018
Jeff HylandSigned: 23:25, 29/05/2018
"Ethical earth loving organic whole-foods plant-based socialist vegan chef at Moon on the Water, Clee North Prom. love to cook fantastically tasty healthy food, dance like crazy and be social...:)"
Martin RaeburnSigned: 23:14, 29/05/2018
"The future of the world and humanity is built on compassion and love for one another and equality in all things "
Daniel KnitterSigned: 13:16, 29/05/2018
"Wystarczy ograniczyć się do zmiany siebie samego, aby szybko osiągnąć te cele!"
Frank WenninSigned: 22:21, 28/05/2018
"Agents of Change Unite"
Cleiton Peixoto Meireles Signed: 16:54, 28/05/2018
haku yukiSigned: 14:20, 27/05/2018
"post-scarcity, yes, gud"
Jim PekarekSigned: 10:26, 27/05/2018
"I'm a professional software developer, happy to help with anyone learning Android or iOS. I've been part of the Zeitgeist Movement since the very beginning, and strongly believe in moving toward a more equal, moneyless society."
Christian JadeSigned: 23:39, 26/05/2018
Nigel MatthewsSigned: 16:04, 26/05/2018
Kelly SmithSigned: 01:37, 26/05/2018
Karl GarySigned: 17:56, 25/05/2018
"You need to explain technology and automation better. You explain the why accurately, but HOW we can apply technology/automation to erase our problems is not strong enough. In marketing, we call this "painting a picture" and revolves around HOW things work. HOW and WHY must be equally balanced for an effective breakdown of a preconditioned mind. "
Scott UnderwoodSigned: 17:48, 25/05/2018
"It will be the most wonderful day when these principles are fully realized."
Jonathan SquireSigned: 16:42, 25/05/2018
"I'm in. Will we get here? We have to try."
Leroy DyerSigned: 16:01, 25/05/2018
"currently looking for a place to dwell in peace ; Farm/ Hunt ... Enjoy nature; Also would love to have a partner who likes the same "
Sandra Novotny Signed: 14:23, 25/05/2018
Lama GyatsoSigned: 13:28, 25/05/2018
"Thank you for your pragmatic approach to the teachings of the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project; truly it is mindfulness, insight and compassion in action... well done :-)"
Victor DavisSigned: 12:01, 25/05/2018
Pedro MalembeSigned: 11:30, 25/05/2018
Carmine TorchiaSigned: 10:28, 25/05/2018
Jason RiveraSigned: 08:57, 25/05/2018
Harmanpreet BrarSigned: 05:05, 25/05/2018
Roberto CatalánSigned: 01:47, 25/05/2018
Brendan BegleySigned: 22:09, 24/05/2018
David HaydonSigned: 22:03, 24/05/2018
"Came across the charter via zeitgeist. Keep up the good work."
carolina colosimoSigned: 21:25, 24/05/2018
LUIGI COLOSIMOSigned: 19:44, 24/05/2018
"Vorrei definire con attenzione la parola "progresso". In nome del "progressismo" sono stati commessi crimini contro la natura. Quindi sia ben inteso che il progresso che qui intendiamo è relativo per prima cosa ad progresso interiore all'interno di noi stessi, solo se questo si realizzerà potremmo poi tentare di estrapolarlo."
Paul JohnsonSigned: 17:50, 24/05/2018
Kilian GSigned: 14:42, 24/05/2018
William TaylorSigned: 13:07, 24/05/2018
Istvan PatakiSigned: 08:54, 24/05/2018
Irene WeingartnerSigned: 20:01, 22/05/2018
"Auf eine freie und geldlose Zukunft!"
Jared JamsSigned: 18:22, 22/05/2018

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