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Sherri EaglandPodepsáno: 09:34, 29/01/2015
Leanne allenPodepsáno: 09:25, 29/01/2015
Trystan FordPodepsáno: 12:14, 27/01/2015
"No more waiting for tomorrow"
Elaine KeithPodepsáno: 01:54, 27/01/2015
stuart hastePodepsáno: 23:55, 26/01/2015
"The current system of financial slavery and debt will collapse, like every other culture in history. We need a fair solution for everyone."
Andrew HalupkaPodepsáno: 19:33, 26/01/2015
"Let's replace capitalism with a free world "
Helen HriskinPodepsáno: 16:12, 25/01/2015
"Brilliant. I have much to offer my fellow humans and I am always seeking out like-minded souls. I have always believed that the Universe will support me when I come from my heart space and truly give and contribute to my fellow humankind. I find great joy and love in giving and I am learning how to receive. I would love to fly with your kind. Thank You!"
George RallisPodepsáno: 15:24, 25/01/2015
Gregory PowellPodepsáno: 01:16, 25/01/2015
Donna GreenPodepsáno: 00:43, 21/01/2015
Ian LawPodepsáno: 11:46, 17/01/2015
"Let's kick some asss and win the game of life."
nargiza sowmanPodepsáno: 13:59, 08/01/2015
Natalie MayPodepsáno: 16:47, 04/01/2015
Will StantonPodepsáno: 14:04, 01/01/2015
"I have a slight problem with the wording of #8 on the topic of progress. We have to be open to exploring the things mainstream science does not yet accept. ie. Zero point energy (Tesla's research). Cold fusion. Water-powered fuel cells. There is adequate evidence that these technologies have merit and have been intentionally suppressed. We need to stop putting science inside a box and start letting our investigative process extend beyond the realm of the seemingly possible. It is the only way we will make REAL progress and be able to explore the vast cosmos in all its beauty."
Gregory WilliamsPodepsáno: 08:02, 30/12/2014
Theo KatzourakisPodepsáno: 15:20, 29/12/2014
Gary JohnPodepsáno: 12:25, 29/12/2014
Kamy AlizadehPodepsáno: 12:19, 29/12/2014
Anthony CrossPodepsáno: 13:07, 28/12/2014
"Your principles have my support."
John MckenziePodepsáno: 01:29, 28/12/2014
Joshua KloogerPodepsáno: 00:26, 28/12/2014
Neil SavillePodepsáno: 13:30, 26/12/2014
"Thank you for your kind thoughts and consideration."
Nick BrekaloPodepsáno: 12:04, 23/12/2014
Hemi HillPodepsáno: 10:41, 23/12/2014
"I expected this because when Religion was out of balance, and perverse, Science came in at the extreme opposite and threw it all out. A Natural evolution followed, bringing the two into more mutual benefit. Now see the same for Commerce, which is out of balance with everything, and very perverse - it has forgotten hospitality, contribution, and become vain and destructive. The Free World Charter will magnetically attract those of us who can see how out of balance Commerce has become. Expect it to grow, and rapidly make room for improvements to commerce's despotism."
Brad GriffinPodepsáno: 08:36, 21/12/2014
Marcelle HuntPodepsáno: 05:06, 21/12/2014
"I am a scientist-mystic on a perpetual quest for knowledge and meaning. As the scientist, I research and experiment in the world for answers. As the mystic I am on a quest to explore spiritual sources of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. I contribute to the evolution of humanity by withdrawing from outer focus to discover all there is within. My wish is for everyone to know that they are magnificent human beings with more power, intelligence, depth, creativity imagination and spirit than they every dreamed of."
Jamie Titchen Podepsáno: 18:31, 20/12/2014
"wow, great idea Michael. Namaste ;-)"
Peter RabbaPodepsáno: 20:05, 19/12/2014
anna davidsPodepsáno: 12:13, 19/12/2014
Tania KlenePodepsáno: 04:55, 19/12/2014
Darren PfeifferPodepsáno: 02:12, 19/12/2014
Cleve HughesPodepsáno: 21:42, 18/12/2014
Cathy ZervosPodepsáno: 06:22, 18/12/2014
"This needs to happen sooner rather than later for the sake of mother earth."
Emmanuel LetellierPodepsáno: 02:51, 18/12/2014
sandra disleyPodepsáno: 00:29, 18/12/2014
Stuart GadennePodepsáno: 09:06, 11/12/2014
Brennan ScottPodepsáno: 07:40, 02/12/2014
Kevin MiddletonPodepsáno: 14:16, 01/12/2014
Debbie NorthoverPodepsáno: 23:38, 30/11/2014
Frances SeychellesPodepsáno: 19:28, 30/11/2014
"I have been thinking about a world with no money for a long time. Money is so evil. We don't need it. We don't spend enough time with our families. The press always advertise to make us think that we need to buy stuff. Its a viscous greedy circle and IM OVER IT!!! I wish the world could see what a world without would be like. Giving away with out any thought behind getting paid for it. No need for money i would LOVE to push this. Im actually starting to put together a movie about a world without money. Just to put it out there and start the thinking process off. This world has to change for the better. Because the way its going atm is heading towards a huge disaster for man kind. Good luck and thank you. I only wish i could have see this earlier. "
Michael harryPodepsáno: 06:46, 30/11/2014
"Decriminalise all Medicinal Herbs"
Fi JolliPodepsáno: 17:27, 29/11/2014
"I am not sure how you will convice the elite of this without a revolution but it would seem a more balanced ideology with a sustainable future."
Sevastiyan KostovPodepsáno: 14:56, 29/11/2014
Al CrombiePodepsáno: 09:19, 28/11/2014
Susie LondonPodepsáno: 00:48, 28/11/2014
Francia RobinsonPodepsáno: 11:08, 27/11/2014
Glenn BergerPodepsáno: 07:18, 27/11/2014
"Lets get his ball rolling!!"
Els ScroopPodepsáno: 03:17, 27/11/2014
"We have been enslaved far to long,everything we do costs money,there should be no need for any one to suffer,eg hunger,homeless,sickness,etc, there is enough on this planet for ALL human beings,there is and has been a great deal of mis management by governments and most in power,we need to see a light at the end of the tunnel"
Eric EralpPodepsáno: 01:23, 27/11/2014
Denise SullivanPodepsáno: 23:58, 26/11/2014

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