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"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

Gai WaterlowPodepsáno: 01:51, 11/07/2013
"Thank you. For taking the time to create such a wholesome idea for moving into our evolution as an intelligent, compassionate and humble civilisation. I'm on board. I hope that at 53yo i may see some of this change before i leave this amazing planet Mother Earth. I've always cherished animals, trees, rocks, insects, and the unseen and always will because it all cares for me beautifully. i suffer from chronic pain 24/7 and i choose to live within my means instead of swallowing chemicals and mother nature is the most healing of energies for me. just a few hours walking and breathing in the cleanest freshest air here in cape jervis lightens my body and eases my pain incredibly. why wouldn't i support her? The time is now. The power is us. all we have to do is band together stop using money to pay bills and begin doing it differently. the banks wont last very long neither would the ruling governments. so exciting! lets go!"

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