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"Učiňme vše bezplatným a svobodným"

Damon FisherPodepsáno: 12:38, 12/09/2011
"Hi Guys , I like the ider ,I like it all , but we need to scientific show that this can work , buy method of applercashion, when we can do that , then we may have a chance, what i mean is we could try putting a number of poeple in a community in environment were they use money , and have them doing jobs they do not want to do , becouse that is the real world today ,there are alot of poeple doing jobs they do not want to do , then take the money away and see what happens , i have seen some things like this being tryed , but it needs to big done on a larg scale, say for instents , a small town , and have anther town near buy so that if things get out of controll ,we can step in and resolve it , and if that worked , then this could be inplermented town buy town and tell we are all working with out money, and that would also show people, the jobs nobody wants to do, and then we could work out how to automate it. "

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