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Nikolas ConleyFirmato: 13:49, 25/05/2016
Catherine Heckford-DickinsonFirmato: 13:09, 25/05/2016
"I fear that at the present time, the only thing standing between humanity, our non human brethren, and a free world is greed."
William ReidFirmato: 09:35, 25/05/2016
Abigail ReevesFirmato: 19:50, 24/05/2016
Dylan MattenFirmato: 19:47, 24/05/2016
Francis JonesFirmato: 22:49, 22/05/2016
Isabella StokoeFirmato: 09:45, 21/05/2016
"I very much support this but I would like more information on solutions. "
sky dillonFirmato: 12:30, 20/05/2016
Amanda BondFirmato: 08:56, 20/05/2016
Alison forbesFirmato: 23:22, 18/05/2016
"Who made it and decided upon these principles? I would be interested to know and how it would work without some hierarchy...?"
Danielle QuistFirmato: 14:34, 18/05/2016
Lucy ThomasFirmato: 12:46, 18/05/2016
"Reading and agreeing to this free world charter, I got a strong scent of the new paradigm we are co-creating, in it I see us all in Love with each other and our planet home. It feels more like a remembering of an ancient and siple knowing that all is given."
Kyle BoydFirmato: 12:25, 18/05/2016
Natasha StauntonFirmato: 11:37, 18/05/2016
Hannah ShawFirmato: 21:42, 17/05/2016
tammy wardFirmato: 21:34, 17/05/2016
Greg GaskinFirmato: 08:12, 17/05/2016
Emma ArnettFirmato: 10:43, 14/05/2016
Wayne ArnettFirmato: 10:36, 14/05/2016
"Because it is the right way forwards for living species and biosphere. "
Anna CalvertFirmato: 22:51, 13/05/2016
Barbara WestmoreFirmato: 20:16, 13/05/2016
A. M.Firmato: 19:27, 13/05/2016
Agata MichalskaFirmato: 18:31, 13/05/2016
Mary HelsbyFirmato: 15:04, 12/05/2016
Mark BraithwaitFirmato: 22:10, 11/05/2016
"If we all worked for free there would be more productivity, more care and more free time to spend with the one you care about."
Elwyn LearFirmato: 23:28, 09/05/2016
"Greatness is oneness"
Jodian RodgersFirmato: 23:01, 09/05/2016
Dan SpoonerFirmato: 10:00, 09/05/2016
Shirley KnightFirmato: 13:57, 05/05/2016
Vilma GulbinaiteFirmato: 13:41, 04/05/2016
"A Contributionism Model is fantastic. Unity of everything and everyone. "
Stephen ShipleyFirmato: 07:47, 03/05/2016
Mark Adair Firmato: 19:10, 02/05/2016
Maxwell Kimberley-ThompsonFirmato: 17:01, 02/05/2016
Asha GuptaFirmato: 15:54, 02/05/2016
LJ EbdenFirmato: 08:29, 02/05/2016
"What is Life if it cannot be lived in Peace and Harmony? What is Life if we cannot Love or show Love to all? What is Life if we destroy other Lives for our own Greed? What can be done to Change all our Lives for the better? The Free World Charter could and can change Lives. The Free World Charter is a Better way Forward. The Free World Charter is the Only way Forward. The Free World Charter means Hope for All. "
Pauline LyonFirmato: 08:33, 01/05/2016
"We only have one world, lets look after it and it's citizens."
Magdalena PakulaFirmato: 18:42, 29/04/2016
Charles DanielFirmato: 11:44, 29/04/2016
Christopher PhillipsFirmato: 08:04, 28/04/2016
Zion SkyFirmato: 16:20, 26/04/2016
"I would like to help with this in any way I can. Also combine forces with other groups which hold the same goal and principles. "
Kiely RussellFirmato: 15:19, 24/04/2016
Rosanna Stubbs Firmato: 09:08, 24/04/2016
Martins MiezisFirmato: 12:51, 23/04/2016
Dean RoseFirmato: 15:04, 22/04/2016
"The world should be one great commune where everybody helps each other, every benefits and everyone strives. Not to be confused with the idea of communism."
Graham FletcherFirmato: 23:24, 21/04/2016
Kevin HolmesFirmato: 16:45, 21/04/2016
Des WilsonFirmato: 16:16, 20/04/2016
Carolyn DoranFirmato: 12:56, 17/04/2016
Monique Klang-VovesFirmato: 09:18, 17/04/2016
"About time to raise the consciousness and a new beginning "
dean SmithFirmato: 17:44, 12/04/2016
"Utopia and freedom which is a reality in our time "

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