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"We are in the midst of the next big system evolution, towards a resource based economy. We are seeing the first steps, with global communication connecting everyone together, allowing collaboration on a never before seen scale. It is imperative we work together to not allow entrenched powers to hold back progress for profit. And it all starts with awareness and knowledge. " - Jonathan Quattrin6 hours ago
Amanda Vivan Amanda19 hours ago
עוז שטיינמץ2 days ago
Maria Vieira3 days ago
Tâmara Kamile Paiva de Oliveira Alcantara Tâmara3 days ago
"__A NEW SOCIAL CONTRACT__ "While rearing and homeschooling our children, our family serves in devotion to herald and help to usher-in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. A growing awakening into awareness about bigger, higher, and more awesome possibilities for all humankind and the planet shall remain our primary focus." "We use and share applications, modes and methods of greater organization for engaging in collaborative consumption and free-sharing done from within an alternative, open-access, resource-based-economic structure centered around volunteerism, cooperation, and social cohesion." "To those who may be ready to exit the competition-for-profits matrix of deception, domination, artificial scarcity, and malevolent control, we happily welcome to the future with a new and improved social contract together with the means for active participation in various kinds of social-innovation and altruistic connectivity. Our image should be a symbol for excellence and interdepende" - Haltom Family Ministries and Consultants4 days ago
Ravinder Bhatti5 days ago
Guilherme Máximo Xavier6 days ago
Patrick Siegl 6 days ago
Roger Barbosa Rô6 days ago
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Paweł JagackiFirmato: 00:17, 28/06/2019
Paul CooperFirmato: 09:42, 27/06/2019
""There is more than enough for everyone's need but not enough for everyone's greed!" ~ Mahatma Gandhi."
Sarrie McKennzie Firmato: 10:51, 20/06/2019
"Living life to the fullest dudes."
Hollie SharplingFirmato: 13:23, 12/06/2019
Yukari MomotaFirmato: 01:44, 11/06/2019
Andy KirkhamFirmato: 15:42, 31/05/2019
Jane LloydFirmato: 09:05, 28/05/2019
"This is the way forward."
tom nyeFirmato: 09:02, 28/05/2019
Parmjit Nahil Firmato: 09:02, 07/05/2019
"Modern Day Anarchist; Explorer of inner and outer worlds; Dancer in the Game of Life"
sarah gilkinsonFirmato: 19:58, 28/04/2019
"Sunshine smiles and forever laughter "
Naraya NaserianFirmato: 17:14, 24/04/2019
Thomas CarterFirmato: 00:40, 24/04/2019
"Looking forward to where we can take humanity, perhaps not everyone will be demoralised by jobs that they hate as they can live their dreams and live in a dreamworld of our own design. Though we must not expect anything from a gift especially life."
Sarah Pritchard Firmato: 09:40, 20/04/2019
Deborah ShortFirmato: 18:18, 19/04/2019
Andre FaganFirmato: 15:37, 16/04/2019
Michelle DavisFirmato: 12:22, 14/04/2019
"I believe in a resource based economy."
Nicola RuaneFirmato: 13:19, 10/04/2019
D YoungFirmato: 19:24, 07/04/2019
Mervyn HartwigFirmato: 14:14, 07/04/2019
Julian DouglasFirmato: 20:44, 31/03/2019
Ayesha Robinson Firmato: 15:33, 31/03/2019
Rachael WarneFirmato: 11:12, 25/03/2019
Rinaldas MitkusFirmato: 14:01, 19/03/2019
"I want better world for my daughter"
vincent marattyFirmato: 18:04, 18/03/2019
"This is the only way to end capitalism"
Ian HartleyFirmato: 10:12, 18/03/2019
Jan PonsfordFirmato: 09:55, 18/03/2019
Terry PackFirmato: 09:29, 18/03/2019
Pete WhitehurstFirmato: 21:01, 17/03/2019
"I was literally talking about the worlds money problems a few hours ago and it gave me inspiration to write my thoughts and try to come up with some solutions The phone was obviously listening and a link to this appeared in my newsfeed, the first time this capability has ever proven useful! And the charter covers all of areas and more that were discussed. It’s good to know there are already people working to make this a reality although I fear the major stake holders involved and benefitting from the monetary system will not let it go without a brutal fight"
Glenn StanleyFirmato: 08:34, 13/03/2019
"Is this being trialled anywhere in the world at the moment? UBI is another idea being proposed in Norway. A basic income wether you work or not no strings attached but I believe it should be attached to good social behaviour. I would love it if we woke up and thought, great im going out to help someone today without the pressing thought of needing to get paid for it.I agree with the concept completely but we need a volunteer small country to take this idea and trial it for the rest of the world to see how it develops. Love peace and kindness towards each other Amen "
Jon Goward Firmato: 00:07, 04/03/2019
Nigel FilerFirmato: 15:16, 02/03/2019
meg watsonFirmato: 19:26, 24/02/2019
Stuart Stevens Firmato: 09:27, 23/02/2019
David GourlayFirmato: 13:55, 22/02/2019
colin preeceFirmato: 22:04, 20/02/2019
"I have been talking to my friends about the resource based economy for 8 years. This is the 1st time I have heard of the free world charter."
Charles OtusajoFirmato: 15:59, 19/02/2019
ryzard loloFirmato: 19:22, 16/02/2019
"I wish the world could be free with out any consequences"
Kelly PopeFirmato: 19:33, 10/02/2019
Casey Johnson Firmato: 20:09, 08/02/2019
"Need help in business marketing I am here :) +Anything UBUNTU let me know "
Keith Heaven Firmato: 19:40, 06/02/2019
Laura RichardsonFirmato: 19:21, 06/02/2019
Giuseppe CappelliFirmato: 23:50, 05/02/2019
"Great idea! Thank you"
Antony McGrathFirmato: 19:04, 29/01/2019
"I want what's possible, not what's affordable. Today's era is modern day slavery."
Jonathan DaviesFirmato: 20:36, 26/01/2019
Solal AnkaouaFirmato: 15:20, 16/01/2019
oldogg flavaFirmato: 15:53, 08/01/2019
andy shadeFirmato: 17:11, 07/01/2019
Elaine ShadeFirmato: 17:00, 07/01/2019
"No comments apart from, it cannot happen soon enough. The Earth needs saving and mankind needs to stop 'playing God', and go back to being natural beings. "
Nigel BurkittFirmato: 13:10, 05/01/2019
Michal RozowFirmato: 14:06, 04/01/2019

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