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Danielle BentleyFirmato: 09:12, 25/11/2017
Alero AgindotanFirmato: 11:55, 24/11/2017
"I agree with the charter. All positive achievable methods must be explored to bring about lasting well-being and evolution of all species. Roll on the day we create a world where all are free!"
Hazelle Campbell Firmato: 16:52, 23/11/2017
Špela OberstarFirmato: 16:41, 22/11/2017
Frederic ComFirmato: 07:57, 22/11/2017
John MarsdenFirmato: 20:51, 15/11/2017
cynthia garbuttFirmato: 12:14, 09/11/2017
"Born in New Orleans, Louisiana USA. I'm currently located in NW London. My parents were mestizo/parda, from British Honduras and the Republic of Honduras in Central America. They moved to the US before my brothers and I were born. My parents were children during the Great Depression (that negatively impacted the world's economy, but not the holdings of those who caused it) From them I was taught to do my best, in whatever - nothing half ass.  Writing and telling stories for entertainment, with an underlying narrative based on values to build perception, compassion and enlightenment for a better global community. We currently live in a system of imbalance, polarity and duplicity. Where acceptance and conformity are key to a banal existence in this paradigm, radical action is key to our transcendence back to our "true" selves.  I earned a degree in applied science and worked in commercial and residential interior design, for many years with mostly architectural studios."
Shaan LalvaniFirmato: 17:11, 07/11/2017
"You realise this is communism, right?"
ANNE CAMERONFirmato: 16:18, 06/11/2017
Alex BorowskiFirmato: 15:57, 06/11/2017
Adam JonesFirmato: 12:52, 02/11/2017
"We have the technology and resources to provide for every human need and desire, yet our current socioeconomic paradigm prevents us from doing this. Transitioning into a society and economy that is efficient, sustainable both ecologically and socially, and beneficial to public health is imperative for human progress."
Amelia MercerFirmato: 11:45, 02/11/2017
Fiona KirkwoodFirmato: 23:35, 31/10/2017
Ella GaleFirmato: 19:46, 31/10/2017
John MarshallFirmato: 11:03, 31/10/2017
Henry PeacockFirmato: 11:58, 30/10/2017
Stacey DarrellFirmato: 09:10, 30/10/2017
"Thank You for the work you have put in to create this. blessings on you all.xx"
Toby WilsonFirmato: 15:30, 27/10/2017
raymond cheungFirmato: 01:41, 27/10/2017
Ken PetersenFirmato: 14:25, 26/10/2017
Julie ShortFirmato: 00:31, 26/10/2017
Patricia PenningtonFirmato: 23:47, 25/10/2017
"Love will make the World go round"
Nile NugnezFirmato: 21:52, 25/10/2017
Taniya McIverFirmato: 20:40, 25/10/2017
cyd parkFirmato: 19:46, 25/10/2017
Genevieve FlightFirmato: 00:08, 23/10/2017
"Genevieve Flight is the Priestess of Lunar Logos & Ancient Healing Initiator @ Shambhallah Healing Center.. "
Susan CunninghamFirmato: 00:03, 20/10/2017
Laurence SlavinFirmato: 13:54, 18/10/2017
Lynda MurrayFirmato: 14:49, 07/10/2017
Nicola WallaceFirmato: 15:35, 05/10/2017
Josh EasthamFirmato: 14:00, 25/09/2017
Gary ScottFirmato: 14:38, 21/09/2017
Jane RichardsFirmato: 17:47, 20/09/2017
Phoebe ShoreFirmato: 07:53, 20/09/2017
Michael GunnFirmato: 16:37, 19/09/2017
Mark JonesFirmato: 18:05, 18/09/2017
Naomi MurphyFirmato: 20:19, 15/09/2017
"Beautifully optimistic "
Andrew RoninsonFirmato: 15:35, 14/09/2017
"This is the future"
Nick SellenFirmato: 12:42, 14/09/2017
Rebecca GibsonFirmato: 01:55, 09/09/2017
Steven HarryFirmato: 20:12, 06/09/2017
James GundryFirmato: 12:47, 31/08/2017
"Imagine you've gone for a stroll in vest and shorts. The weather becomes blistering hot as the day goes on. You have no cash nor card on you for a cold drink, so you wait until you get home all hot, bothered, dehydrated and exhausted. Now imagine the same stroll where the weather gets really hot really quick. You walk into a supplier (not a store) and greet the grab a cold water from the shelf and consume it. You say goodbye to the shelf-stacker and continue on with your day. Just a silly example...but is it really that silly to imagine a circumstance like this? #FreeWorld "
Kate TalbotFirmato: 18:23, 30/08/2017
Joanna GodolphinFirmato: 15:01, 30/08/2017
Angela DunningFirmato: 20:28, 28/08/2017
gary cheshireFirmato: 17:07, 27/08/2017
"If not you then who"
Heather HattersleyFirmato: 21:09, 26/08/2017
Genevieve AsseoFirmato: 18:41, 20/08/2017
Shelley LondonFirmato: 20:26, 15/08/2017
Lesley BurdettFirmato: 21:11, 14/08/2017
"Little steps #beleive "

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