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Colette ShawFirmato: 13:51, 18/09/2015
" This looks like a creative and strongly ethical; format to be carried through with firm and ethical solutions, with the public being incorruptible: "The Untouchables". There never should have been justifications for wars, torturing humans and animals. Nothing justifies suffering. A thriving global community should be encouraged, with a strong infra structure for trading: a peoples bank with a new currency, a world wide swap shop, communities that encourage sustainable forms of living, new forms of energy etc ! Then finally stop voting for people whom are egotistically self centred , narcissistic power and status loving egos, destructive and cruel, malignant to social coherence and balance. They have an obsession with superiority and control, and are developmentally retarded. The mature person aims for social coherence , through positive creative demonstrative acts. Not bullying and control, and using fear based tatics: traumatising collective sense of wellbeing and health."
Jane RobertsonFirmato: 07:55, 18/09/2015
Judy CarrollFirmato: 04:00, 18/09/2015
"Stop the greed and pointless destruction in the name of what? MONEY DOES NOT FEED NOR LOOK AFTER THE PLANET! WAKE UP!! "
Jack littlefairFirmato: 12:24, 17/09/2015
John HaskellFirmato: 10:36, 17/09/2015
Rebecca WhiteFirmato: 22:01, 16/09/2015
Lennie BlakeFirmato: 08:25, 13/09/2015
"It's such a relief when I hear others speak the way I do! What a whole different fulfilling life it will be when this comes to pass. What a liberation! "
Hilary Land LemanFirmato: 18:22, 12/09/2015
Gary FergusonFirmato: 09:12, 12/09/2015
Ro GoodwinFirmato: 23:44, 10/09/2015
Iain SimeFirmato: 13:07, 06/09/2015
"To change the world we all need to take actso."
Aleksndar ManojlovicFirmato: 18:35, 05/09/2015
"Simple, applicable, beautiful and logical. Unlike our current system! NWO = NEUROTIC WORTHLESS OPRESSORS.... please lets pass this on as the new catchphrase, you heard it here 1st."
Dale LilburnFirmato: 00:00, 04/09/2015
paul barnardFirmato: 19:10, 03/09/2015
"I believe that everything is free. Money is used to have power over others. If it stopped now, everything important would still be here, intact. We must evolve past these games. This charter is simple and honest, humane. Whether the end of money forces us to evolve, or we decide to walk away, humanity will awake. Either way. I hope more us can respect ourselves and our place in the universe, as I know freedom from the money numbers power game is not only possible, it is true personal power. We are equal and perfect. We don't need posessions and ownership to prove our worth. With respect."
仁恬 謝Firmato: 21:11, 01/09/2015
David ClaphamFirmato: 09:03, 01/09/2015
shaun mckellarFirmato: 18:28, 31/08/2015
Gavin BainFirmato: 05:08, 27/08/2015
bernie mccabeFirmato: 12:36, 26/08/2015
Ossie StewartFirmato: 12:09, 22/08/2015
Lucy MarstonFirmato: 20:47, 21/08/2015
"I hope one day, I don't need to give money to anyone. Especially my fellow man."
Neil HamiltonFirmato: 22:17, 20/08/2015
Zinzi GrahamFirmato: 10:34, 19/08/2015
Stuart BrughtFirmato: 14:12, 17/08/2015
Marie BrightFirmato: 13:50, 17/08/2015
"I so want this for our world. Please! We must get out from under the thumb of the greedy at the top who insist on owning us and making us their slaves. Life cannot go on with them and their corrupt ways."
Sarah MaddenFirmato: 13:28, 17/08/2015
Sean McfaulFirmato: 19:51, 16/08/2015
Eleni RotisFirmato: 18:51, 16/08/2015
Carly BowersFirmato: 00:02, 15/08/2015
"Let's just all get along and help each other. "
Brandon HardingFirmato: 22:35, 14/08/2015
"Money is the route of all evil in our world, and I believe it is holding back the limits of humanity, its strange how human it is to be unable to imagine a world without money"
mark jonesFirmato: 16:01, 14/08/2015
Liam GreenhowFirmato: 14:22, 13/08/2015
Alex BullFirmato: 18:47, 11/08/2015
Ike AmanFirmato: 07:59, 09/08/2015
Mik FieldingFirmato: 18:56, 03/08/2015
"I have a strong background in both sound engineering and electronics/electrics. As well as running many live shows, I pioneered renewable energy concert stages and dance venues throughout the '90's and early naughties. I have lived at times using wind and solar power along with unique pedal powered generators which used to run my outdoor shows. Unfortunately these days I am disabled and live in a flat, but now produce and make my own music and still tinker with various electronic and mechanical things."
Daniel DalyFirmato: 18:44, 30/07/2015
dana toobyFirmato: 17:43, 30/07/2015
katja rohmannFirmato: 17:03, 28/07/2015
"this is wonderful . I really want a world like this. my daughter told me that she wishes for a world like this when she was 7... now 4 years later discovered this. "
Jack GreenhalghFirmato: 11:16, 27/07/2015
"I think everyone would agree really"
Sue NoyleFirmato: 01:37, 26/07/2015
Sarah CodringtonFirmato: 23:30, 25/07/2015
Anthony BloxhamFirmato: 18:00, 25/07/2015
Mun AlanFirmato: 23:07, 24/07/2015
Oliver ThomasFirmato: 08:07, 22/07/2015
Gregory stantonFirmato: 22:53, 21/07/2015
wendy BrockmannFirmato: 21:55, 19/07/2015
angela clayFirmato: 09:00, 18/07/2015
"This is the only way forward if we don't want to end up destroying ourselves and this beautiful planet."
Jack PicklesFirmato: 23:31, 15/07/2015
Sue de LacyFirmato: 11:28, 15/07/2015
Joanne WhytonFirmato: 16:42, 12/07/2015

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