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Claire TillFirmato: 22:08, 04/07/2015
"Positive and thought provoking, well done guys. You will hear from me again, would love to have this on my website when it's ready. I am embarking on a journey that aims to build our communities back up and restore some positive energy in society. It's now or never ❤️"
Herbert LeonelliFirmato: 12:51, 04/07/2015
"let's hope to make it before it's too late for our children"
Philip TennysonFirmato: 19:25, 01/07/2015
"Capitalism finds it principles upon infinite growth with no care given. this is neither sustainable or fair and needs to change. "
Lucyna AnnaFirmato: 15:59, 01/07/2015
Andrew WebbFirmato: 14:14, 27/06/2015
zoe boothFirmato: 00:03, 27/06/2015
Dominic BarnesFirmato: 21:34, 26/06/2015
Adam WraggFirmato: 14:39, 26/06/2015
Nigel BurkittFirmato: 09:36, 22/06/2015
Antonious Hopkins Firmato: 08:18, 22/06/2015
"hope this goes viral "
Tony JohnsonFirmato: 14:44, 20/06/2015
Jane CliffordFirmato: 18:38, 18/06/2015
"Technology has existed for years that wd supply us all with free clean energy. New technologies for de salination of the ocean wd solve water problems. We need illuminati trials & to be freed from the military industrial complex & pharmaceutical industries shd also be brought to account along with so many fascist corporations"
Helen TaylorFirmato: 13:41, 18/06/2015
"I am so glad I have found you"
Noriko HamiltonFirmato: 22:42, 17/06/2015
"Thinking long-term is what will benefit us all."
Jackie MenonFirmato: 18:41, 16/06/2015
Elliot SmalesFirmato: 13:15, 16/06/2015
Eddie GalvinFirmato: 12:58, 16/06/2015
Eleanor BuffamFirmato: 10:52, 16/06/2015
TONY johnsonFirmato: 02:50, 16/06/2015
"i agre whole heartedlyin this"
Amanda PrestonFirmato: 01:32, 16/06/2015
"Agree 100 %. This is common decency, not rocket science. "
John FarrarFirmato: 23:57, 15/06/2015
Paul BurtonFirmato: 23:14, 15/06/2015
Dale ClarkFirmato: 17:07, 15/06/2015
Chris Somerville Firmato: 16:50, 15/06/2015
Andy BruceFirmato: 02:01, 15/06/2015
"Society is on the edge of a precipice, it is imperative that it pauses, restructures and re-evaluates its priorities if it is to survive."
Magnus HuckvaleFirmato: 00:53, 15/06/2015
"You need to change the logo for number 9 - perhaps to a hospital bed? The idea that someone in a wheelchair can't contribute is terribly offensive."
j wFirmato: 00:30, 15/06/2015
Julie YoungFirmato: 13:04, 14/06/2015
Susan Cottingham Firmato: 23:12, 11/06/2015
Terry CooperFirmato: 18:31, 11/06/2015
"I agree with all this in principle but still have a feeling that what you're proposing has a big hole in it. What about the jobs that can't be done by machine? Why should anyone do them if there's no reward for doing so?"
Elisabeth TønsbergFirmato: 16:03, 11/06/2015
judith gidwellFirmato: 13:49, 11/06/2015
Craig CrowderFirmato: 13:41, 11/06/2015
"This is the end game. My driving force. My reason to live. "
J.Caleb DayFirmato: 11:22, 11/06/2015
"This is everything I've always believed in but never been able to put into words."
Matthew HawkinsFirmato: 08:40, 05/06/2015
Daniel HuntFirmato: 11:06, 04/06/2015
Max RobinsonFirmato: 09:15, 04/06/2015
"It is imperative we work together, breakdown nationalistic tendencies and find a way to improve our way of life in the most sustainable, environmental and innovative way. "
Neil KendallFirmato: 12:18, 03/06/2015
David SharpFirmato: 09:58, 03/06/2015
salvatore violanoFirmato: 00:43, 03/06/2015
Joshua James LarnerFirmato: 17:24, 02/06/2015
"Ubuntu, Spiritual, Free, Love, PEACE!"
gary grayFirmato: 18:57, 31/05/2015
dario waltersFirmato: 03:18, 30/05/2015
Kyra BowlesFirmato: 18:53, 29/05/2015
Christopher BowlesFirmato: 18:17, 29/05/2015
fai archerFirmato: 14:27, 29/05/2015
Richard PayneFirmato: 21:59, 28/05/2015
Daniel JohnsonFirmato: 21:27, 28/05/2015
kieron walshFirmato: 05:16, 28/05/2015
"A free world where no child goes hungry become cold unhappy. No childs questions left unanswered."
Karin Silenzi de StagniFirmato: 02:03, 28/05/2015

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