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"We are in the midst of the next big system evolution, towards a resource based economy. We are seeing the first steps, with global communication connecting everyone together, allowing collaboration on a never before seen scale. It is imperative we work together to not allow entrenched powers to hold back progress for profit. And it all starts with awareness and knowledge. " - Jonathan Quattrin7 hours ago
Amanda Vivan Amanda20 hours ago
עוז שטיינמץ2 days ago
Maria Vieira3 days ago
Tâmara Kamile Paiva de Oliveira Alcantara Tâmara3 days ago
"__A NEW SOCIAL CONTRACT__ "While rearing and homeschooling our children, our family serves in devotion to herald and help to usher-in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. A growing awakening into awareness about bigger, higher, and more awesome possibilities for all humankind and the planet shall remain our primary focus." "We use and share applications, modes and methods of greater organization for engaging in collaborative consumption and free-sharing done from within an alternative, open-access, resource-based-economic structure centered around volunteerism, cooperation, and social cohesion." "To those who may be ready to exit the competition-for-profits matrix of deception, domination, artificial scarcity, and malevolent control, we happily welcome to the future with a new and improved social contract together with the means for active participation in various kinds of social-innovation and altruistic connectivity. Our image should be a symbol for excellence and interdepende" - Haltom Family Ministries and Consultants4 days ago
Ravinder Bhatti5 days ago
Guilherme Máximo Xavier6 days ago
Patrick Siegl 6 days ago
Roger Barbosa Rô6 days ago
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Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 09:15, 07/08/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 03:56, 06/08/2020
Ismail Gulmen Firmato: 21:45, 05/08/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 10:35, 04/08/2020
David SumpterFirmato: 16:51, 02/08/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 09:32, 02/08/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 09:20, 02/08/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 07:23, 02/08/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 04:16, 02/08/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 03:52, 02/08/2020
Emma MACKINTOSHFirmato: 07:18, 26/07/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 03:25, 25/07/2020
Louise PurcellFirmato: 01:41, 22/07/2020
Rebecca Ahimsa-RaeFirmato: 13:44, 21/07/2020
"This is what I’ve been looking for without even knowing it! ? "
Laura SimmonsFirmato: 08:34, 21/07/2020
Jen ArmstrongFirmato: 03:46, 21/07/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 13:23, 19/07/2020
Donna OkeefeFirmato: 08:06, 10/07/2020
Karen BeaumontFirmato: 17:43, 09/07/2020
Rob WatsonFirmato: 10:12, 09/07/2020
Jackie Blessings Firmato: 10:02, 09/07/2020
Richard JonesFirmato: 04:13, 06/07/2020
"Let's start meeting human need rather than just living to serve the monetary system. "
Asil PurcellFirmato: 02:52, 03/07/2020
"The world is choking due to the outdated, backward and unfit for purpose monetary system our so-called ‘leaders’ insist on operating by. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It’s not ending anytime soon unless enough of us act to bring about real change. "
Adam CowleyFirmato: 01:06, 28/06/2020
Justin WilsonFirmato: 00:31, 27/06/2020
Suresh KumarFirmato: 00:57, 23/06/2020
Bradley Bogus HolbrookFirmato: 02:58, 12/06/2020
"A Free Knowledgable Healthy and Loving World for All ?☮️????????????"
Advay YFirmato: 02:25, 10/06/2020
Alan NottonFirmato: 08:04, 04/06/2020
Toby Bentham Firmato: 16:07, 27/05/2020
Karen RobinsonFirmato: 00:17, 27/05/2020
Kiz ZabrowskiFirmato: 04:23, 26/05/2020
"I shared on Facebook....."
Raimondas LapinskasFirmato: 12:13, 24/05/2020
Andrew WillanFirmato: 14:13, 20/05/2020
Layla TurnerFirmato: 09:47, 16/05/2020
jo joyceFirmato: 09:59, 14/05/2020
David WinterFirmato: 01:04, 14/05/2020
Martin AthertonFirmato: 16:41, 13/05/2020
"The sooner the better "
Robert De Souza WoWFirmato: 16:47, 12/05/2020
"Looking forward to learning more about the WoW Factor to Ascend people's 5D Life ?"
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 10:52, 25/04/2020
"Our future we are now moneyless economy, let's all live together and innovate without barriers. Everyone express themselves"
Marianne OrwinFirmato: 02:41, 23/04/2020
Jan BernetFirmato: 22:48, 18/04/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 14:03, 09/04/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 11:20, 08/04/2020
Linda GambellFirmato: 11:36, 07/04/2020
Ravinder BhattiFirmato: 19:25, 04/04/2020
Nicola RuaneFirmato: 12:52, 26/03/2020
Harry SkuseFirmato: 21:40, 24/03/2020
"Dear Colin, I think you have a fantastic Charter. I have discovered and developed a New World Order, a new social Magna Carta, a Charter, a Revolution. The System provides Housing, Training & Work enrolments In 1 package for all ages 16+ Not going to College or University? - Enrol into The System and receive the whole package in 1. OurWorld:UK ?? Is the United Kingdom structure of The System. OurWorld:USA ?? OurWorld:China ?? etc. PLEASE SEE http://www.TheSystem.me Please let me know if you are interested and I hope to cross paths. All the very best, Harry Skuse Founder The System New World Order"
Jaimie SinfieldFirmato: 17:25, 23/03/2020
"Some will always be more 'equal' than other's, but surly Human Equality is something to strive for.."
Finn WickensFirmato: 13:06, 16/03/2020
"I am a huge believer in the concept of the Free World Charter. Just peace out, lay back and smoke a doobie #legalisetheting #freethegang"

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