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The Free World Charter

"Let's make everything free"

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Shelly KingSigned: 03:15, 04/06/2022
Sunny NorthSigned: 16:58, 03/06/2022
Jodi FarmSigned: 17:38, 02/06/2022
Timothy GallagherSigned: 04:37, 02/06/2022
Scott Dunn Scott DunnSigned: 17:20, 30/05/2022
John PettySigned: 03:28, 25/05/2022
"A much better system than we have now or "The Great Reset"! I'm in!"
Randall WitheeSigned: 02:10, 23/05/2022
Thomas TowneSigned: 20:29, 01/05/2022
"This needs to happen yesterday, let's go."
george kaknesSigned: 02:23, 28/04/2022
Brynte WestlundSigned: 19:47, 24/04/2022
"Thank you! Human needs held in mutual respect is the foundation of all ethics."
TIM SalleySigned: 17:51, 16/04/2022
"The return to a healthy life, full of Love for Nature, especially in an “organic way ” is strongly and cruelly attacked by the new world order. We are enthusiastic about the idea of ​​a mass return to the permaculture, to the vegetable gardens, to “fields in balconies”, which would give back to the Earth more oxygen, more strength, more support and to Humans also. BACK TO NATURE, LOVE FOR NATURE, PAST IS THE FUTURE #FOOD, #ECOLOGY, #HEALTHOFHUMANITY, #SURVIVALISM, #THEEARTH, #OURBEAUTIFULPLANET"
Bradley EverettSigned: 19:46, 06/04/2022
"What a world this would be, I hope to see it someday."
Amanda WorstSigned: 17:40, 06/04/2022
Annalee LawsonSigned: 14:39, 06/04/2022
Stephanie LaneSigned: 18:48, 05/04/2022
Cody Don BarlowSigned: 05:54, 30/03/2022
"We ourselves are the laws of one"
Daryl MillerSigned: 17:02, 27/03/2022
Eon CooperSigned: 02:28, 27/03/2022
Genevieve VaughanSigned: 14:53, 26/03/2022
Christine GraceSigned: 21:11, 13/03/2022
"Life IS Given Freely. We ARE The Free Life. Life IS FOR GIVING."
Jo Ann JOHNSONSigned: 11:13, 03/03/2022
"I believe this is possible and more important than ever. I'm willing to do whatever I can to help promote a free world."
Henry OstaszewskiSigned: 15:10, 23/02/2022
Donica McArthurSigned: 04:49, 22/02/2022
"This is an amazing idea, I can’t wait to see this as our planets reality. ???"
Jodi TrendlerSigned: 17:37, 17/02/2022
Mayloemrojo El BeySigned: 19:25, 13/02/2022
"I've been on this planet for close to 70 years now and it does my heart good to see others with the same values I've had most of my life. I've been called a communist and other such names in the past. I've been told that "you can't change the world" and other such nonsense. The world is changing and for the better. We will get there - together! I appreciate and love you all."
JESSE BohannonSigned: 22:41, 12/02/2022
"I've had these ideas that align with open access economy for a long time but always ran into socialism theories when trying to Google like minded groups and that wasn't what I was looking for so I always hit a wall. Stumbling across these ideas today.. "
Christine GraceSigned: 16:18, 11/02/2022
"This is the only thing I am interested in participating in. INTEGRITY "
todor lilovSigned: 09:06, 10/02/2022
Victor MartinezSigned: 11:31, 03/02/2022
Alana CohenSigned: 20:27, 16/01/2022
Lori Dvir-DjerassiSigned: 17:06, 05/01/2022
Hector HernandezSigned: 18:10, 02/01/2022
Brandon BeeSigned: 06:51, 22/12/2021
"Love for humanity, starts here."
Jenai PellerinSigned: 03:31, 18/12/2021
Randall EspinozaSigned: 22:12, 13/12/2021
Nikolai PenaSigned: 01:42, 08/12/2021
Jamilie MillieSigned: 01:19, 02/12/2021
"Heaven on earth is possible if we’re all in it! "
Rebecca ZolloSigned: 00:21, 14/11/2021
Eon CooperSigned: 17:57, 05/11/2021
Alvin SethSigned: 20:38, 04/11/2021
Nadine SmithSigned: 23:22, 02/11/2021
"I thought I was alone. I thought I was crazy. Thank you thank you thank you. "
Tracy Mitchell Griggs Signed: 07:33, 26/10/2021
Logan ErneSigned: 10:17, 19/10/2021
"I would fully love a world like this. However, I am skeptical of the humanity of those who hold power to relinquish it for the sake of their fellow humans. I sincerely hope that they let go, like in Buddhist scripture, and see the universe like those who are enlightened."
Randall HuppSigned: 16:20, 28/09/2021
Halle PerrelliSigned: 01:24, 21/09/2021
"I am sick of this capitalistic bullshit"
James O'NeillSigned: 18:14, 16/09/2021
Nikolai PenaSigned: 14:06, 08/09/2021
"Sometimes I think having a monetary system was never a good thing even so many thousands of years ago. Just another excuse to have status over others is what it boils down to for me."
Vladimir GuillenSigned: 07:07, 05/09/2021
Brennden FlynnSigned: 19:49, 01/09/2021
Charlotte CybeleSigned: 18:51, 01/09/2021

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