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Isabelle SaussezSigned: 18:58, 24/06/2012
SERVOTTE yoursSigned: 14:39, 24/06/2012
Maarten RoexSigned: 12:59, 24/06/2012
Xavier JadotSigned: 12:36, 24/06/2012
sarah lessireSigned: 11:15, 24/06/2012
Jérôme DeprezSigned: 20:40, 23/06/2012
Christophe De LaetSigned: 18:30, 22/06/2012
christopher foszczSigned: 16:28, 21/06/2012
Marylou DIOVISALVISigned: 14:23, 21/06/2012
Ingrid DE WinterSigned: 14:09, 21/06/2012
Stefano PerilloSigned: 00:43, 21/06/2012
"Agissons pour le meilleur du monde !!!!"
julien widlakSigned: 23:54, 20/06/2012
Wim BrusselmansSigned: 20:23, 20/06/2012
Kristin MonballiuSigned: 18:13, 20/06/2012
Kristina VerhoevenSigned: 14:37, 20/06/2012
An Van den BroeckSigned: 13:07, 20/06/2012
Ilse Bossuyt-KeysabylSigned: 09:22, 20/06/2012
"What a wonderful initiative!! Hope we can make this work! I will share the charter to start with! Let's make this dream come true! Namaste!"
Fabienne WalrantSigned: 22:29, 18/06/2012
Bernadette KrusemanSigned: 14:11, 18/06/2012
dorothee vanhoolandtSigned: 11:47, 18/06/2012
renaud becker Signed: 12:19, 17/06/2012
Elodie HardenneSigned: 11:47, 17/06/2012
Stéphanie PuissantSigned: 10:56, 17/06/2012
Mélissa BansardSigned: 12:35, 16/06/2012
"Déjà toute petite, lorsque je voyais ma mère pleurer parce qu'1 huissier l'avait menacée, je me prenait à rêver d'1 monde ou tout serais gratuit, sans misères, et en accord avec ce que la terre nous offre, en harmonie avec la vie tout simplement. Aujourd'hui, c'est moi qui pleure quand LES huissiers viennent à ma porte! J'espère de tout coeur voir cette société de mon vivant, vraiment!!"
Hervé PaquesSigned: 09:21, 16/06/2012
els deheuschSigned: 10:33, 15/06/2012
jeanine schrauwenSigned: 10:29, 14/06/2012
Frederic DeltenreSigned: 22:17, 13/06/2012
"C'est le plus beau rêve à l'heure actuelle en qui je voue une espérance totale. Pour nous Humains ensemble pour l'un et l'autre..."
Klaas RosselleSigned: 16:53, 13/06/2012
"Why do I need to specify in which country I live? Isn't this an organization that hopes to end such divisive notions? (see principle 4) My country is the world! "
Wim BerchmansSigned: 13:22, 13/06/2012
anonymous funnySigned: 15:11, 12/06/2012
"i totally agree with the charter"
Noemie BauduinSigned: 11:40, 12/06/2012
andré doyenSigned: 22:57, 09/06/2012
Ann Van lijsebethSigned: 18:14, 05/06/2012
"Hopefully our voice wil be heard to all the world"
NOEL BUSSELOTSigned: 16:50, 05/06/2012
Philippe DepotSigned: 16:13, 05/06/2012
Isabelle LemperéSigned: 13:47, 04/06/2012
Emiel nunyabusnisSigned: 20:09, 02/06/2012
Jens GoethalsSigned: 14:41, 02/06/2012
Philippe DefossezSigned: 13:23, 02/06/2012
Hanna JärvinenSigned: 21:09, 01/06/2012
Tony LodgeSigned: 20:46, 30/05/2012
"I am happy to sign the charter and believe it sets out ideas that are realisable and necessary."
Aless Di LetoSigned: 18:39, 30/05/2012
kevin pietteSigned: 18:19, 28/05/2012
Benoît DeschoolmeesterSigned: 15:52, 28/05/2012
"Bonjour ! Avez-vous un lieu de rencontre? Un bureau?"
Gunther VoetSigned: 19:58, 27/05/2012
"Money seems to be dirtier than crude oil; available only truely to a small part of the population. The global industry is remodelling our life towards unification, while humans are always deemed to be versatile. I think; people aren't looked enough upon for their true qualities, while having a hold of a big pack money isn't a quality but rather an achievement. A world without money might be the next step in evolution, where wars won't fund the next century. Rather where emotions and feelings; but also creativity and professionality can help each one of us."
Yassin MoustahfidSigned: 17:31, 26/05/2012
"I'm very happy that there are people who still care, think and act for the sake of our future"
Gielen AnitaSigned: 17:32, 22/05/2012
julien valSigned: 08:41, 19/05/2012
"Thank you for trying to start a gift economy as it existed in Spain beginning of 20 th century in a large area."
David DellSigned: 00:18, 17/05/2012
"Sooner or later this will happen, rather sooner than later don't you think...?"

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