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Aram Van hoeckSigned: 22:25, 25/03/2012
anne vierendeelSigned: 20:21, 23/03/2012
Dieter DebusschereSigned: 14:24, 23/03/2012
Matijn GoossensSigned: 22:11, 22/03/2012
Vanden Heede QuentinSigned: 23:57, 18/03/2012
"I think it is possible to change the world to something better. All we have to do is to learn to understand and love each others, and teach it to our neighbour. If we cannot change the whole world, we can change the people we know, and it will soon become viral. Let's change the world."
Martin GoorSigned: 20:19, 17/03/2012
"Que l'humanité vive libre dans l'équité absolue."
Osvaldo Ahumada-EspinosaSigned: 16:10, 15/03/2012
iebe van desselSigned: 09:08, 14/03/2012
Adrian Mac CarthaighSigned: 19:45, 11/03/2012
Francoise MeusSigned: 17:33, 09/03/2012
Nanou MicSigned: 19:56, 08/03/2012
Marie StylmanSigned: 13:58, 08/03/2012
Xavier JoséeSigned: 12:54, 08/03/2012
Fred JeSigned: 19:12, 07/03/2012
Mathieu TeuwenSigned: 17:38, 07/03/2012
"We should also share knowledge to everyone. search for lost technologies that can support the earth, its inhabitants and even every life in the entire universe. We should not waste but also be aware that there is no limitations in the universe. Everything is there,...... water, energy, materials and there is plenty for everyone."
Danny LAUWERSSigned: 17:34, 07/03/2012
Paule VAN DEN DRIESSCHESigned: 08:39, 07/03/2012
Michael GeertsSigned: 23:07, 05/03/2012
"In Flanders fields, the poppies grow... After the monstrocities of WW1, we raised a monument in Flanders fields, stating, Never War Again. It took less than 30 years, and there was WW2. In the world, there are still wars going on, all for resources, power, money. This must end. War has always been an industry that makes money for a happy few, but at what costs? Time to wake up. If it takes a revolution, so be it, but we can also evolve in a short time, peacefully, to get to this free world. Democritus said, war is mother of all progress. You must destroy in order to create. I think we are further than the ancient greeks to still believe this."
Corentin GoffinSigned: 11:38, 05/03/2012
"Suis tout a fait d'accord avec tout ce qui a ete dit, mais il manque une chose vous diront certain. Comment dans ce nouveau monde les gens ne resterait pas a rien faire, plutot que de chercher a ameliorer le monde par leur travail ou leur recherche si tt est accessible gratuitement. Et comment limite l'acces au choses, puisque s'il en faut pour tt le monde, certain ne pourront pas avoir tt ce qu'ils veulent (specialement les riches et puissant actuelle) qui ne manqueront certainement pas de mettre des batons dans les roues à ce joli projet, qui nous tient tant à coeur. Car si tout le monde est libre et a accès à tout les biens de consommations, finis leurs petites vies tranquille qui se repose sur l'exploitation de plus faible au profit d'une infime partie de privilégié. Car tel est le monde actuelle. Ce qui est sure, c'est que de nous exploiteur occidentaux, profitant passivement du systeme que doit venir le changement. Tient ca me rappelle la Revolution Francaise ca. Pas vous??"
Marcus AmpeSigned: 11:30, 05/03/2012
"All main points nicely put together. The egoism of men has to be put aside. We should be aware that we are just one small part of the whole creation which has to stay in unison. We are just tenants of some place on this earth for some time, who have to consider those who shall come after us."
Frederic LepersSigned: 18:23, 03/03/2012
Sotirios PashalisSigned: 23:41, 29/02/2012
Danny AnnaertSigned: 18:37, 29/02/2012
Thomas PickéSigned: 14:55, 29/02/2012
"Je suis entièrement d'accord avec les dix points abordés dans cette charte, et je suis pour un monde sans argent, mais la très grande probabilité pour qu'il y ait des abus me fait quand même un peu peur..."
Louis DavidSigned: 13:06, 29/02/2012
Mannuella GILLESSigned: 09:33, 29/02/2012
"Enfin une vision du monde qui me plaît et où le mot "solidaire" retrouve tout son sens."
CHINA GREGORYSigned: 09:29, 29/02/2012
Yann AzzinnariSigned: 08:00, 29/02/2012
Forthomme PierreSigned: 00:16, 29/02/2012
florent messanaSigned: 23:42, 28/02/2012
franco delussuSigned: 22:50, 28/02/2012
Thomas PonsardSigned: 22:36, 28/02/2012
Sabri BissarSigned: 22:35, 28/02/2012
"Is this just possible ? Possible to change mentalities ? Possible to change powerful people ? And how would we punish the little crimes ? "
Simon GielisSigned: 22:26, 28/02/2012
florent henebertSigned: 22:21, 28/02/2012
"je suis pour un monde avec moin de difficulter et d obligation qui nous empeche d etre heureux"
crocifisso crocifisso terenzioSigned: 22:10, 28/02/2012
"bravo je vous soutiens de tout coeur"
nicolas blancoSigned: 22:04, 28/02/2012
Titine MigomSigned: 17:34, 28/02/2012
Ledent ArthurSigned: 15:12, 28/02/2012
Sandra BiesmansSigned: 12:18, 28/02/2012
Shanta VerbijlenSigned: 10:17, 28/02/2012
"Having divine respect voor all creations on this planet, living in divine order, living with unconditional love... will raise vibrations of the planet. We are made of material of mother Earth. These charter is part of our ascension to 5th dimension. Love"
lino pankertSigned: 19:51, 27/02/2012
Giovanni MassaroSigned: 17:01, 26/02/2012
Tanghe AudeSigned: 16:17, 26/02/2012
"Déjà amoureuse de ce programme ! Merci ! Excellent boulot, je diffuse !"
George YanezSigned: 23:41, 25/02/2012
"J'aimerais faire partie de ce monde "imaginaire". Je ne pense pas qu'il soit impossible et je crois même fermement que plus d'une personne aimerait que cela soit comme ça (dont moi). Si je ne peux pas voir ce monde éclore j'espère que les générations futures, elles, le verront. "
Mohamed AbdulhakimSigned: 22:37, 25/02/2012
"I think this charter is really good and all but would any country give up its power this easily? If they did how would one ensure that this charter be put in to practice rather than just theory?"
Sophie KilesseSigned: 20:04, 25/02/2012
Chantal DegueldreSigned: 19:43, 25/02/2012
bryan garlandSigned: 19:13, 25/02/2012

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