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Gabrielle DelaiteSigned: 18:42, 09/09/2013
"From Belgium , live in Mexico"
Hoby WenSigned: 18:13, 09/09/2013
Loïc PaulusSigned: 18:06, 09/09/2013
"J'espère que tout coeur que cette idéologie d'un monde tel que celui que vous présentez, et, j'ai envie de dire, telle qu'il devrait être, ne relèvera pas seulement de l'utopie. Je signe et espère que des milliards d'autres signeront.. "
Marino MartialSigned: 17:55, 09/09/2013
Benjamin BOUGEROLSigned: 17:50, 09/09/2013
Christiaan BekaertSigned: 18:07, 06/09/2013
ine driesmansSigned: 18:18, 28/08/2013
Stefaan CoppensSigned: 17:53, 28/08/2013
"I have been openly dreaming about this for some time now, it warms my heart to discover this page!"
hadrien massonSigned: 14:16, 28/08/2013
Pina CallSigned: 11:03, 26/08/2013
thomas kamphuisSigned: 18:05, 19/08/2013
Chen ChenutSigned: 15:07, 16/08/2013
Jonathan dulisseSigned: 12:12, 15/08/2013
VALERIE valerieSigned: 18:51, 13/08/2013
"La compréhension de tous et par tous."
christophe gaspardSigned: 15:18, 13/08/2013
eric remacleSigned: 04:30, 04/08/2013
Sonja SpruytSigned: 14:19, 02/08/2013
Delphine JacquesSigned: 14:05, 31/07/2013
Robin JacquesSigned: 14:04, 31/07/2013
Valérie WoutersSigned: 14:02, 31/07/2013
daisy gryspeerdSigned: 10:32, 24/07/2013
"No comment necessary: A blind can see it."
emilia mironicaSigned: 01:17, 21/07/2013
"I hope it will be improved by giving certain rights to other species inhabiting the planet , as animals , fish , birds , etc."
desire GiacominiSigned: 13:31, 19/07/2013
smith oumarySigned: 15:17, 11/07/2013
Andreas HadjigeorgiouSigned: 12:46, 09/07/2013
"I feel very proud as a human to have found this project. I have also been actively promoting the same principles of community and through my PhD in Legal and Political Philosophy I am hoping to develop legal means to allow some citizens to disintegrate from societies as they are today and hopefully create some communities which will not be profit oriented per se, by constituting the social welfare of every human as the only profit any true society/community can have. Feel free to visit me any time, I will be in Italy and Austria for the summer and then I'll spent 3 years in Antwerp -Belgium, doing my PhD. Good luck with your project! "
Jonas ViaeneSigned: 22:14, 06/07/2013
"ik ben het eens maar dan kunnen we niet met leiders zitten want dan zitten we terug met een machtssysteem. er zou dan iets moeten komen waar iedereen de wereldvoorraad grondstoffen kan checken en een suggestie geeft wat elk persoon kan benutten zonder de voorraad uit te putten geen educatie die iedereen standaard moet kennen we geven en we krijgen kennis over de dingen die ons zelf interesseren ik ben er van overtuigd dat elke persoon de wereld wil verbeteren zit namelijk zelf met een paar ideeën maar in de wereld zoals gij nu is heb ik te toegang niet tot bepaalde technologie en grondstoffen. niet omdat het gevaarlijk is maar omdat we in een monetair systeem zitten die ons gezamenlijk limiteert Ik ben er klaar voor ! "
Dragomir DragojevicSigned: 20:32, 05/07/2013
Margot SchlösserSigned: 12:26, 01/07/2013
"I fully underline the rightness of what is said in the free world charter. Let's go for it. Big HUG coming with loads of love and light Margot Maitri"
marisa vandeneyndeSigned: 00:29, 30/06/2013
Philip IversSigned: 16:44, 29/06/2013
"These ideas are becoming an imperative for the survival of our species and many others. We owe to our children and to ourselves. "
Evelyne DieuSigned: 09:04, 27/06/2013
Siege dehingSigned: 19:40, 23/06/2013
Lale SahsuvarogluSigned: 14:54, 23/06/2013
"I have a dream for my beloved world, and you have just showed me a way to help achieve that dream. "
Nadia DrabbeSigned: 07:21, 20/06/2013
Cyril de WalqueSigned: 16:21, 15/06/2013
"Il y a un manque de précision sur les taches et devoirs de la communauté, un risque à l'application de ses règles serait la nonchalance et la non participation de certain groupe au fonctionnement global, juste en profitant pleinement de la générosité ambiante. Ceci pourrais créer de la jalousie et de la rancœur entre les personnes ! Il faut Clarifier que chacun à son rôle à jouer !! sinon très bon travail ! "
Hania GovaertsSigned: 14:56, 15/06/2013
Gaspar ChapeauxSigned: 14:30, 15/06/2013
"Peace in humanity"
Beeson ElianeSigned: 12:52, 15/06/2013
Benjamine QuagliaSigned: 12:41, 15/06/2013
"Pour nos enfants "
Amélie BlatonSigned: 10:08, 15/06/2013
Michael WatermanSigned: 09:54, 15/06/2013
Adrien BlatonSigned: 05:38, 14/06/2013
Jacques BOUVRYSigned: 18:29, 10/06/2013
François GilletSigned: 15:03, 10/06/2013
Aurelie anonymousSigned: 11:31, 10/06/2013
Jean-Michel LOISEAUSigned: 18:30, 07/06/2013
"Superbe programme..."
René DefosséSigned: 13:21, 02/06/2013
William HewlettSigned: 16:24, 31/05/2013
"We should turn our backs on political regimes and divisive religions and the people of all nations should work together striving to make our world better, happier and more sustainable for future generations. Stop and think of our children's future happiness instead of our own."
philippe dupontSigned: 08:18, 30/05/2013
Charlotte Charlotte PeyskensSigned: 18:49, 29/05/2013

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