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"Absolutely ..thank you gratefull for the change happening God Creator Source is the Almighty Glory and Praise to Him ..He Is the All Eye AM ..the BE-AM of Light Eye Shine..and all of us do in Unity Oneness in Trust to Lord God and Faith and Believe...we Protect Mother Gaia Earth and share sustainable living as 2nd nature...where ever we tread the earth. Unconditional Love to All of Humanity and All Entities EYE AM Lunessa of the Light. XXX " - Christel Minette3 days ago
"release technologies suppressed from us like free energy, replicators, and anti gravity" - Gary Ibranyi3 days ago
"Alles wäre so einfach" - Tanja Winter3 days ago
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Farhad SabetSigned: 18:32, 03/10/2011
"It is time a serious movement began on these grounds... Thank you and keep it up!"
Gregory ScauxSigned: 15:46, 03/10/2011
Luc NielandtSigned: 11:44, 03/10/2011
Mark BrackeSigned: 10:55, 03/10/2011
emmanuel deckersSigned: 00:36, 30/09/2011
Bert DockxSigned: 18:43, 29/09/2011
"Money has always puzzled, even disgusted me. Still, i don't know if i believe that this could actually work. How to design a society without hierarchy? But i'm prepared to support this. At least the basic principles are fine. And it's almost impossible to turn out worse than the system we're currently maintaining. Let's try."
Geert BudtsSigned: 19:55, 28/09/2011
"All are born equal, but some take the right to be more equal than others, i want to make an end to greedy bankers, company's and governments who tell the people to sober up their lives while they churn themselves in wealth. "
Natacha De RudderSigned: 21:25, 26/09/2011
Sara RigoSigned: 10:47, 21/09/2011
Francois RichirSigned: 06:06, 08/09/2011
Lieve JanssensSigned: 13:40, 01/09/2011
Mireille BoudewijnsSigned: 23:45, 30/08/2011
Mireille BoudewijnsSigned: 23:42, 30/08/2011
Ron van DijkSigned: 19:10, 26/08/2011
"This is great, I do think there will be enough people that want to involve themselves to bettering the world, and with that there can be true happiness. good luck everyone"
Saw MinSigned: 11:41, 26/08/2011
Gina van DijkSigned: 09:56, 26/08/2011
"A great Idea, so we can make the world better"
Ludo LieckensSigned: 19:46, 25/08/2011
Christian PeereSigned: 11:44, 25/08/2011
"On the highest level of society (some of the wealthiest, richest and most powerful families of the world), money is being used as the tool, to keep their status as it is (being wealthy, being rich and being powerful). Money is the tool that enables them not having to share their wealth and power with other people. Money is the tool that enables them to maintain their status and acquire more money and more power and to keep others away from their money and power. With money and power they can defend what they got (wealth, money and power) and make sure they don't have to share their wealth, money and power, with other people. With money and power they rule the world and they use money to acquire more power. With more power they can make sure that the wealth, the money and the power stays within their own families and that they don’t have to share what they possess and their wealth with other people. In this way money and power are used as weapons. This is not what a God would want."
Jonas WoutersSigned: 11:22, 25/08/2011
Sven GorisSigned: 04:27, 25/08/2011
"It's mindblowing the amount of unwil present in so many minds of today's people to see the simpel truth and the choice they make to continue the struggle in the selfmade problematic way of conduct, ignoring any other vision other than the imposed religious or political view."
Michiel CastroSigned: 12:55, 13/08/2011
"It will be a magnificent day when this is made reality."
Dirk DewerieSigned: 18:06, 07/08/2011
Michel cSigned: 20:49, 16/07/2011
Dos Santos LuisSigned: 17:48, 16/07/2011
Francine HuygenSigned: 22:28, 14/07/2011
"We don't need money, it is the source of everything bad, we need talent! My talent could be something you need, in exchange you can give me something I need, I would love a world like this! "
Alain VolfSigned: 17:28, 14/07/2011
"when do we start "
Irene RompisSigned: 19:44, 13/07/2011
"Totally agree on everything, truly believe this can happen as long as we agree. Irene "
els deheuschSigned: 13:52, 10/07/2011
"the times, they are a changing..."
Kristof Van HooymissenSigned: 02:57, 10/07/2011
"I foresee a world where it is possible to live without the money system that has enslaved us for so many centuries. Yes, we can do it!"
André CSigned: 17:04, 07/07/2011
didier heymansSigned: 02:17, 03/07/2011
Rupert NotebaertSigned: 22:02, 28/06/2011
"Some true common sense, laid out in 10 principles....I can't wait to get this party started!"
Kathleen SteegmansSigned: 21:09, 27/06/2011
MOUIN TAYEBSigned: 09:50, 13/06/2011
"The zeitgeist movment The Venus Project"
Sebastien BSigned: 09:48, 28/05/2011
Joke Van den EyndeSigned: 19:41, 23/05/2011
Anne RowiesSigned: 19:33, 23/05/2011
Toon WuytsSigned: 12:54, 23/05/2011
Robin VennemanSigned: 14:21, 21/05/2011
"interesting ideas, let's hope they may contribute to a better future for all of us..."
Antonio vanderstraeten denisSigned: 19:06, 20/05/2011
STEVEN VAN DEN EYNDESigned: 05:49, 18/05/2011
Renaud Van EeckhoutSigned: 17:25, 17/05/2011
Pierre LechienSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"A bit too much of a Utopia. If it was possible, I would be the first to get out in the streets and say nice. Unfortunately, I don't think these principles accept what human beings have in them : need for power, need for recognition, need for superiority maybe, generally no concern whatsoever for the unknown "
ewoud henriSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"Banks and government are the the biggest criminal organisations ever "
Michiel BaertSigned: 15:59, 15/05/2011
Christof BecuSigned: 21:41, 12/05/2011

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