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Robin VennemanSigned: 14:21, 21/05/2011
"interesting ideas, let's hope they may contribute to a better future for all of us..."
Antonio vanderstraeten denisSigned: 19:06, 20/05/2011
STEVEN VAN DEN EYNDESigned: 05:49, 18/05/2011
Renaud Van EeckhoutSigned: 17:25, 17/05/2011
Pierre LechienSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"A bit too much of a Utopia. If it was possible, I would be the first to get out in the streets and say nice. Unfortunately, I don't think these principles accept what human beings have in them : need for power, need for recognition, need for superiority maybe, generally no concern whatsoever for the unknown "
ewoud henriSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
"Banks and government are the the biggest criminal organisations ever "
Michiel BaertSigned: 15:59, 15/05/2011
Christof BecuSigned: 21:41, 12/05/2011
Robin DEMEZSigned: 09:21, 12/05/2011
Jimmy BasseSigned: 08:01, 12/05/2011
"im only 22 years old but i know the world we actualy live in is not the world where i want my children to born and grow up ... please help us to change it"
Procureur MargueriteSigned: 22:08, 11/05/2011
"It would be nice to translate in French. I also want a universal allocation ( money) for all, each human being in the world"
philippe matagneSigned: 05:31, 11/05/2011
Diego d'UrselSigned: 01:24, 11/05/2011
Koen Van GothaSigned: 08:32, 10/05/2011
Pierre NeumanSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Linus HoremansSigned: 23:14, 09/05/2011
Ken HuysmansSigned: 19:23, 09/05/2011
Stan HebbenSigned: 17:04, 09/05/2011
Egon SchneiderSigned: 16:43, 09/05/2011
Willy HillenSigned: 23:21, 08/05/2011
Yannick De NeefSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
arnaud DéomSigned: 11:26, 03/05/2011
Sébastien BertelsSigned: 16:35, 02/05/2011
"Free the world of slavery"
Erwin VanslembrouckSigned: 07:21, 02/05/2011
Lien De WitteSigned: 21:05, 01/05/2011
Stefan Van BaetenSigned: 20:09, 01/05/2011
"Let's cut the crap and save the planet now"
Djuna Virginia Van der BorgtSigned: 19:24, 01/05/2011
Michael MampaeySigned: 13:02, 01/05/2011
Laure Laure de RaikemSigned: 23:33, 30/04/2011
"is it going to happen soon??? I hope so"
Geoffrey De TiègeSigned: 13:34, 30/04/2011
"It's about time people start to wake up and noticing the way we life now is not the way how life should be.. Living in a free world, where there is no more money, where life itself is more worth then the paper and metals we carry in our wallets is something i have been looking for for a very very long time.. This video and many more out there (zeitgeist) just shows how connected we are and that there are people in this world who share the same idea's and dreams... Now it's all about bringing it all in the open and wake up some more people to show that money is something that just holds us back for fullfillment and growth"
Balazs SzakmarySigned: 13:27, 30/04/2011
Davide D'UrbanoSigned: 23:43, 29/04/2011
Tom VermeulenSigned: 22:48, 29/04/2011
Tom GarréSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
LOIC BERGERSigned: 20:19, 26/04/2011
MARIE ALLARDSigned: 19:30, 26/04/2011
Mario De jaegherSigned: 12:52, 17/05/2011
Johannes De BurroSigned: 19:38, 21/04/2011
Femke DenkensSigned: 14:47, 19/04/2011
"I choose for a world without money"
Franky Van SteenSigned: 13:00, 19/04/2011
Trijn JanssensSigned: 09:25, 19/04/2011
"Paradise, finally"
Gilles-Adrien CenniSigned: 13:19, 18/04/2011
"Great, this is exactly what the Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement are about.. I'm all in"
Djuna Virginia Van der BorgtSigned: 21:24, 15/04/2011
Cy LeongSigned: 07:47, 15/04/2011
"All is Love and Love is All. Time is an illusion and a friend."
Inge BeernaertSigned: 09:58, 13/04/2011
"If the power stays with the people it would be fantastic, If people can decide for their own without one ruling government . Small communities that interact on the bases of common sense. A lot of people are ready for this now, but our ruling "elite" will do anything to prevent this otherwise they would not be "ruling" any more. and they are very greedy !!! they have got almost the whole world in a stranglehold now, and will do anything to have the whole power. They are evil , and we must get rid of them NOW"

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