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Agnès & Jan Vermeylen-BeulensSigned: 21:55, 29/06/2015
Fred PerrierSigned: 00:42, 25/06/2015
Jan KuipersSigned: 17:00, 24/06/2015
Sébastien LorandSigned: 00:51, 19/06/2015
Mikael bob bronkhorstSigned: 04:14, 15/06/2015
Rovella FlorenceSigned: 17:02, 10/06/2015
Yolande NaertSigned: 18:36, 09/06/2015
"Moest dit allemaal gerespecteerd worden, zouden de mensen en dieren een waardig leven hier op aarde beleven. Jarenlang werd er hier op aarde meer oorlog gemaakt dan vrede, dus mensen laat onze natuur een weelde is voor ons leven allemaal. Yolande"
katrien van den wyngaertSigned: 22:10, 08/06/2015
eddy billooyeSigned: 09:42, 08/06/2015
Bram CorvagliaSigned: 21:33, 05/06/2015
""It's about time our dreams become our goals, it's about time our goals become reality.""
Thomas BaarsSigned: 22:58, 10/05/2015
Jonas MallisseSigned: 15:11, 07/05/2015
Tine DeceuninckSigned: 06:27, 27/04/2015
Kathleen Van GeytSigned: 19:06, 26/04/2015
fulya akyaziliSigned: 18:41, 26/04/2015
Nicolas Zampiero Signed: 06:19, 13/04/2015
"11 Our community consciously vow to never use violent means or behavior to solve temporary difficulties of understanding. "
ben zeveraarSigned: 15:09, 29/03/2015
Mathieu CassisiSigned: 21:59, 26/03/2015
CE EMSigned: 21:39, 24/03/2015
"Conscious Unselfihness, Honest Intention, Empathic Integrity applied in a anarchistic pragmatic, ecological responsable, ergonomic comfortable & natural harmonious world. Where Pure Freedom and Overwhelming Respect for Homo Sapiens Sapiens, Fauna & Flora are the highest prizes to win so garantee is offered for Man & Mankind, Human & Humanity to survive once People start to explore the universe (Cosmos). The Singularity in the infinity as the inevitable link of the Perfect Whole. Peace & Love for All my Brothers & Sisters in Our country World on the motherplanet Earth. :) "
Aidan KeenanSigned: 22:55, 10/03/2015
Dette van ZeelandSigned: 15:56, 24/02/2015
Kim RottiersSigned: 15:50, 24/02/2015
Melll MelSigned: 11:59, 21/02/2015
"J'ai hâte! Vous devriez peut être songer a vous associer au Venus Project de Mr Jacques Fresco.. Bonne chance à vous et pour le salut de l'humanité toute entière... J'en parlerai autour de moi toute ma vie s'il le faut..."
Linda Linda CamuratoSigned: 08:23, 12/02/2015
Malika LeysSigned: 00:45, 07/02/2015
virginie lobetSigned: 20:43, 03/02/2015
Robin WoutersSigned: 01:05, 03/02/2015
Ramon EmmaneelSigned: 22:55, 29/01/2015
Sarah DebaiseSigned: 14:19, 26/01/2015
linda DanneelsSigned: 13:16, 22/01/2015
Nancy DanneelsSigned: 14:38, 21/01/2015
Guy BaetenSigned: 18:07, 20/01/2015
"Hi, I have a few questions How would this organization start to implement these principles? Are there locale branches of this organization in Belgium that I can get in touch with? Kind regards, Guy "
Krystyna LeonkiewiczSigned: 09:05, 18/01/2015
Jasmijn Van MeleSigned: 13:52, 29/12/2014
Marie HerSigned: 14:26, 23/12/2014
"Ich stimme hierzu zu.Ich finde geld Sch****"
Ariane MarqueteckenSigned: 13:37, 20/12/2014
Els CrouxSigned: 11:28, 20/12/2014
"Ik ben bereid mee te werken en te bouwen aan een wereld waar ieder individu recht heeft op een waardevol leven."
andré ernstSigned: 10:42, 20/12/2014
"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself"
olivier van eetveldeSigned: 14:46, 29/11/2014
Josiane SELLIEZSigned: 14:48, 27/11/2014
Saïn RosselliSigned: 06:30, 27/11/2014
"Il est grand temps de construire un monde durable pour les générations à venir et ce à un niveau planétaire. "
Riet VlaemynckSigned: 12:29, 26/11/2014
peter dhaenensSigned: 10:48, 26/11/2014
"vrijheid en gelijkheid is alleen in de toekomst mogelijk wanneer men "de godsdiensten laat verdwijnen.." en dat is het "probleem dat door bewusten wordt in stand gehouden"."
Don CarlitoSigned: 05:52, 24/11/2014
"Only when everything is free and truthfull human can survive. Greetz DC"
MARCEL DAGNIAUSigned: 10:15, 22/11/2014
"Tout cela est urgent, indispensable si nous ne voulons pas subir une catastrophe écologique et sociale majeure."
Bernard WaldschmidtSigned: 23:53, 20/11/2014
Anne Catherine De SchryverSigned: 18:54, 20/11/2014
ALBERTO MARINETTISigned: 09:56, 18/11/2014
Kris BarnhoornSigned: 22:23, 16/11/2014
lionel payenSigned: 14:32, 16/11/2014
"Un grand pas en avant pour l'humanit. N'hsitez pas a soutenir aussi et the Zeitgeist Movement qui uvrent en ce sens."

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