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véronique docquierSigned: 21:00, 03/01/2012
Dagobert SondervanSigned: 20:59, 03/01/2012
Sandrine FievezSigned: 20:56, 03/01/2012
"peut être le nouvel ordre mondial, mais il faudra une vraie apocalypse pour que ces notions (censées être innées) s'intègrent dans l'esprit de tous"
Anton Van HaverSigned: 20:24, 03/01/2012
"Als dit Handvest ooit waarheid zal worden,dan kan het misschien nog goed aflopen,maar het moet wel snel gaan!! Stuur dit door en probeer zoveel mogelijk mensen te laten inzien dat zo een soort verandering nodig is om de switch naar een uitstootarme wereld echt maken."
Nick StrackxSigned: 20:01, 03/01/2012
Sophie MambourgSigned: 19:44, 03/01/2012
"The world did not need the money created by man so that we can live. The money is destroying us.We have to learn to live by respecting our environment as well as every human being on our planet. The money prevents us to it from it."
julien rambouxSigned: 17:17, 03/01/2012
"Un rêve que j'ai déjà fait :)"
Alexander BrouxSigned: 16:26, 03/01/2012
Wouter SchuttersSigned: 16:23, 03/01/2012
antoine hendrickSigned: 15:39, 03/01/2012
Pieter-Jan HollevoetSigned: 15:06, 03/01/2012
Jo LabensSigned: 14:34, 03/01/2012
bosselaers carolineSigned: 13:54, 03/01/2012
pascal henrionSigned: 13:45, 03/01/2012
"humain avant tout...le changement que nous attendons tous..."
Diana Van StrijdonckSigned: 23:37, 02/01/2012
Saskia DhooreSigned: 23:28, 02/01/2012
Narda BodemeijerSigned: 22:21, 02/01/2012
Jean DepiesseSigned: 21:08, 02/01/2012
jacqueline baijensSigned: 19:16, 02/01/2012
Grimm Van GestelSigned: 19:15, 02/01/2012
Carla willemaersSigned: 17:25, 02/01/2012
Frédéric TolmatcheffSigned: 20:08, 01/01/2012
"Let's try humanity!"
Lennert Van HoofSigned: 11:54, 01/01/2012
Jeroen BernaersSigned: 14:16, 31/12/2011
Lorenzo AugustiSigned: 14:13, 31/12/2011
Thorr StevensSigned: 13:06, 31/12/2011
"This is the probably the ONLY solution to ending human problems such as war, pollution, murder, crime, and overpopulation. Because of one simple reason: When we, as a community, work towards removing the reasons why people do crime, pollute, etc... then the problems that came with them will also dissappear. This idea or concept is basically called a "Resource Based Economy" and has been greatly researched and documented by Jacque Fresco, who is founder of "The Venus Project". For those who wan't more info about this, please visit their website"
occupy brusselsSigned: 12:38, 31/12/2011
Jimmy SchepersSigned: 11:46, 31/12/2011
Sabrina demeyerSigned: 10:44, 31/12/2011
Julie CornetteSigned: 10:36, 31/12/2011
hilde cuyversSigned: 08:39, 31/12/2011
"I am a citizen of the world. All of the people are my family and the earth ,with all that lives, is our home. I want my family to be happy and my home to be warm and confortable. I have no need for money or borders. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to suscribe."
Robbert SegersSigned: 11:39, 30/12/2011
wendy smoldersSigned: 11:26, 30/12/2011
frank aertsSigned: 23:59, 29/12/2011
Kathleen SwertsSigned: 21:03, 29/12/2011
Sofie WillemsSigned: 18:59, 29/12/2011
magda raemaekersSigned: 18:58, 29/12/2011
"De wereld is van en voor iedereen!"
Michael VSigned: 17:59, 29/12/2011
"The world can be free, we only have to make the choice together."
Kuniko OyakawaSigned: 17:57, 29/12/2011
"This is something I always wish to be realized. "
Katleen ForierSigned: 15:33, 29/12/2011
Marie-Jeanne PeetersSigned: 15:27, 29/12/2011
John ThijsSigned: 15:10, 29/12/2011
"I am more than willing to help tvp ! contact me please grtzz from belgium"
Fabian MossemenearSigned: 17:38, 25/12/2011
nady soetaertsSigned: 14:15, 24/12/2011
Nikkie van LieropSigned: 23:16, 23/12/2011
"I have had these exact thoughts for a long time and sincerely hope that one day we will live in that free world where people actually do things for each other, just because they feel connected. Money creates fear, greed and crime. What a waste... I believe we can do this. We simply have to, or there will be no future for our children and all generations yet to come. Thank you for this very important message."
roxane deschampsSigned: 16:30, 19/12/2011
Jean GrietenSigned: 19:28, 17/12/2011
Erik ParysSigned: 08:20, 12/12/2011
Erik Van der VekenSigned: 21:53, 03/12/2011
"Trade has allways been the basic structure for mankind to survive. Howerver i don't see the technical construction how people would trade without any form of money. I'm busy with LETS Systems and for me it just has to be another kind of money, wich will able us to trade fairly. Based on time, wich is equal for us all! Greetings."
Frederik PauwelsSigned: 13:43, 03/12/2011
"Free energy for the production of things we need in life, such as food, cars, heating systems, electricity, communication systems and so on should be immediately recognized ! They already exist ( see Nassim Haramein ! ) I came to earth in 1976 and since the day i became self aware and concious as a child i already knew the whole world was doing all things wrong. I always told my mom that a king is nothing more or less then me or any other person ! It is time to give every being in and out off this planet an equal, sustainable and more beautiful life, where the people can grow each day more in spirit and remember again that we all are sparks from the same creator and that we all together are one, we are creator ! People need to realize again that without us all those BIG PEOPLE that now try to rule the world are nothing without us and by thinking globely in a positive, respectfull way we change the whole world in a glimp ! Love you all !"

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