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Mohamed MoosaSigned: 13:56, 04/04/2018
Clive DobsonSigned: 13:23, 04/04/2018
Justin GoodwinSigned: 15:10, 03/04/2018
"It’s time to fix the world and the people. Change needs to happen now. We need to drop our current system and work towards a common goal that brings us together not separates us further like our current system. "
Beau BartonSigned: 13:54, 02/04/2018
Sara CoelhoSigned: 23:46, 31/03/2018
""A mente que se abre a uma nova ideia, jamais volta ao seu tamanho original" Albert Einstein"
Sara CoelhoSigned: 23:44, 31/03/2018
Ann FleetwoodSigned: 18:58, 31/03/2018
lorenzo andres GRANERISigned: 00:19, 31/03/2018
Joseph RankinSigned: 11:20, 30/03/2018
Olaf SeverinSigned: 17:25, 29/03/2018
Olaf SeverinSigned: 17:01, 29/03/2018
"möge unser Anliegen dauerhaft Erfolg haben und sich durchsetzen!"
Ksenija KajfežSigned: 07:50, 29/03/2018
John JohnSigned: 01:45, 29/03/2018
"Hens nsvbxmbsjei. M bitch hdjbshshsvh"
Diego SoutoSigned: 00:27, 29/03/2018
JanCarol HillsSigned: 16:19, 28/03/2018
Gokul BalagopalSigned: 08:13, 28/03/2018
Mara KronawetterSigned: 19:02, 27/03/2018
Sharon PeersSigned: 16:37, 27/03/2018
"Yes, our planet is in dire need of an inclusive moral compass."
shubham sethiSigned: 00:19, 27/03/2018
"I am still curious to know about the motivation people would need to work for a collective evolution, if not money, the motivation factor has to come from somewhere as not every individual is self-motivated."
géraldine jonet-merckxSigned: 22:17, 26/03/2018
Matthew DastiSigned: 21:32, 26/03/2018
maysa lima maysaSigned: 13:13, 26/03/2018
Jan AleksandrowiczSigned: 08:58, 26/03/2018
Herbert LoureiroSigned: 05:34, 26/03/2018
"we can make it happen. Nós podemos!!! "
Bindi LenardSigned: 05:24, 26/03/2018
"This is so important. We are trashing the world and its inhabitants all for money and it is NOT sustainable. There needs to be a change, soon. "
Corey HermkensSigned: 11:19, 25/03/2018
"Generosity and Gratitude Prosperity and Abundance Unity Peace and Dignity So be it! So be it! So be it! And so it is! Amen"
Allan AlmeidaSigned: 03:57, 25/03/2018
Patricia BeausejourSigned: 21:58, 24/03/2018
"Sincerely hope that the big majority of people living on Earth will sign this Chart. Patricia Beauséjour"
Arthur Guilherme Nascimento BezerraSigned: 00:05, 24/03/2018
Con MatzarisSigned: 10:01, 23/03/2018
Shannon SmithSigned: 04:09, 23/03/2018
Vincent BuzziSigned: 19:22, 21/03/2018
Eduardo Nuñez BlancoSigned: 05:53, 21/03/2018
"Felicito esta forma de unión, singular, pero con un poder sobre la polaridad negativa superior, el cual nos define efectos y resultados de libertad, compasión, inteligencia y sabiduría."
Markus PacherSigned: 22:53, 20/03/2018
"Danke, das tut gut zu sehen! Hermann Hesse nimmt mir hier die Worte aus dem Mund: Wir haben den schwersten Weg betreten, den ein Mensch - und gar ein Volk - gehen kann, den Weg der Aufrichtigkeit, den Weg der Liebe. Gehen wir diesen Weg zu Ende, dann haben wir gewonnen ! - Alles Liebe "
Manuel WahnSigned: 22:02, 20/03/2018
Millo MagnocavalloSigned: 21:46, 20/03/2018
Moein NejadSigned: 21:23, 20/03/2018
Michal JonášSigned: 16:03, 20/03/2018
Johnattan Luiz da MataSigned: 22:33, 19/03/2018
"Que um dia esta carta se torne realidade."
João SoaresSigned: 15:51, 19/03/2018
Markus BeuchertSigned: 19:24, 18/03/2018
Paul SUZANOSigned: 18:26, 18/03/2018
Moritz KrohnSigned: 16:40, 18/03/2018
Franklin CruzSigned: 05:21, 18/03/2018
Darion Burgess Signed: 03:41, 18/03/2018
Nadia ZerguineSigned: 18:03, 17/03/2018
Kelly LiuSigned: 16:13, 17/03/2018
Pentti KinnunenSigned: 11:45, 17/03/2018
Ruben VazquezSigned: 03:47, 17/03/2018
"Keep the mentality,big things need time"
Henrik DahleSigned: 11:23, 16/03/2018

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