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Sebastian KitchenPodepsáno: 07:08, 14/02/2018
Geoff OwensPodepsáno: 02:35, 22/01/2018
"People talk about the 'human race' or 'humanity' as if it somehow implies equality. The gap between the rich and poor has never been greater. I hope to see an end to the current primitive economic model in my lifetime. "
Linda PetersonPodepsáno: 02:08, 22/01/2018
Andrew LongdenPodepsáno: 03:19, 08/01/2018
"This is exactly as it should be for life on our planet ! Birthplace: Earth Species/Race: Mankind Religion: Love "
david harrisPodepsáno: 00:36, 07/01/2018
Áine CoffeyPodepsáno: 10:59, 02/01/2018
"Money is the only thing holding us back"
phillip pajorPodepsáno: 16:23, 30/12/2017
Craig D'SouzaPodepsáno: 16:16, 30/12/2017
"We need to make this happen. This is the way it's meant to be."
Deanna KellyPodepsáno: 02:47, 10/12/2017
Woodrow WobblesPodepsáno: 15:17, 17/11/2017
Shannon McGurganPodepsáno: 20:00, 14/11/2017
Michael GaglianoPodepsáno: 07:22, 04/11/2017
"Peace Love Prosperity For Everything, Everywhere, For Ever Being & Doing in Creative Harmony in Truth In Benevolent Equality with Diligent Observation with The One Doing No Harm Causing No Loss Respecting the Freedom of Others So It Is Namaste I Am Multidimensional I Am Source I Am One We Are Multidimensional We Are Source We Are One All Is Multidimensional All Is Source All Is One Original Spirit Is "
Timothy CobbPodepsáno: 03:04, 04/11/2017
Nic LPodepsáno: 02:58, 29/10/2017
Peter OscarPodepsáno: 19:45, 28/10/2017
"Yes we all need freedom why is there so much wealth for some and not everyone "
Suzy RossPodepsáno: 21:29, 27/10/2017
"There needs to be a higher level of understanding and corresponding engagement by the general public in matters that have been miserably handled by short sighted (& thinking) government and greedy corporates. Collaborative and innovative thinking and doing is needed now "
Mark FundaPodepsáno: 18:14, 27/10/2017
Michael McleodPodepsáno: 10:01, 27/10/2017
Vince HalpinPodepsáno: 20:20, 26/10/2017
Derek DoranPodepsáno: 05:30, 17/10/2017
Vincent Emmanuel AnthonyPodepsáno: 07:47, 14/10/2017
"I believe in a Free World. We do not need money to survive, when we are already paying with a currency called Time. Sharing resources is what we can achieve, and taming our greed is a purposeful way of life."
Anatoli Karteras karterasPodepsáno: 06:40, 14/10/2017
Robin SpencerPodepsáno: 18:41, 12/10/2017
Janpal SinghPodepsáno: 01:33, 12/10/2017
Taif MashroorPodepsáno: 09:00, 08/10/2017
"There's a reason money is called the root of all evil cause without money the amount of crime happening would be extremely low."
Kabir ChandraPodepsáno: 05:33, 08/10/2017
Owen StanleyPodepsáno: 16:32, 07/10/2017
Margaret MavisPodepsáno: 05:13, 06/10/2017
Kerem AltinorenPodepsáno: 23:36, 05/10/2017
Wendy LanePodepsáno: 13:59, 30/09/2017
"I love being at peace in nature ?"
Nyarie Hassal-AbbeyPodepsáno: 23:31, 26/09/2017
"Sounds excellent to me"
Luke TieppoPodepsáno: 14:09, 18/09/2017
Alf De hombrePodepsáno: 04:05, 06/09/2017
"Thank you You have my support ? Alf"
Brett SlaterPodepsáno: 01:50, 31/08/2017
"We need to do this for a great future."
Ivanka SarincicPodepsáno: 09:29, 29/08/2017
Mile VanchevPodepsáno: 22:04, 23/08/2017
"I am supporting this and hope one day will become reality."
Kevin MitchellPodepsáno: 02:06, 23/08/2017
"Willing to lend a hand in almost anything. If you can relate it to my interests, even better. If you can give me a new interest, fantastic!"
Alcy InfinityPodepsáno: 15:25, 22/08/2017
"Brilliant initiative. I would like to help and support it. Thank you so much. Can you contact me please, thank you. love, kindness and happiness. /\\C'/"
Lisa StewartPodepsáno: 03:07, 22/08/2017
"First, do no harm."
Kala Shekinah Podepsáno: 11:10, 20/08/2017
"Here for bringing people into their highest destiny "
Caz ForbesPodepsáno: 22:56, 18/08/2017
"High Vibes and Happiness ? "
Mason ClayPodepsáno: 01:29, 18/08/2017
Nick BaronPodepsáno: 02:26, 17/08/2017
"I believe in a free world, the transition will not be easy, but it can happen - it's free to dream."
david mitsakPodepsáno: 14:48, 10/08/2017
"Bring a vegetable, throw it in the soup pot, share a meal. Bring a good idea or two too. That's just the beginning. "
Sunny TPodepsáno: 01:52, 10/08/2017
Ahmandla WilliamsPodepsáno: 08:21, 04/08/2017
"Perhaps we can agree that we dont know what we dont know"
Theodor CollettPodepsáno: 00:25, 02/08/2017
David BournePodepsáno: 11:53, 27/07/2017
"Looking to connect to like-minded people about ideas to bring about a money-free world."
Adrienne Gaha-MorrisPodepsáno: 21:30, 24/07/2017
Esma SaikipPodepsáno: 01:53, 23/07/2017

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