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michele epplerPodpisano: 22:44, 30/06/2013
Leesa McCuePodpisano: 22:52, 29/06/2013
"Something like this is long overdue. "
Atlanta FrithPodpisano: 09:32, 25/06/2013
Phillip LightPodpisano: 14:46, 24/06/2013
Mardi ShaktiPodpisano: 13:49, 24/06/2013
""Whoever controls the media controls the mind." ~ Jim Morrison"
John HollomonPodpisano: 06:15, 23/06/2013
Andrew Forbes SmithPodpisano: 01:49, 22/06/2013
Scott AbrezPodpisano: 18:14, 20/06/2013
"Thanks Guys Keep up the Great work.. Scott,"
Justin DentPodpisano: 15:32, 20/06/2013
Uwe SchaferPodpisano: 06:49, 20/06/2013
"on ya guys, great work"
Robin HaeuslerPodpisano: 03:01, 20/06/2013
Vivienne BrookesPodpisano: 22:35, 19/06/2013
Kerry FirkinPodpisano: 04:44, 17/06/2013
"I agree with everything Simply because we have to take care of the envirnment"
Gorica LulicPodpisano: 10:03, 16/06/2013
"Ignoring the catastrophic state of our world is no longer an option."
Simon ColePodpisano: 10:03, 13/06/2013
"I am hesitant to say, 'the challenges before us are enormous', because thinking that only helps make it so. There are more and more people open to this Charter, and the first step is to move toward a critical mass in support of it."
Bruce NeighbourPodpisano: 02:57, 13/06/2013
"I have been talking about this concept for twenty years, but people can't get past their programming ! All they can say is it won't happen, they have no reason except; because that's the way it is, whether they think I am right or wrong doesn't matter to them, cognitive dissonance ! Peace and love <3 "
Mary GrubelichPodpisano: 14:15, 11/06/2013
Renee DunnPodpisano: 08:03, 10/06/2013
"How do we get this started!"
Toula AdamakakisPodpisano: 13:03, 07/06/2013
Tanja MurrayPodpisano: 09:33, 07/06/2013
"awesome lets make it happen. "
Clay HenryPodpisano: 08:56, 07/06/2013
Heidi BlundenPodpisano: 02:11, 07/06/2013
Rachelle VitnellPodpisano: 23:01, 06/06/2013
Chris DelaneyPodpisano: 21:39, 06/06/2013
Rodrigo RosalesPodpisano: 12:16, 06/06/2013
Lauren GeraghtyPodpisano: 10:47, 06/06/2013
Kate FlickPodpisano: 00:01, 05/06/2013
Alexandra ThomasPodpisano: 03:10, 03/06/2013
Mark LawrencePodpisano: 05:34, 02/06/2013
kahn sandyPodpisano: 11:52, 01/06/2013
Penelope VosPodpisano: 00:02, 01/06/2013
Branko KostovicPodpisano: 13:57, 31/05/2013
Keith BackhousePodpisano: 16:38, 30/05/2013
"Its about f#@&ing time something like this was done. Bravo."
emily wilsonPodpisano: 13:53, 30/05/2013
"keep it going...:))))))))))))))))))"
Sean O'MahoneyPodpisano: 13:21, 30/05/2013
"I had already come to the realisation that many of these things need to be done and it is pleasing that there is someone else who thinks the same."
Heidi McEvoyPodpisano: 03:46, 30/05/2013
Mark CarrollPodpisano: 20:54, 29/05/2013
"The time for change is now, the person to do it is you."
kriss daemonPodpisano: 17:26, 29/05/2013
Alexandra KoehlerPodpisano: 15:51, 29/05/2013
Dena DennesPodpisano: 01:13, 29/05/2013
ANDREW JOHN CAMERONPodpisano: 12:56, 28/05/2013
"thankyou so very much for putting into words what i have tried so hard in myself to express.i know we need change,i have three sons and i fear that i will die leaving them at the mercy of a system that is doomed.that is so very obvious.our world is crashing and it is money driven, profit is the new god and at the expense of those that work cheapest.please people we must unite .i hold my own hand out , please grasp it and lets walk together towards a world of love and compassion for ALL of us. i can even draw what all great religeons have stated that there is changs,second coming , first coming , allahs will. My point it is a time of change of renewal it may have even been predicted.Whatever lets run with it if it helps to use the old to bring in the new then its a winner.this is something i am going to talk about. i have maybe 5 years as i am dying slowly bit by bit.yes my perception has changed for the better as i am now living each day as my last , wisdom?hopefully. 58yrs.still cool"
Fleur WiberPodpisano: 16:57, 27/05/2013
James BrownliePodpisano: 15:58, 27/05/2013
"To make a change in the human condition, we must first make a change in the human heart. Show love, compassion and understanding to all who surround us and all within us, even in the face of anger. Then we will start to make real changes in the way our world works, not by force or coercion, but simply because we feel it is right."
Isabella MoonPodpisano: 14:03, 27/05/2013
Heather ThompsonPodpisano: 13:22, 27/05/2013
hamish whitingPodpisano: 13:02, 27/05/2013
Paul CorbyPodpisano: 11:32, 27/05/2013
David BraunsteinPodpisano: 12:52, 26/05/2013
simon shieldsPodpisano: 07:31, 26/05/2013
Matt YapPodpisano: 05:29, 26/05/2013
"no. 6 - might be worth mentioning what a desirable 'standard of living' is, as many might interpret this as having expensive material goods and luxuries which can contradict other items in the charter no. 9 - more emphasis could be made on the importance of contributing to society, and what contribution means."

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