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kezzabell snowdonPodpisano: 22:43, 13/04/2013
"I would love to live life without money and the stress it bring's. Money changes people into greedy pig's. I have seen it with me own eye's and see it in our Governments. If we live life by follow this Charter, we not only shake the shakeles off. We become a beautiful person . We will stand tall and step up into our Rightful place within the World..!"
darren cowiePodpisano: 08:14, 13/04/2013
Nelly BethPodpisano: 02:42, 13/04/2013
Jake BowdenPodpisano: 06:23, 05/04/2013
"Segregation, fear and inequality will be the death of our humanity. If nothing is done to change a failing uneconomic economy that machine that keeps us all in fear will win and all love will be lost. I wish I could walk up to anyone and feel comfortable enough to say. You can feel safe with me. "
Maria CucinottaPodpisano: 12:17, 04/04/2013
"What an excellent idea"
Maria CucinottaPodpisano: 12:17, 04/04/2013
"What an excellent idea"
JAN HILLPodpisano: 11:29, 01/04/2013
Casse SellersPodpisano: 02:35, 30/03/2013
"I so agree with this charter. "
treva liotaPodpisano: 13:31, 29/03/2013
Kym MogridgePodpisano: 19:16, 28/03/2013
"Practice random acts of kindness and expect nothing in return. Your act is then truely free."
jaxson duckPodpisano: 14:19, 28/03/2013
"bring the freeworld please... :)"
Bruce NeighbourPodpisano: 07:04, 28/03/2013
"I have been trying to convince people that this is possible since I was a young man(44 now)but have always been met with ignorant rejection!People that are doing ok in life by their standards,choose to not think about the people that aren't!The majority of the rest are genuinely oblivious to the needs and struggles of others due to the constant need to pay for all the things our society structure tells them that they need to be a part of that society!Food & Shelter is all we need to survive,the rest are just wants!The last few are the ones that are willing to kill or be killed to get & control wants.Imagine if there was no money,you could have wars to see which country could create the most totally self sufficient building on the planet to inspire creativity instead of killing and destroying as much as possible.Best of all, no starving and tortured people & children.Special entitlements could be based on how much you do for others and not how much you can take away from others <3"
Ron BrouwerPodpisano: 22:45, 27/03/2013
"I remember when I was still a kid, that I wished there was no money in this world and could see how it would benefit us all. I never got convinced by how we currently do everything."
Tahlia BradburyPodpisano: 20:55, 27/03/2013
Aleeta NortheyPodpisano: 20:02, 27/03/2013
"My partner and I continually discuss this concept to the point of wanting to write and put forth exactly what you have come up with, thank you for materializing our passion, our dream and our beliefs, we know that it will work...and will do anything to help people understand the reality and enrichment that will ripple through out with this universal forward"
Josh KurzPodpisano: 19:55, 27/03/2013
Jake PhillipsPodpisano: 15:14, 27/03/2013
"I Jake Michael Arthur Phillips confirm that I agree to The Free World Charter on this day the twenty eighth day of March two thousand and thirteen (28/Mar/2013) "
Sally GwynnePodpisano: 13:16, 27/03/2013
Matthew DruryPodpisano: 12:22, 27/03/2013
"YES it is possible and has to happen eventually! It really is the minority who is greedy (controls our viscous circle economy) and would do nothing... imagine doing what you love to speed up this planets evolution without having to worry about stupid money and debt + having the basic rights/needs to live healthily without worrying about your next paycheck etc! There are more than enough people in this world including myself that are passionate about research/technology/sustainability/ to keep evolving higher without the need of dirty "money"..."
Joel DeVosPodpisano: 11:38, 27/03/2013
Megan BrownPodpisano: 11:30, 27/03/2013
"On behalf of our planet and future generations... Thank You! :)"
jackson collinsPodpisano: 11:09, 27/03/2013
Henry CraigPodpisano: 10:56, 27/03/2013
Dana b JeddPodpisano: 10:53, 27/03/2013
Ricky ThomasPodpisano: 10:29, 27/03/2013
"This is beyond beautiful, I will be doing everything I can possibly do to help promote this. Please don't hesitate to contact me if I can do anything more. Gold Coast QLD"
Christine PatersonPodpisano: 08:53, 27/03/2013
Liv SuosaariPodpisano: 05:53, 27/03/2013
Sandra Miller MesserPodpisano: 05:51, 27/03/2013
Lara StephensonPodpisano: 02:04, 27/03/2013
Alex BraudePodpisano: 01:17, 27/03/2013
John SimpsonPodpisano: 01:09, 27/03/2013
Melanie Gates-ManarPodpisano: 00:41, 27/03/2013
Alexandra NysPodpisano: 00:19, 27/03/2013
"Very zeitgeistian- will share with my zeitgeist friends. It's time for a resource based economy. I'm sick of wasting time chasing money just to eat, ignoring the needs of people around me."
Jodie Curtis Podpisano: 00:03, 27/03/2013
Carlee Rundell-GordonPodpisano: 23:50, 26/03/2013
"There is nothing that I can say that will improve on this charter. I hope and pray that one day this becomes our reality xxx"
Jason StroobandPodpisano: 23:23, 26/03/2013
"The world is a sad place, let's not be scared and make the changes necessary to live better more fruitful lives."
Vera LynnePodpisano: 22:48, 26/03/2013
"This kind of system would decrease crime by a huge margin as almost all crime, with the exception of sexually motivated crime and crimes of passion, is motivated by poverty. "
Tristan PearsonPodpisano: 22:24, 26/03/2013
"I really hope this will happen in the near future. I've been speaking of such a system for a while now and normally get laughed at by friends but I will insist on spreading the word and showing how it can work until it registers with more people. I wish humanity would just realise money isn't the only way this world can be run and we have a choice. Everyone has a choice and there is no better time then now to exercise that!!"
Adam PhillipsPodpisano: 13:54, 25/03/2013
"If money was no object people would only consume what they NEED. There would be no hording. Ego would also not factor into the equation. If getting is free, giving would become free too. Humanity would eventually reach their full potential."
Nicholas WimbornePodpisano: 12:34, 25/03/2013
Sime FowlPodpisano: 09:44, 25/03/2013
Michelle FenwickPodpisano: 04:53, 25/03/2013
Nicole WhitmanPodpisano: 02:01, 25/03/2013
Andrew GaydonPodpisano: 00:16, 25/03/2013
"Life is what you make it"
Samuel CurriePodpisano: 17:24, 24/03/2013
Christine O'DeaPodpisano: 12:30, 24/03/2013
david martinPodpisano: 07:32, 24/03/2013
"not sure about career focused education being measurably detrimental, or whatever the quote was. would like to see evidence of that."
Liam FletcherPodpisano: 06:13, 24/03/2013
"I support 'The Venus Project' and the 'FreeWorldCharter'. I will do EVERYTHING I can to make these principles a reality in my lifetime. "
chris vinkPodpisano: 04:11, 24/03/2013
"how do we make this happen? "
Rachel KarranPodpisano: 02:58, 24/03/2013

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