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Leo BalboniPodpisano: 17:14, 04/02/2014
Brigette GrayPodpisano: 06:20, 03/02/2014
Greg SmedtsPodpisano: 00:04, 02/02/2014
haydn crespanPodpisano: 06:13, 01/02/2014
Kerri HealingPodpisano: 00:53, 01/02/2014
"to do and to be this is to heal our planet"
Leighton SmithPodpisano: 16:18, 31/01/2014
"How great would it be to change everything? "
karen michelePodpisano: 23:33, 30/01/2014
"I endorse this wholeheartedly and with deep gratitude ... All is one "
Holly ClarkPodpisano: 23:02, 30/01/2014
Jayme HoolePodpisano: 12:19, 30/01/2014
Steven PottsPodpisano: 22:18, 29/01/2014
Sally WildePodpisano: 09:12, 29/01/2014
"We need this now - or preferably yesterday. "
Samuel TrumblePodpisano: 07:17, 29/01/2014
"The cause of not taking responsibility has been money. The idea of 'throwing money at problems' often continues the problem. It is time to make history end money and end war. Let us concentrate on rebuilding our damaged world into Heaven here on Earth for everyone."
Adrienne WimbushPodpisano: 23:56, 28/01/2014
Julie MarshPodpisano: 20:58, 28/01/2014
"This is EXACTLY what our community is wanting to implement. I will be in contact to see how we can make this vision into a reality. Thank you. Namaste xx"
Leigh DevlinPodpisano: 04:30, 28/01/2014
Min SimankeviciusPodpisano: 01:18, 28/01/2014
Jazmin LeePodpisano: 11:35, 27/01/2014
Samyo BodhiPodpisano: 00:44, 27/01/2014
"How can any intelligent soul do anything except embrace this as humanities future."
Jack GriffinPodpisano: 08:05, 25/01/2014
lee gardnerPodpisano: 10:37, 21/01/2014
Krishna NorgbedziePodpisano: 06:06, 19/01/2014
Peter MattersPodpisano: 05:55, 19/01/2014
"I agree with all ten points, but as GBS would have it, please use simpler language.As a sample of what I mean, please find attached the first principle expressed in terms more people can understand: ' All people are my brothers and sisters and all creatures and Mother Earth herself need our respect.' Please note that this passage is entirely off the cuff and surely can be made simpler and clearer with further thought. "
Catherine MorganPodpisano: 02:03, 19/01/2014
Brett GrieselPodpisano: 01:32, 19/01/2014
"It is NOW the moment to be and do that, that we wish to see and experience. We are the ones we have been waiting for."
CJ NicolaePodpisano: 16:16, 17/01/2014
lewis allenPodpisano: 12:23, 17/01/2014
Ryan NationPodpisano: 12:15, 17/01/2014
Jesse MasonPodpisano: 10:21, 16/01/2014
"When the world becomes free, the first thing i want to do is to study the creation on underwater cities! this needs to happen in my lifetime."
David DA EIRAPodpisano: 09:53, 16/01/2014
"just a thought: there is no mention how information and decisions will be agreed on."
Hellen LloydPodpisano: 08:35, 16/01/2014
Abigail MichellPodpisano: 08:14, 16/01/2014
Bryan ScandrettPodpisano: 06:42, 16/01/2014
"Everything in nature is food for something else. We break this rule by manufacturing inedible products and even removing our dead bodies from the food chain. Our clothes and the dye in our clothes and our cars and computers must be made of food that something can eat. And so we can continue to eat."
Tim ChattoPodpisano: 06:20, 16/01/2014
ellenore armbrusterPodpisano: 04:30, 16/01/2014
Timothy FishPodpisano: 04:16, 16/01/2014
Sean SmyPodpisano: 04:02, 16/01/2014
James WilleyPodpisano: 03:49, 16/01/2014
Kieran HungerfordPodpisano: 03:05, 16/01/2014
"Let's make this world a better place."
Julia BaracPodpisano: 02:50, 16/01/2014
Kristy HudsonPodpisano: 02:37, 16/01/2014
Mark aka 'ALF' FILBYPodpisano: 23:11, 13/01/2014
"I got arrested and put in a psych ward in 1996 for being, "out of touch with financial reality". I said we could have a world without money and wrote an economics paper called Quantum Economics. It is a transitional form of economics to an electronic cashless society, but it was designed to be non profit, as everything was channelled back into society! That intrusion by society got me arrested by the mental health services and locked up for 22 days as these lunatics assessed my mind. I was also euphoric! I had seen a better world for everyone! No wars, starvation, greed and corporate insanity eliminated. There will be many false profits! Just look at our world under this insane 'royal' system of SLAVERY. I am happy to forward Quantum economics to anyone who wants to tear it apart with their negative traditional, "the way it is" mentality of an atypical slave who never thinks, just obeys. WAKE UP PEOPLE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH PLEASE."
Natasha WitekauhaPodpisano: 12:04, 06/01/2014
"Earth is our ship suspended in space...and like astronaughts, we must maintain our ship if we are to survive"
Wendie BathoPodpisano: 06:21, 06/01/2014
"We need to join together as one in this endeavor. Compassion and love are always the answer to any problem."
Kieran RyanPodpisano: 03:30, 06/01/2014
Anne O'RourkePodpisano: 08:10, 01/01/2014
Kushla BiondicPodpisano: 01:34, 29/12/2013
Chantal WellsPodpisano: 23:47, 28/12/2013
Joshua BraicoPodpisano: 06:51, 28/12/2013
Adrian HicksPodpisano: 21:54, 19/12/2013
John BeckPodpisano: 23:58, 18/12/2013
"With all that I am, may this be our new reality <3"

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